Bigote sound Modpack V.01 (Outdated)

V02 modpack available here: Bigote sound modpack V02

Hello guys
Since the sound mods was discovered, I loved the work that could be done, so I started working on a great modpack that I am making, they have all the sounds that you can see in videos, maybe you can hear them somewhat different due to some corrections that I have made, and that I will be continually making

I have modified a large list of weapons, the ones you see in the video are only a fragment of all the weapons that I modify

You can use it on public matches

Here it’s the guide how to install: [Guide] How to create and install custom ingame sound mods for ENLISTED! - #5 by NotBuxxy


To bad i cant use them, god work :+1:


I just tried it and really like it :slight_smile: Just two minor problems which i found:

  • The FG42 with grenade launcher does a bolt pull sound, just like the kar98k while reloading

  • The MG42 single firing is normal volume, but if you fire constantly, it suddently gets way louder


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It was intentional

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Love the idea of sound mods, excellent stuff man! :exploding_head:

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A wonderful work lad this will open so many possibilities with the sound design

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now we wait for uniform mods.


did you add new voice lines or am I crazy?

after using this mod I fell in love with using the M1 carbine I can’t help but feel that it somehow does more damage, I love its new sound


it so good can’t wait to see some more sound mods that people will create


New sounds are awesome, but i failed to install the mod by myself. Replacing the files with same name in sound directory or putting them in userGameMods giving no effect. Pretty sure i am missing some step

P.S. I think adding installation instruction under spoiler into the first post won’t be a bad idea.


Thank you so much! Now it works


I will update the mod weekly, and I will also create some others, such as a widespread propaganda mod in Stalingrad


You put it in


You’ll probably need to create a folder called “mod” in the sounds folder. It should be singular “mod”, not plural “mods”.

sound like some very cool stuff, good work

MG-34, M1911, PPS-43 Sound a bit too loud even on low volume video.
Sounds of mp40 and mg42 are great с:

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There are many more weapons, the ones in the video are only a small part, and I will be sure to correct the sounds in the next week

Thanks for your comments :smiley:

nice work.

I installed for the mp40 :slight_smile:

So ive had a dozen games with it now. Really nice work. I love it.

Wasnt sold on the mg34 sound for a bit but now i enjoy it.

The thing that brought joy to me was the grease gun sound.

Did you get it straight out of the Eagle has Landed? that movie