WIP: Handbook for Big Action Volokolamsk Players. (testing `709ex3b56` )

Thanks to every players suggest and help~ :heart: many players I can’t list you all here.

The testing new version of the Big Action gamemode is well on its way to completion.

I’ll be adding the new content I’ve finished to the main repo next week.

@Myrm1don @WidowMakerUk73

Here is the unpublished page of the test version~


The latest version is 709ex3b56

(It may still continue to be updated with bug fixes or changes)

Here is a draft of the Instruction Manual about the gamemode. (via Google Translate.)

It has not been proofread and translation misunderstanding may occur.

It serves as a resource for any player interested in this gamemode~

I will continue to complete it and add appropriate pictures or video clips. (Wait until the developer fixes the problem with replay)

High performanced sustainable 25v25 squad combat

Through some systematic optimizations, the module allows 40 players to fight smoothly in a huge battle map. The battle process is sustainable and the load on the server is lower than the previous version!

The game uses the terrain and surface decoration of the vanilla map as much as possible, saving the number of entities in scene.blk.

At the same time, there are no longer any preset vehicles in the map. Everything is deployed by the player’s own team profile, and the transport vehicles are built by the player themselves.

All types of battle debris, vehicles, tanks, and building debris will be automatically destroyed by the server. This is a very critical step to save server performance. No one wants delays and lags during battles. This is important for smooth combat.

There is no magic in all this, and it is all thanks to the efforts of the developers. Enlisted’s game servers have already supported large-scale battles, and you can now experience it here.

Buildable transport vehicles

Jeeps now join the battlefield as equipment for player squads! They are constructed and deployed by the Sappers in your squad.

The map area is very huge, but this does not mean that it is a walking simulator. Drive your vehicle and quickly reach any place you want while appreciating the exquisite maps created by the development team for us.

Remember to build your transporter instead of walking! This is very important!

This section was originally part of the Engineer’s build list. But building vehicles is very important for battles on large maps, so I highlight this feature here.

Different factions and technologies can build different vehicles

  1. All engineers can build a 4-seat jeep

  2. Anti-tank gun technology will allow you to build a transport truck with 10 positions. You can build it using an engineer squad

  3. Large caliber heavy machine gun or Amplot projector technology will allow you to build a truck, motorcycle or half-track armored vehicle

  4. The paratrooper or the unique activity engineer hammer will allow you to build other unique vehicles such as the T-60 as an airdrop tank

  5. Engineers from some camps can build combat vehicles, assault guns or SPAA or T-26 light tanks.

Mission of the Gamemode

Since there is no longer a need for preset areas for placing vehicles, the battle area of ​​the map now extends to the entire map!

The activation mechanism of capzone in each war zone has been improved in the module. Now you will not know where to go because of multiple capzones. You will be able to know more clearly which position you should attack. Each main capzone will be opened in order. You must capture point A to open point B, followed by point C and point D.

Point D is always the most important primary target for both the offensive and defensive teams. Once the attacking team captures point D, the battle will advance to the next area. Until the end, if the attacker occupies the position of the white walled monastery in the center of the map, the game will end with the attacker’s victory.

For the defender, the hope of victory lies in constant delays and retardation of the offensive advance. As the defender, completing the Q point’s secondary objective will significantly reduce the attacker’s score. Blowing up oil storage tanks and bridges will affect the progress of the game. You will see thick smoke and fire igniting in the scene. This is not only a visual effect, but also forces the attacker to change the attack path. If the bridge is physically destroyed, the attacker will have to take a detour.

Different from the past, the battle area of ​​the map is opened through conditional branches. For example, in the first area, the German army captures point D and will continue to advance eastward. If the defender blows up the oil tank at point Q, the battle line will retreat to the east. The road to the north.

The fighting areas of these branches cover the entire map. Each time you play a new game, the location and path of the areas you pass may be completely different. All Moscow winter scenes are implemented in the same map.

The outcome of the game will be decided in two situations:

  1. When one side’s score drops to 0, the game ends, and the side with a score greater than 0 wins.
  • Whether you are an attacker or a defender, you can deduct points from the other team by completing the capzone or bombsite tasks in the battle.
  1. For the defender, when they hold on for a maximum time of 130 minutes, the defender wins.
  • The 130-minute duration is to allow for the warm-up phase in custom games while waiting for other players to join. Consider waiting for the right time.

