[Guide] How to create and install custom ingame sound mods for ENLISTED!

Hello comrades and modding community!

After long years of dreaming of modding voices and sounds of Enlisted, i worked on trying to get it to work in the base game, not just in the editor.


With the great help of @Enginya (which i am really thankful for of course) I managed to find a way to add custom voices and sounds to the base game!

How to install sound mods for enlisted:

  1. go to your enlisted directory and look for the "enlisted.config.blk file:

  2. open it with your text editor of choice and locate the “sound” location.

add this line: “enableMod:b=yes;” just like i did here:
1.Config file1

  1. Save and close the file, and rename it back to “enlisted.config.blk”

  2. Open the “sounds” folder in your enlisted directory:


  1. In the sounds folder, create a new folder called “mod”:
    Screenshot (2179)

  2. Drag and drop the modded “.bank” files into this folder

  3. Close everything and just start up the Enlisted laucher like you usually do.

Enjoy your newly installed sound mod! :wink:

The next guide will be about how to create sound mods (.bank files) which you would put into the above created mod folder. This part will be more interesting for us of the modding community.
(@Scav_Sergei @ErikaKalkbrenner @tommyZZM @Yopsius @kucho01 @Dinosavr38 @schyrikami @Bazsi37 )

Guide how to create modded sound and voice mods:

It works exactly like it does in war thunder, you have to edit the “.bank” files of your choice. For that you need a program called “Fmod bank tools”. Since it may be a bit complicated for me to explain in english, i give you a very simple and easy to understand youtube tutorial about how to use it, which already exist:

I used that one to learn how to use it and it works. There are other tutorials too, there is also more softwares to choose from to use for modding .bank file. So basically all you have to do is edit the bank files from the sound folder in the enlisted directory.

I hope i could help you with it and have fun with your new sound and voice line mods! :wink:

(a quick note by me: I really waited very long for this ability to mod the sounds, especially voice lines. I already prepared sounds from many many different sources and games, but of course i am not fast enough to upload them at once. Some mod creators may release audio mods from the same game, as an example red orchestra 2. If anyone releases sound mods from it, and someone else does it too, it does not mean it is stolen, as long as it is not copy pasted. I prepared many many voice line files from different games, i will release mods of them one by one. There is a high chance of multiple modders releasing sound mods of the same game, which does not matter, since every sound mod is uniquely made with chosen files. So, think of it, before complaing about allegedly stolen content.)


very nice :+1:


You cant imagine how long i waited for this ability to mod sounds… I got many many voice files prepared, i will release them one by one. :slight_smile: i am so happy you cannot believe it


now we’ll just need a dedicated portal section for it.

and… i still wished for a way to simply incorporate the custom sounds through blks / entities instead of replacing current files.

but… that will do for the moment.


Amazing job! Can’t wait to test it out on my own, I love modifying in-game sounds


Could we get some voice like Red Orchestra 2? It’s a bit unbelievable.


if somebody need ro2 voices, i have some voice files


it’s just wonderful! Now I can create custom music for my hangars)
Thank you so much for your work!


@Bing_Kuai @Bigote0070 i got all the red orchestra 2 voice lines ready - every single one. I will release mods about each single voice of ro2, but that will take its time sadly



Sound mods work like War Thunder

Then custom loc should work too!

Great stuff!

If someone has the time, COD 3 has great speech sounds!

@Enginya Does custom localization work?

Edit: Looks like the lang folder is not generated. custom localization WT


I also got voice line files from multiple call of duty titles ready too, just have to release them one by one :wink:


This is awesome! Looking forward to the next post about making sound mods :slight_smile:


You actually managed to make it work in the base game? Wow! That’s impressive, well done!


Alright i made a quick mod which replaces the menu music with BF1 music. Proof on concept:


@Scav_Sergei i made thIs quickly (for main menu and guard song for win)


wait wait wait…soooo…we can have sound mods but still play normal que?

Would love some beefier gun sounds and dialog.

Sound mods alone are just so powerful. Call to Arms: Gates of hell Sound sound mods were just too good not to use.

very nice work!

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Hi can you send archive of all RO2 voicelines (Japense, American, Russian and German) for me? It would really need it for my future mods for other games.

death sound and ingame ro2 music (i like so much Wave of fury, bitter end and defiant till the very end)

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I accidentally deleted my post… damnit

Reupload of my Sound mod suggestions… I accidentally deleted my last post :confused:

If someone replaced the current fall scream when you jump out of the airplane
as a pilot or paratrooper, it would be super funny if
they replaced it with Lara Crofts’s Old Fall
scream in her '90s version… that makes it a golden comedy

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Already working on it actually :wink: with these ones too

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