Ability to buy squads and vehicles types ( with exceptions ) after merge

a bit of context

so, it has been a couple of weeks where people rightfully pointed out, that in the future, when the merge will drop,

newer players will never get access to use double type of squads unlike legacy / pre merge players. ( unless they are in latter tiers with types II & I )

but even then, it’s won’t really be balanced if they come up against legacy players down the road ( especially in top tier )

and i think i come up with somewhat of a solution.

fair for the company, detrimental for newer players, and interesting for legacy players.

and that is;

Let players be able to buy additional squads types

what i mean by that is,

let new players be able to buy for example, a 2nd assaulter type I squad, a 2nd type 1 Medic Squad, a second type 1 rider squad etc

and i thought, here would be some prices:

20k for a type I squad
30k for a type II squad
40k for a type III squad
etc. ( those prices are not final. it’s up to devs really. )

so that, both new players, and older types of players will be able to buy additional squad if they desire to do so.

as long, the limit does not get exceed the imponed limitations:

the same would be nice to have for vehicles too.

that way, players will be able to buy two times a vehicle if they really love it / want to.
but, the " catch " would be, they would need to still pay for the upgrades as when you buy any vehicle a second time, it will come with no upgrades. hence, making it fair for the company. as… you will have to grind somewhat more

no. you cannot buy with silver paratrooper squads.

Cons & Pros:


  • allows to have more choices for new players and squad differences if they so desire

  • allows newer players to get the ability to have double squads and compete against legacy players / veterans with enough grind and a reasonable price of silvers

  • allows both veterans and new players to own at least double of their favorite vehicles
    ( ex, 2 panthers g, 2 pz IIs, two bt7s, two t34s 1941, etc )

  • allows both veterans and new players to get access to a 2nd/3rd biker or medic squad

  • allows new players or veterans to form new squads

  • you can buy as many squads as you want and because of it, ideally designed to no restrictions for custom games and/or create more historical squads for those who desires in the future ( but there will be limitations in the base game ) but seriously. creating new squads without the need of switching to presets and each time having to switch soldiers left and right…

the only con that i can think of if i’m being honest,

  • no one will be able to buy paratrooper for balance reasons
    as… they are supposed to be unique. and for some people:

  • limitation of no more than 2 same squad will still be in place outside the premium squad as previously stated.
    just to be in line, and still somewhat makes premium squads a valid option for those who desires.

  • new acquired vehicles & squads will come with no upgrades. somewhat increasing the grind.


this suggestion was primarily made in mind for the newer players.
and, somewhat be " company friendly " without going our ways and what not.

as, there is no need to artificially pull back or limit newer players after the merge.

at the same time, allow players to buy how many squads they want to use in custom games.
or, generally, being able to buy squads that has no copies.

ps, one might argue: " that’s not gonna happen. you will not be able to buy any medic / rider squad unless you own the base one, and buy the premium one. being able to buy simply squads would negate the purpose of premium ".

but you would be wrong.


A, if someone would want to use 3 medic squads, you’d still need to buy the premium squad because of the limitations. hence, making it a bonus and somewhat essential if you plan to run with 3 same type squad of anything.

B. premiums have their own unique bonus and weapons.

C. being able to buy a non premium squad you will still need to fill men and weaponary. which can be somewhat costly as the squad it self it’s not really cheap.

D. having more than one squad allows to have more choice and give them different equipment.
( as well as cosmetics and what not )

- regarding double vehicles… can’t they just buy a new gold order?

yes, they can if they desire to do so, but gold orders are kinda limited. and not all vehicles have a gold order counter part. especially if you want to customize on your own vehicles with unique camouflages and what not. more of a choice for those who has silvers and wants to get a double.

in conclusion.

so yeah, that is all from me.

i genuinely believe it could be a really good idea being able to buy squads for a fair price of silvers it’s beneficial for everyone.

for newer players, as they can buy what they need and investing quite an important value,
for legacy players as they can buy what they couldn’t grind
for both type of players as they couldn’t buy a second free to player rider or medic squad,
for everyone as they will be able to use any type of squad they want in customs ( as long the host enabled that option )
and for the company as players that want to cycle 3 times with the same squad, they’ll need to buy the premium counterpart. ( or sell more silvers & possibly more slots )

so, anyone’s thought about this?


my thought is for f2p so i guess it wont matter much but
since f2p can only use 1 vehicle slot this wont be issue for them right? only premium player will have this problem of 2 vehicle right?

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was reading really that hard for ya?

kinda yea im gonna re read it

jesus chirst.

what’s the bloody point of being in a forum if you can’t even read a 2 mins thread?

attention span and reading capabilities of average users in this forum has really decreased…

but i digress.

point is, i mentioned newer players. not f2ps.

that’s independent based on what they want to do with slots in general for additional vehicles.

because free to players can still benefit the usage of others infantry types of squads.

Would be nice to have option to buy any I/II/III/etc squad for italy/britain after merge. It not just legacy ones.


you read my mind.

but… i didn’t included it because i don’t know how that would work.

… or if they can… make it work.

perhaps in combination with: Add Squad's Insignas as Tanks/airplane Decals, make divisional Patches on Uniforms/helmet decals and keep them for ui management in the preset option

so that you can create your own personal squads?


or perhaps you’ll get access to the pool of others squads and allows you to chose which one you want.

but… not sure that would solve the mixed nations question though.

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Anything that would help new players is a good thing in my book.

I would also add, that a way to obtain the FOMO event squads is also necessary. Such as paratroopers, a unique class not yet obtainable through regular progression (I hope it will eventually).

If devs are reluctant to offer FOMO squads for regular xp/currency… They could offer them as pseudo premiums for gold, I guess… Less worse than unobtainable forever.


totally not to get more bikes & medics :wink: :joy:
( can’t wait for double halftrack squad baby… maybe even a third with the premium too )

but yeah, i think it’s gonna be hard for newer players with restricted ability to have more squads of the same role.

for example, having more anti tank troopers of class II for their perks, or engies etc.

this way, would allow anyone to at least have a double of the same squad.

dunno about that.

imo, paras were a mistake.

so i’m fine with them not being a thing ( available outside events ).

and… at the end of the day, if you really want / need paras, you have the premium ones though…

Guess is worth a shot

I used those as examples because they’re a unique class with unique mechanics not available to players who came after the FOMO events…
But it could be any sort of fomo squad, really.

Those FOMO stuff are the reason some of my friends refuse to join Enlisted. “Oh, others can use a unique class, and we won’t? Well f*** that”

So, a way to obtain them after the FOMO event passed, would go a long way to “help” newcomers I feel.


I’ll ask if that might be a thing before I forward it.


Or maybe through some skill based solo PvE challenge game mode.
Classic concept from mobile gachas lmao.


You laugh, but I’d really see this working :laughing:

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So I asked. And this won’t be something.

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why am i not surprised…


thanks anyway…

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