  • A truly complete and intense battle usually ends around 90 minutes.


The game map is large and the combat areas are large, but in the various battles I experienced, camping has never been able to win the battle.

What I’ve observed is that as the map gets larger, the lethality of vehicle camping decreases,

You know, the capzone area in this game mode is also very large, there is a lack of infantry attack, and no capzone can be occupied by camping vehicles alone.

Each capzone has sufficient bunkers and buildings to hide from distant artillery fire.

Even if you’re firing with powerful rocket launchers, you can’t win without your teammates’ infantry attacking.

About team kills

It is a feature of this mode as we have enhanced most of the explosives in combat and added more large caliber weapons.

Team kills serve as rules to limit players from abusing these powerful weapons.

You must be careful when calling in large artillery such as the Katyusha, or when using a howitzer, your shots may damage teammates, use your weapons sensibly and not spam.

It is still not possible to deal with accidental injuries caused by AI well. But it’s basic common sense not to stand in front of any gun, even a teammate’s.

For some naughty teammates, players should use vote feature to kick them out, and they will be automatically kicked out at -9000 points.

Simple personal spawn score

Due to technical limitations, it is currently impossible to set different scores for different weapons.

But I still tried to make it an important tool for balancing the different weapons that appear in the same battle.

And fundamentally avoid spam things like suicide planes that destroy game immersion.

Respawn scores are currently set based on slot position.

Increasingly, it only charges some points symbolically as a reminder.

At the same time, the rebirth score is also used to curb malicious team damage. A player with a negative score may not be able to deploy what he wants to play.

Engineer buildings

There have been a lot of updates to the Engineer build list, and Engineers play a very important role in this game.

Examples of new or changed building content:

  1. Build vehicles and armed vehicles, amphibious jeeps and more

  2. Build vehicle rally points or more types of rally points

  3. Anti-aircraft guns can shoot at ground targets, they are not OP at all

  4. A regular caliber heavy machine gun that can be deployed more flexibly, you no longer need a sandbag and can place it anywhere, for example on the ground.

  5. stackable sandbags

  6. Large sandbags and bunkers

  7. Build a camouflage net

  8. Mine boxes, allowing you to replenish and lay minefields (Soviet Red Army only)

  9. Large explosive box, 6kg explosive box, you can use it to break obstacles including trees, or deal with enemies

  10. The anti-tank hedgehog is changed to a wooden structure, or mixed with barbed wire

  11. The unique engineer hammer can build artillery, howitzers of different calibers


Everyone’s suggestions are welcome and I will look for ways to implement them. The initial ideas for many of these contents come from forums or other players I meet.

Shovel and wrench

Sapper shovel digs the ground faster

The wrench can do the opposite to the terrain, you can fill in the surface or raise small mounds of dirt.

Equip your soldier with a repair box and you will get a wrench

Buildable vehicle rally points

The rally point built by the player is the supply ammunition point for the vehicle.

Medical kits can be replenished unlimitedly. (It can only be picked up when the backpack is completely empty of medical kits)

This allows you to use rally points to allow teammates to deploy vehicles closer to the battlefield.

Vehicle supply points can replenish repair kits. (It can only be picked up when the backpack is completely empty of repair boxes)

There are three vehicle rally points in the game mode.

Frontline vehicle assembly point: Most engineers can build this kind of assembly point, which can be used to deploy all types of vehicles. Each vehicle assembly point can regenerate dozens of tanks and vehicles, or unlimited motorizations. vehicle. Heavy vehicles are replaced with light tanks in this rally point.

Tractor Vehicle Rally Point: More vehicles can be deployed, but further away from the battlefield. It is built as a level 2 technology building through the special hammer of the crawler tractor.

Default Rally Point: Deploy your vanilla vehicle, or deploy as a supply truck or track tractor

Repair kit

You can replenish repair kits at any vehicle rally point.

