Armory: New Shipment!

Command hasn’t forgotten about your past successes in testing new weaponry, so another shipment of unique and unusual weapons is headed your way!

From July 31st (13:00 GMT) to August 7th (13:00 GMT) demonstrate your skills in battles and be the first to receive exclusive rewards reserved for the best of the best.

The rules are extremely simple: earn battle points and unlock new reward levels! Each new level requires 5000 battle points and earns you a reward. The most valuable event rewards await you at each fourth unlocked level.

Each day you can unlock as many levels as you want.


You can choose which weapon you want to get and in which campaign. The orders received in the event can be exchanged for rewards in the Shop.

MP-41(r) available in the Invasion of Normandy and Battle of Berlin campaigns.

MP-41(r) available in the Invasion of Normandy and Battle of Berlin campaigns («Axis»)

The PPSh-41 was a balanced and a rather simple weapon, the most contentious part of it was the drum magazine. In the second half of the war due to rising demand in weaponry, the German command decided to convert captured PPSh submachine guns to the 9x19 cartridge, replacing the barrel and adding a magazine adaptor to make them compatible with MP 40 magazines.

Lanchester with a 50-round magazine available in the Invasion of Normandy, Battle of Tunisia and Pacific War campaigns.

Lanchester with a 50-round magazine available in the Invasion of Normandy, Battle of Tunisia and Pacific War campaigns (Allies)

Further developing the ideas behind the MP-28, the British designers, among other things, presented a Lanchester with a 50-round magazine.

This extended magazine variant was developed specifically for the British Royal Navy and wasn’t widely used by other branches of the armed forces.


Reaching level 12 and 20 awards a thematic portrait. These, as well as the event weapons, will remain in your collection forever!

Soviet sniper

Soviet sniper

For earning 60 000 battle points.

German officer

German officer

For earning 100 000 battle points.


  • Maximum number of levels you can unlock is 50. You can purchase levels for Gold unlimitedly.
  • Each day you can unlock any number of levels.
  • The tasks need to be completed in the Squads mode.
  • From August 7th (13:00 GMT) to August 8th (13:00 GMT), after the end of the event,you will be able to purchase main rewards for Gold.

Yeah, all rewards at once, thanks


Just a friendly reminder: You can only get 4 weapons orders for this event.


Hell yeah!

Grinding time!


Why MP-41 (r) isn’t available for Stalingrad? I think it would suit it better than Normandy campaign.


If only we have a way to get the portraits from past events too or atleast tell me how to get them from the files.

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dam those are cool

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Both good guns, four weapons orders seem too few.


I made a post few days ago about the unsused weapons in the gamefiles, today we get an event using them, Im curious.

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More like one match per day time!

Quite surprised with such low requirements.


yea me too tbh but now if someone want to farm 20 lvl a day they can now

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genius progression system, nice prizes, nice special rewards and a smart move to just use a generic german general face instead of specific ones over which butthurt children would cry again.

→ use this structure for ALL events from now on!


True, I completely missed it. Thanks!

Very sus event, why is it so good?

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level 25-50, no Order for the event weapon?

Can we have Order for the event weapon in level 25-50?Please.

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First seen conversion of that gun was documented only in 1944.


i assume they captured the majority of ppsh there around 1943 and it took months/a year to convert them, so they only had them ready later.

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Finally not again another boring event that force you to do 15 or 10k points per day, thank you.

I tried to find this back then but without any legit outcome. What’s your source?

I didn’t know that, thanks for the info.

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Thank you so much for that sweet event !