Pleaze for the love of Snail give P-63A-10 its bomb loadout, we want our fighter-bomber

Soviets dont need multiple premium Air superiority fighters (Yak9k + P63A??)
Soviets have utter garbage CAS BR 3+
Both US WT tree and Soviet lend lease WT planes carry 3x 500lb/250kg bombs
Why cant we make this change for current premium ingame?
I would actually spend money on this, as opposed current lackluster lineup of bare-naked fighter bombers

Same plane, no bombs :sob:


They can’t be letting us have fun in an American aircraft now. That’d be preposterous. Also people complain enough about the P-47. Imagine if we had a fighter-bomber with 3 500lb bombs. Lol. Our fighters would literally have more ordinance than most bombers between the two. Ah, gotta love being the creator of multirole aircraft


Yeah soviet premium must have zero bombs to German 8x 50kg

Only fair.

Is only fair. After all Germany has to fight Russia so of course they need massive leg ups. Oh, but the US can’t have anything because they gotta fight Japan. So now US just gets to suffer from being bent over by the German Russian arm race I guess. Including our stuff we don’t even get to have because they’re in the Russian tree

This is a bit silly; the trees need it; its available; it could actually aid in balance and would increase sales of the premium product. I would literally buy it for Soviet/ US tree if it was WT-level capable. Even adding fuel drop tanks would work;

The recent BR changes of Dicker Max/Su-76 were sweet, why no air pass for stuff like this?



Is it even able to do much at BR 4? Is the cannon able to penetrate tanks or something?

If they put bombs on it, i would buy it immediately. Russia needs good fighter bombers.

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It’s an American 37mm auto cannon…light tanks almost certainly from above. Anything above a basic Pz III or IV might get a bit sketchy on if it can pen or not. I’d imagine the engine bays are all susceptible. Rest of the heavier tanks though? Doubt it. And that’s if it even gets any AP ammunition and isn’t solely AA ammunition. It’s built as an interceptor not a ground strike aircraft, so that 37mm is made for bombers. Not ground targets

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Dang I guess the Commies know how to suggest improvements on American planes
The P-63 had an impressive roll rate, besting the US P-47, P-40, and P-51—and the Japanese Navy’s Kawanishi N1K2 Shiden-Kai fighter—with a rate of 110° per second at 275 mph

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Yep, currently it appears a HEFI belt; was unable to pen anything in testing. Still very worthwhile for strafing, APC kills, open topped SPGs etc in ground support.

Just a shame this was passed in BR balancing; maybe aircraft will get a pass in some future Making Enlisted Better

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Yeah I figured as much. No good shells for any American cannons. Lol

It had a mix of AP-HE and HE-IT if i remember correct. I would rather they give it full HE for infantry and soft targets, and those 3 500 ilb bombs, hell I’d be happy with 2 100’s and a 500. Immediate purchase.

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It should have 3x 250kg for Soviets, or fuel drop tanks (as seen in pic in OP).
I’m fine with gun armament as is, since HE is relevant; its just crazy to me that Soviet Br5 is forced to run P40 BR2 aircraft and Darkflow could easily monetize this;

I will 100% buy the Premium the second they make this change, historically accurate, actually relevant for gameplay balancing.

I refuse to see kilograms on an American plane. You take these 500 pound bombs and you do just that, pound the enemy into submission. Pound em good and…and hard. Yeah pound em real hard….I MEAN BOMB THEM!

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