Because the repair box serves as a fire extinguisher and a repair box at the same time, the repair box cannot be replenished correctly. For example, the fire can still be extinguished after the number of repairs is completed, causing the repair box to always exist in the backpack. Therefore, the following adjustments are made.

  • The medical kit has also been changed to a fire extinguisher.

  • Repair boxes can only extinguish a fire once, or repair it several times.

AI teammates more proactive in using and building rally points

The main change to the AI ​​is that they will now build spawn points more frequently.

Many players still don’t know how to use engineers, and now the AI ​​will help you build spawn points near the front line.

You can enable as many AI teammates as possible, and the maximum can be set to 40 AI

Due to technical constraints, AI teammates will only build infantry assembly points and not vehicle assembly points.

More radio stations supported

Added support for several correspondent calls in multiplayer games.

For example

Allies, Il-2 rocket precision strike

Axis Powers, Stuka dive bombing precision strike

Allies, Katyusha rocket barrage area bombing

Axis Powers, sFH 18 150mm heavy howitzer fire support

Increased bomb load (100kg or 250kg or even 500kg) and flight altitude for all types of bombers.

Increased cooldowns for bomber calls of all types, and flight arrival times.

You will have the opportunity to call in the support you need according to the situation during the battle.

All of the above-mentioned special radio support markers are hidden, and only your teammates can see the location and type of support call.

But the enemy will receive a voice reminder.

Each team can call in multiple normal artillery chance at the same time. You don’t have to worry about being unable to call in radio smoke to cover the team’s advance because your teammates called in a long bomber.

But for calling aircraft and the special bombardment above you can still only call once during the shared cooldown. yet

The module adds 3 new bombardment modes for ordinary artillery:

  1. Normal mode, 12 high-explosive rounds

  2. Area smoke mode, rapidly fire 7 smoke bombs

Golden Order Vehicle

Battle of Stalingrad, Golden Order T-34-1941, changed to a flamethrower T-34 tank, while still retaining the 76mm gun

During the Battle of Stalingrad, the golden order KV-1 was changed to a flamethrower tank equipped with a 45mm gun and a flamethrower.

In the Battle of Tunisia, the Panzer III tank J type was changed to a Panzer III tank equipped with a flamethrower on the technology tree. At the same time, the golden card is still the ordinary No. 3 J type.

Battle of Moscow, Golden Order IL-2 1941 weapon mount changed to 8x RBS-132 rockets. Changed his ammo type.

You can exchange or purchase them in the game to bring them to BigAction mode to get a unique gaming experience.

Changed ammo types for some uncommon vehicles so you can now make more choices. For example, IS-2 1943 and IS-2 1944 have different ammunition types, and you can choose according to the gameplay you need, instead of being forced to choose the strongest.

Each vehicle, including the Panzer III B, has unique advantages that come into play in the same battle, along with all 25 other teammates.

Vehicle class: Motorized vehicle

Increased the functional value of motorcycles and light armored vehicles in combat.

Some light armored vehicles or small tanks that were originally tanks are classified as motorized vehicles, and all of these vehicles will use the rules for motorized vehicles.

When a motorized vehicle is deployed at the default rally point, the vehicle will be replaced by a transport truck.

Also generates a pick-up Engineer Hammer (displayed as a gold card icon in the scene). You can use this engineer hammer to build the medium anti-tank gun ZIS-3 or Pak-40

At the same time, these transport trucks will serve as a mobile assembly point for the deployment of infantry and a supply point for the supply of engineer materials.

If deployed from the aforementioned frontline rally point, you will get the normal squad configuration of (vanilla) armed vehicles.

The maximum number of motorized vehicles deployed is 9, which is almost unlimited for fierce battles.

Vehicle class: Heavy vehicle

As a balance, powerful heavy vehicles will be replaced by small and medium-sized tanks when deployed at the frontline spawn point. They will only be your own vehicles when deployed at the default deployment point.

Such as Tiger tank or IS-2 tank

The Axis will be replaced by Panzer III Panzer J

Allies will be replaced with BT-7

Vehicle class: Support Vehicle

Support vehicles, some vehicles can be deployed as track tractors in the default rally point as support vehicles.

