Squads and more

That’s what my friends and I want to see :

  1. Chance of dropping items
  2. The ability to choose the cards on which you would like to play ( in the likeness of battelfield )
  3. The ability to select at least from your squad ( first aid kits , grenades and ammunition)
  4. Expansion of the orders of the squads .
  5. I would like a new fighter( for example, an Artilleryman ) not in his squad, pumped his squad (the main Gunners ) at least 1.5 % or 2 !
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  1. What?
  2. What?
  3. What?
  4. Ok but fix the AI first, it’s still questionable.
  5. No. Also what?


what you are currently seeing, it’s going to change in about 3 days.

take your time to read those other threads that are gonna adress the majority of your point, and help you to understand what’s going to change:

OBT Brief Introduction

Battle Pass Explained

i hope this can help you, and your friends.

cheers ^^

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You actually got something comprehensible out of #4?

I found the original reply in Russian. Gimme a second to translate it properly

  1. Chance of random items drop from dead bodies (not guns if I understand him correctly)
  2. The ability to choose the map before playing
  3. Ability to ask your squadmates for supplies (first aid, grenades and ammo)
  4. More order variety to squad’s bots
  5. If you’re playing (for example) as an artillery man in an engineer squad, the artillery squad will get experience (1,5-2% of what your artilleryman earned)
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Thank you for translation.

  1. No, I don´t see a reason why Enlisted should be turned into looter-shooter, probably the only thing I would allow to salvage for the said soldier in said battle is medkit if dead soldier still had one or grenades if dead soldier is from the same faction as player.

  2. No, we don´t even have enough players to afford that, and even WT is using argument of long queues to prevent players from banning certain maps (aka choosing specific maps to play). Instead, game mode selector should be a thing instead when OBT hits.

  3. Why not, but not now. Core mechanics needs to be polished first.

  4. Same is previous point but I would more prefer devs refining AI behaviour instead.

  5. I don´t see a reason why. I mean it would make sense, but then it would have to be applied for every class in the game which would make some squads pure torture to level up (aka promoting ability to purchase upgrades= supporting P2W) because reliable source of exp will be taken away from squad soldier is part of.

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His 1st point makes me think of the ability of a soldier to drop items from his inventory, so that someone else can pick them up - like in battlefield, project reality, squad and maybe other fps games.

I find the 3. point very interesting and agree with it. I think he means that when 1 member of your squad dies, another soldier of the same squad should be able to pick up his equipment.

I also strongly support point 4. It depends on this ability if I will keep playing enlisted or just go to some simpler FPS without AI-Squads. I tolerate the negative issues in this game only bc I hope that this will get implemented. It’s the No. 1 reason I chose to play Enlisted.

then you can spam grenades all day which is a big nono

Thanks for translation.

1: Looting other stuff would take a lot of time in reality. I don’t particularly see a need for it.
2: Would be neat, but gamemode selection should be enough.
3: Just swap to them if you need 'nades. Ammo is already a thing, and so is medkits, though they will immediately be used.
4: I think he meant the troop orders, such as formation etc.

I think he means it differently. Like if you have a sniper in your assaulter squad, in addition to leveling up the assaulter squad with it, a small portion of its XP would also go towards leveling the sniper squad, making it actually easier to level up the utility squads as you might not actually have to play them.

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I was assuming that you can only pick up what was left in the inventory, not a new loadout. Also as it is now is also ok for me. You can pick only the main weapon.

yeah main weapon is enough.