Reinforcements received: Tunisian paratroopers

In the “Reinforcements received” events, you’ll upgrade your army with unique and well-armed squads, rare weapons, vehicles and always-useful items. Main rewards will help you unlock content that normally takes more time to reach in a regular lineup.

From 5th October (13:00 UTC) to 31st October (13:00 UTC), get battle score in any campaign and move up the rewards ladder!

Please note: you now have two days to complete each stage!


You’ll get rewards during the whole event, and the further you progress through it, the more valuable they’ll become. You can easily skip a few tasks and still get the main rewards!

OG-43 squad (Axis)

OG-43 squad (Axis)

185th Paratroopers Division “Folgore”, 2nd Paratroopers Regiment.

The Armaguerra OG-43 is the “grandfather” of the PDW, the personal defense weapon: it dates back to a time when such a concept did not exist! It is distinguished by its progressive design and construction with the magazine serving as a grip and a folding stock. Due to the low rate of fire, the recoil is practically unnoticeable.

In addition, each soldier in the squad has a compact flamethrower, Lanciafiamme Mod.41 d’assalto — it lacks range and its tank does not hold much fuel. But does it really matter when you land behind enemy lines and take them by surprise?

Landing from a transport plane is available, as well as a supply box.

BSA Welgun squad (Allies)

BSA Welgun squad (Allies)

1st Parachute Brigade, 2nd Parachute Battalion.

This submachine gun was developed by the British Special Operations Executive as a more convenient alternative to the STEN submachine gun. The Welgun was more compact, accurate and reliable, as confirmed by field trials, at a price only slightly higher than the standard British submachine gun.

In Enlisted, as in real life, the Welgun uses 32-round magazines and is quite similar in feel to the familiar STEN.

Landing from a transport plane is available, as well as a supply box.


These weapons were among the rewards of previous events. Now you have the opportunity to once again acquire multiple copies of these weapons, which are not only unique, but also very effective.

Gewehr 98 Wartime mod

Available for the Axis side in all campaigns except the Pacific War.

This is a long Mauser rifle with an impressive 25-round magazine and a dust cover on the bolt. Due to the length of the barrel it offers increased damage, and with such a huge magazine it will be almost impossible to catch you while reloading!

Thompson .30 cal SMG

Available for the Allied side in the Pacific War, Battle of Tunisia and Invasion of Normandy campaigns.

Thompson submachine gun prototype for the American intermediate cartridge — more powerful than the standard one! With its comfortable sights and controlled recoil, it can hit targets at short and medium ranges with reasonable accuracy. Even if your squads are all armed with M2 Carbines, this upgraded Tommy has a good chance of ending up in the hands of your best-trained soldier.


  • In this event, the squads are for the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Stages are updated every two days at 13:00 UTC, and the scoring starts again. Be sure to collect your reward before then, if you have managed to accumulate the required number of battle points, otherwise the stage will not count.
  • The task can be completed in the Squads mode.
  • From October 31st (13:00 UTC) to November 2nd (13:00 UTC), after the end of the event, you will have the opportunity to purchase any missing rewards for Gold.

only the “OG” remember this one get it?

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Have fun guys :slight_smile: amazing squads and beloved weapons :slight_smile:


Let’s go!

Best event so far.

hype is real


Commanders! Please note: the Italian paratroopers will have flamethrowers IN THE SUPPLY BOX!


wait so we can acquire it from the box? or do they drop with one? im a bit confuse


Now i feel old…




.30 cal my love you are back


Yes, you need paradrop with them and then acquire their flamethrower.


you should make it possible for us to try out the event squads, like with premiums.

Would appreciate that : )


Omg…folgore!!! …red devils and trench rifle!!!..

Its my time


so they will have the “flamethrower” option in the box yes? if i understand it correctly

Damn! This needs to be attended!
British paratroopers are messed up and cool!

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yes correct. after drop you get it on the box if you choose it.


yea especially since they have the BSA gun the more “curse” gun that are hard to find in other game

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ah i see looking forward to it since i do need the r75 from tunisia

sorry i have another question what is the OG43? is it smg? since i dont see the magazine im a bit confuse on what it is
edit: so i search it up it look like a bullpup? interesting

yes armaguerra og43 is a smg

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This is really great honestly, British AND Italian paratroopers !!! Yet I feel sad for those Soviet main who did not get anything in the last three events.

Also, even if I will probably go for the Thompson, is the gewerh a Semi-auto or bolt action rifle?