Logistic m91/30

hi i’m playstation player, and as russia it is impossible to get m91/30 in the logistics. can you give a way to get it ?

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Gamble more. Lotto system currently sucks

It’s a known bug

I NEVER received an M91/30

But i did receive the sniper variant a million times

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Must be some kind of a bug. Same with Kar98k in Normandy.

@44854715 those rifles were for some reason moved to “method of obtaining is classified” section, like premium guns (if you have no premium squad)

Wish we could just take the scope off and use it. I dont need 30 sniper rifles with 1 sniper I use

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Isn’t that a thing? There used to be a scopeless 91/30 sniper in training mode, which couldn’t be loaded with clips (like the sniper rifle) but did have iron sights without a scope.

You can still only give it to snipers though which is pretty dumb

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personally, i suggest you to not even bother.

tomorrow a wipe will happen.
as such, you will most likely restart from 0 like all of us.

and this time, many things will chage.
especially obtaining new guns

i suggest you to read those topics to understand what’s going to change:

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I suppose giving these to premium squads wouldn’t be terrible as we have 10 reskins of them anyways?

the dragoon is better in every way anyway.