[UPDATED] RO2 Soviet Voiceline Mod V0.3 + Risingstrom Japanese Voiceline Mod V0.6

I just made the soviet one, with 70% replaced. For the japanese, it almost done for now. I packed the two together for download.



Download:102.74 MB file on MEGA

For the mod installation, check this page: [Guide] How to create and install custom ingame sound mods for ENLISTED!


Nice, I really want the german ones. I’m coming from RO and the voice lines were so great !

Thanks for the mod. Will be installling right away

might be mistaken, but I have a very familiar feeling with the ‘Good job’ voice line. It’s not exactly from RO2, more like… a video depicting the camaraderie among men
These are the days when 24 year old students were also on the front lines, I don’t care.

amazing work comrade :+1:

Yes because there is no “GOOD JOB” in RO2…


Frankly, all the voice lines make me want a mod of their wordplay. I’ve been listening to them for 15 years now and they are so pleasant that I find myself calling out “good job” over and over again for nothing.

Great job mate

Ro2 veterans be proud of You work

PD: check your dm

Hello, can you please remove the changes to the Soviet bayonet charge voice lines?

Italians use the same voicelines as Soviets do when they charge. This mod has made Italians start speaking Russian

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Lol okey I never thought there was such a thing, I haven’t used Italian for long time hhhhh.

Make both versiona

I love the soviet Charger of ro2

Wow I just installed this and it’s amazing!

The only inconsistency I’ve found so far is “need ammo box” in Russian actually sounds like “we need an explosion, get the sapper here”.

Your mod is great.
I changed yaju senpai(野獣先輩) voice to nomal Japanese soldier
Can I distribute it?

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Sure :slight_smile:

Yes, because there is no equivalent voice in RO2. I had to use the voice of the Engineer instead.

Would it be possible to leave the default ones where new ones are not available?

Yes, you just need to replace with the original voice clips and repack.

I credit you.