Like the supply truck, you also get a unique hammer. You can use this hammer to build logistics buildings, and by completing the building’s technology, you will get a large-caliber cannon, howitzer, or large anti-tank gun (depending on your vehicle)

Type of howitzer: Alliance M1938 122mm howitzer, Axis leFH 40 105mm

Heavy anti-tank gun: 17 pdr or Pak 43

There are many uncommon premium or gold order vehicles that fill this unique role, and you can purchase them and support the developers.

Unique Premium Vehicles

Some unique advanced vehicles add a more immersive and unique gameplay

  1. Rocket tanks, all rocket vehicles have been added with short-range ammunition that is more suitable for short-range combat (2km), and an indirect aiming sighting scale has been added to them. Now you can launch rockets to hit enemies on the other side of the high ground.

    • Among them, bm-8-24 and panzerwerfer42 need to replenish ammunition through engineers, which provides them with better flexibility, and you need more teammates to cooperate.

    • The Sherman Calliope, which only refills ammo at a slower rate in rally points, has less accurate rockets.

  2. Po-2, unique features have been added to Po-2, she now operates from a third-person perspective, and she can now drop unique ammo boxes and supply points in the air. The bombs were removed and replaced with two RBS-132 rockets. When Po-2 successfully crash-lands in the combat zone, it will also serve as a brief rallying point.

  3. Fw-189, a third-person perspective has been added to provide better visibility befitting its role as a reconnaissance aircraft. It also serves as a brief rallying point when it crash-lands on the battlefield.

  4. The Type 4 J command tank will receive an Engineer’s Hammer when deployed. You can use it to build rally points and supply crates.

  5. Some premium vehicles are classified as support vehicles, allowing you to play the role of a heavy artillery tractor.

    • For example, Moscow’s stug IIIA not only has Heat with its shells, but can also be deployed as a leFH 105mm tractor.


Vehicle type list



Engineers are now added for every other option.

Each Paratrooper suit features new and unique weapon combinations.

Adapted to the perspective of paratrooper deployment, you can now better choose the landing location on the big map.

The module also appropriately increases the parachute landing time and flight preparation time, improving your immersive experience as a paratrooper.

At the same time, paratroopers from different camps can build different unique weapons.

For example: Allied paratroopers, can build T-60 tanks

The latest campaign, the Tunisian British Paratroopers, can build a 2-pounder anti-tank gun, which has a high rate of fire and faster deployment.

Perhaps more unique things will be added in the future.



Both sides have a small field airfield where you can repair your aircraft, and there is also a small amount of anti-aircraft firepower in the airfield to protect you from enemy aircraft attacks, just like in War Thunder.

And you can dismantle and recycle the plane after it lands, which will save your team’s score. (Otherwise your team will be deducted an additional 3 points)

This gives you a reason to return and land that will be valuable to the outcome of the battle.

Infantry weapons

The supply volume of all weapons and ammunition has been changed. Different types of weapons can be replenished from the ammunition box at different times.

Fully automatic weapons have fewer recharges, while semi-automatic weapons have more recharges, with bolt-action rifles having the most recharges.

Mortars can recharge from ammo boxes more times instead of once.

The mortar blast range has returned to data levels close to CRSED

Increased the explosion range damage of the rocket launcher to make it more reasonable and close to the level of CRSED.

Changes have been made to adjust the recoil and dispersion of some infantry weapons.

All melee weapons can initiate a dash, within reason.

Magazine-fed submachine guns (excluding assault rifles from World War I or II) can charge forward, while drum-fed submachine guns are more cumbersome.

Medic class

Still a work in progress.

Currently only its combat performance has been increased, and the medical kit can obtain Molotov bottles.

I’m still wondering if medics build unique field medical facilities? Your suggestions are welcome.


Q: Is this game mode a walking simulation?

  • No, this game mode is not designed to be a walking simulation, the battlefield is very large and the combat pace is very tight. Build your spawn point and vehicle to solve all your problems.

  • If you like infantry combat, rush to the front lines and you’ll almost always be in the heat of battle. Attack or defend every area

  • Other players can also establish a defense line in the next defensive area, or provide support as long-range firepower

  • Infantry, tanks, artillery and aircraft, each weapon has its own purpose.

