Necessary improvements to the new Enlisted

Enlisted has been updated, and now each of you, commanders, is faced with the task of adjusting your army for the new environment of the game and getting used to the new rules of the matchmaker for creating battles. For some, these difficulties became significant and even affected the overall impression of the update.

We see your feedback and have already started implementing some of the needed improvements, which should help everyone to get a more comfortable experience.


A lot of things are now built around the new BR mechanics, including battle balance and likely battle locations. To make it easier to navigate these mechanics, we will add a display of the army’s current BR to the main screen.


The longer you played Enlisted, the larger your army will be when you start playing the new version.

To save you from complicated logistics, we will add a button to the squad and soldier selection interface that will remove all equipment - weapons, items, customization elements and other optional things - from all soldiers and all squads in your reserve.

You can then manage your gear as you wish.


There are leftover squads from the old Enlisted that are not tied to the Research tree. In some cases, these squads are no different from the new ones, and there may be so many of them that they make it difficult to navigate the squad selection menu.

We will add the ability to sell such squads for a significant amount of Silver. You’ll be able to get rid of duplicates or ineffective squads that you don’t plan to use anyway. Thus making the squad selection easier.


Work on these mechanics has already begun. We will try to complete them as quickly as possible. And, of course, we continue to work on other improvements and bug fixes.

Thank you for your patience and active help.


Heya comrades, as you see we already reacting to your feedback and continue to improve a lot of stuff for you


ah but here is a question that probably gonna get ask a lot

if i sell the squad do i lose the upgrade progress?

like let say we have max rifle upgrade and sale bonus do we lose those? i mean i would assume not but you cant trust something in life so yea


Please allow players to sort for specific BR weapon too.


Please put this on the list.

Small adjustment, yet impactful. Very easy fix.


The game still feels unfinished and I also have texture problems😕


This is sick! Thanks!


:slightly_smiling_face: Keep those feedback going.

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Zero mention of matchmaking balance updates.



OMG finally mass unequip


Can we get a release date estimation?

You should also allow to disarm selected solders too. Doing it on each squad will still be annoying.

But most importantly, there should be a warning message clearly saying what it going to do.

Does anyone have a list of these duplicated squads? I would like to know how much I own, and if I missed some.

Thanks for listening to the community.

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Probably because the update has been out for barely a day.

Common sense seems to be in short supply :pensive:


You know, better methods to move troops and equipment would have more appreciated on the eve of the update.

I don’t understand the reason why the merge was pushed forward, the devs fully knowing that players will have to sort dozens, if not several hundreds of squads to make rosters.

It’s like being served ice cream, but you don’t get a cone until after you ate it.


Glaring balance issues have been something players have made aware during the 4 times the test server was open for players to peruse.


So when are we going to get the option to pick the nationality of our soldier before recruiting them? Germany/Italy and UK/US faction could use this function.


these were all things that were needed before update went live, not after. that is why you have test servers and that is why you have feedback. ffs this was all mentioned in feedback to test server topics.


The 4 test servers feel like they were just added in for optics over practical reasons.


how are you guys sure that selling whatever squad you have max will result in not losing weapon upgrade bonus or sale bonus? i mean what if selling your squad do cause you to lose weapon upgrade/sale bonus?

this is good and all but the Japanese need help for the end game level BR


  • Matches have a lot of humans and fewer bots. The game feels alive. Tremendous improvement.
  • Better progression system (in most aspects), not farming the same item twice, or leveling the same squad type three times.
  • The player base is far more unified compared to the campaign system.
  • General accessibility, a more streamlined experience.
  • Soldiers ranking up is more fun; you get rewarded for playing the soldier.
  • New map modes. Like reverse beach D-Day map. Pretty cool. New scenarios and settings/battles are always a great addition, to break monotony and repetitiveness.


  • Confusing Battle Rating system; if you don’t have prior experience with the game, not the easiest concept to grasp. Complex in general, not a streamlined, easy system.
  • Inability to target specific battle settings/maps/campaigns. If you liked Tunisia, for example, and want to play specifically that, not possible anymore. Lack of choice and variety. Very little player agency over what they play. This is the main complaint from what I talked with people, that they lost the ability to play what they want. “I just want to play Stalingrad, not Berlin.”
  • If you want to have fun with weaponry, Normandy/Berlin jail.
  • Point gains are very small due to games ending quickly. At best, you get 3-4k points per match most of the time. Even when winning, progression is marginal. I don’t even want to know how it is without premium.
  • Due to the increased number of actual players in the server, paratroopers are a problem, especially if you are defending. The game becomes frustrating in dealing with 3-5 para squads dropping on cooldown. Paras need a cooldown like planes in the start. As defending faction, you pick between making a rally point or defending against the paras. If you go make the rally, you lose point, if you stay and defend and die, you spawn 40 Ugandas away and lose point anyway. Put 1 min CD on paras when the match starts.
  • Japan as a faction is in a strange place right now—very “isolated” and definitely the least attractive faction.
  • I could be wrong on this, but the Battlepass was not updated to a 1:1 ratio to what we previously got before. I feel like the silver gain is laughable.
  • Restrictive perk system, leading to frustrating decision-making. Yes, less random but fewer choices. The outcome is worse in comparison with the old system. Annoying 6 starter points required to progress, ruining the entire system.
  • A lot of removals in an attempt to balance things. Removal of Tunisia last level plane, removal of Berlin tanker squads. It is not that fair to people who counted on the merge and avoided refarming useless levels again. Things should be kept fair. Either you remove for all, or keep for all. No discrepancies. For example : I specifically held out on leveling Berlin because I knew the merge was announced many months ago. Now I miss out on the tanker squad and can’t bring two Tiger E like other people can. Is this fair? Keep things fair.