Enlisted Battle Pass

As we announced earlier, the Battle Pass in Enlisted will become the main means of obtaining personnel and equipment, including unique weapons and soldiers. The first Battle Pass season begins with the OBT launch on the 8th of April and will last 75 days.

The reward line in the Battle Pass features 60 rewards. Some of them can be claimed for free, some require a Premium Pass to be purchased first.

The main rewards of the Battle Pass will be two special Golden supply orders. One lets you select any soldier class of the 5th rank, the other, to choose one of the rare collectible weapons as follows:

  • Berdan rifle No.2 for the Soviet army in the “Battle for Moscow” campaign - the famous “berdanka”, featuring high damage from a large and heavy bullet but a slower rate of fire;
  • Gewehr 1888 rifle for Wehrmacht in the “Battle for Moscow” campaign - has higher damage due to longer barrel and more powerful ammo than the common Kar. 98k, but steeper drop down in the bullet due to its weight and also a slower reloading time;
  • Schmeisser MK36 III SMG for Wehrmacht in the “Normandy Invasion” campaign - a rare example of the fusion between carbine and SMG. Allows very precise and fast shooting in both semi-auto and auto modes with pistol 9x19 rounds and also has a large 30 round magazine
  • Springfield M1903 with Pederson device for the US army in the “Normandy Invasion” campaign - semi-automatic carbine for 7.65Ń…20 pistol round with an impressive magazine holding 40 rounds.

You can obtain one of these unique weapons only with the Golden order, so choose wisely!

As for other rewards, in the first season of the Battle Pass they will feature gold coins and silver supply orders. We would remind you that silver orders guarantee the obtaining of a desired soldier class or selected weapon with only one random factor: if weapons come already upgraded or not. We consider the first season as a test and will add more types of rewards in the future.

You can earn up to one reward a day by collecting 10 BP progress points while doing 3 battle tasks with a regular Battle Pass. If you own Premium Pass, you can speed up earning by up to 3 rewards by finishing 9 battle tasks a day, thus gathering 30 BP progress points. You can progress with battle tasks in any active campaign and any rewarded supply orders will also be available to use in any of them.

The Premium Pass pays for itself: it will cost you 900 Gold coins and in a season rewards you will find 1000 Gold coins to get back - not mentioning many other rewards you get!

At the launch of the Battle Pass season, you will not be able to open rewards for gold. That option will be switched on only later mid-season. Also, the cost of such an opening will increase as you progress through the rewards tree.


This sounds AMAZING!

Can only get ONE of four guns? Yeh no uncool


The final rewards are dogshit if you can only get one even if you paid for the premium pass.
And timegating these is awful and makes people not want to buy it. No one wants to be forced to grind every day for it.
Follow CoD’s battlepass model instead of Gaijin’s trash one.


I do not like the fact that we will not be able to get all weapons no matter how much effort we put into this.

We should be able to get at least one of each.


Man, I sure love only getting one gun for all the time and money I’m investing in the game!

This is actual garbage. Timegated bullshit.


How should I understand that if you later state that non paying players can recive one reward a day? What will be the other way to recive orders, because I don’t belive that we will be able to (maybe) recive one order a day


If you’re forced to buy the BP to even get equipment now this is game is dead on arrival


You’re not forced to buy BP, this does however slow down how OP people can get and how fast, in a way it’s what some people were asking for, a balancing limitation on how OP you can get. You won’t have people running around in fully kitted out squads in day one, or even in a week, or a month.

No thats full of bald lies and you know it. They intentionally paywalled good progression to strongly incentivize buying the battlepass. There is no way to excuse that.

It’s not to “balance progression”.


BP progress has nothing to do with campaign progress, my dude.
Take a look at Call of Duty’s battlepass system. It’s so much better.


I just don’t know how the devs can be this tone-deaf to the community’s input and feedback.

We want everything BUT this.


I was able to finish the COD battlepass without a hitch from normal gameplay, without being forced to buy it, and i have the option to buy it for neat cosmetics and blueprints. Why they didnt go for that kind of model i dont know. OH YEH FOR MONEY OF COURSE


Yeah I just finished my BP today just messing about in Plunder. And THEN I paid the cod points to buy it.
You shouldn’t be required to buy it to finish it in a reasonable amount of time, dudes.


please no more battle pass
tired of battlepass
war thunder battle pass bad enough


@5762269 thank you for suggesting this! :smiley:

Oh lol I accidentally deleted my “response”.

Overall it looks fine, you can take 15 days break and still completing the battlepass that’s a nice thing but if you can make it a bit longer so it would be more flexible for people.

I got two small- medium problems…

I don’t like not being able of getting ALL rare collectable wepons, I really hate choosing reward and it just isn’t fun…

And two the wepons for normandy seems a bit OP especially the German one I hope you’ll find a way to balance it out!

Thank you for reading and good day keofox!


Even paying players cannot obtain all of the battle pass items. It also artificially time gates how fast someone can progress for free. Once they release the ability to buy progression, it will allow paying players to skip this timegate. It punishes F2Ps.


I’m aware of that, however, I have a little faith that when they allow people to pay to skip, they’ll remove the timegate entirely for F2P users as well.

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I did NOT suggest this. My suggestion had multiple requirements for this monetization system to work.

It checked a grand total of none of the checkboxes. So you go figure my thoughts on this one.