  • You can play a rich and immersive role in this virtual battlefield.

Q: How to build a howitzer?

  • When you deployed as a Tractor, be sure to pickup the Engineer’s Hammer that spawns nearby

  • Use the engineer hammer to build logistics buildings, you need to build 2 buildings to get the howitzer.

  • (1/3) build first ammunition supply box, which serves as a large ammunition box and vehicle ammunition supply point, and can also replenish engineers’ materials.

  • (2/3), after completing the first step, you will get an Engineer’s Hammer that can build a Tractor Rally Point, pick it up and build the Tractor Rally Point in the menu

  • You then get an Engineer’s Hammer that can deploy large artillery, and you can use it to build an anti-tank gun or a howitzer. The specific type is determined based on your vanilla vehicle

Q: How to replenish vehicle ammunition?

  • Crawler tractors, vehicle frontline assembly points, or large ammunition boxes can replenish vehicle ammunition.

  • When you are serving as a vehicle, any of these gray circle icons you can see on the map can be used as a supply point.

  • If you’re playing as a rocket launcher vehicle, you may want to use the Engineer’s Hammer to replenish ammo. You can replenish engineer materials through Supply Truck or Tractor or Large Ammunition Box . When you are deployed to the battlefield, you will receive an Engineer’s Hammer. pick it up

Q: How to win? How does the battle end? What should I do for my team in combat?

  • The outcome of the game will be decided in two situations:

    1. When one side’s score drops to 0, the game ends, and the side with a score greater than 0 wins.
    • Whether you are an attacker or a defender, you can deduct points from the other team by completing the capzone or bombsite tasks in the battle.
    1. For the defender, when they hold on for a maximum time of 130 minutes, the defender wins.
    • The reason why it is set to 130 minutes is to allow for the warm-up period in custom games waiting for other players to join.

    • A truly complete and intense battle usually ends around 90 minutes.

  • Build rally points and vehicles, and work with your teammates to attack target locations that will be key to winning the battle.


There are may still much for improvement along with future updates from the Enlisted main game

Thank you to everyone who played and tested the game and provided suggestions for the mod.

This is a work done by every player who likes this mod.


Phenomenal work.

What makes me laugh is that your mod is better than the base game. :smile:


I won’t lie, I have a personal satisfaction from your success.
GJ Tommy



If this is a nod to warthunder I love it.

“Attack the D point!”


Never been a fan of the D.

I usually aim for the G point.



Best of intentions there mate…lucky Its the thought that counts :stuck_out_tongue:


My oh my oh my…buildable camo netting lol…soo good.


How do you build camo netting, that’s new to me?

Is there a new version?

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Has this been updated with new features, it seems like it, mine laying, camo netting, both new I think, I have never seen options for them?


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The current medical kits in this game are not easy to use. They take time to bandage but cannot restore all health.
My idea is: Is it possible to add a special medical station fortification to the medical team’s engineers, and the player only needs to interact with it like getting ammunition to instantly but slowly restore health?

Also I love your engineer changes, more cover and even camo netting!

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Are 88’s in the game or not?

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Bethesda moment


How do you disable charging with the shovel? When I hold down the button it doesnt dig continuously, instead the I just hold the shovel up until I release it. I cant dig like this, its horrible. Is there a fix?

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Tommy, will you be making more maps? If so, have you started planning, or are currently working on them?

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Once we have a large enough vanilla map and terrain I will be able to make new variants. Everything in entities.blk can be reused.

For example, the Normandy map in CRSED.

But for Enlisted, currently only Moscow Winter is the most suitable map with the best details. Other maps lack detail or are too small.


May you be successful in your bid, and may we have an Okinawa map next. :pray:

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For a beach landing mission, I would prefer landing craft and a large-scale landing scenario that is both common sense and cinematic.

Unfortunately, many facilities are still lacking to implement such functionality. For example, landing craft

Although there are other modders who have made decent DDay missions. I’m still looking forward to more cinematic content to come.


Everything is normal here, you can dig and attack normally and have a new function to launch a charge.

I think it might have something to do with the hotkey settings.

The default sprint hotkey is shift. I don’t know if you have customized some hotkey settings that cause conflicts in interaction.