Military Rank System

Your battle merits are something to be proud of. We remember them and keep track of all your statistics. But soon your valor will be reflected not only in numbers, but in your rank. Introducing the new military rank system that’s set to arrive in the next big update!


The next big update will add 20 military ranks to Enlisted: from Private to Marshal. Your place in the hierarchy will be defined by rating points that you’ll be able to earn in battles.

The first ranks will be easy to achieve: you’ll just have to play without deserting from battles. After you become a sergeant however, things will get more serious: you’ll start earning ranking points only for victories and becoming one of the Heroes of Battle. Prove yourself — and you can reach the top!

Now, the Officers will have to regularly prove their worth, or they’ll get demoted. For leaving the battle or losing it you’ll likewise lose points. Still, you’ll be able to compensate for that loss by personal heroism, which makes for a strong incentive to fight until the bitter end.

With the start of each new season of the Battle Pass, your rating points will decrease, and your rank with them. Still, the greater your rank, the higher you’ll start in the next season. For example, the most senior army commanders will begin their new path to glory as Officers.


Right now the ranking system is just another way to measure your effectiveness in battle, it won’t influence your account or game mechanics yet. You’ll be able to check your current title in the Profile tab.

Here’s the full table of ranks and the points needed to earn them.

In the next Battle Pass, the players who achieve the highest rank of Marshal will receive an award. We’ll keep developing and improving this system in the future — stay tuned for more dev blogs!


guess i will be private forever. i will quit conquest and i will quit when i am in bot only team.

give us choice of human teams and battle mode selection.


i guess i will remain a private for life, or farm in berlin with the soviet faction.


I know it’s weird, but I CAN’T earn a big rank. I’m sad there’s no conscript, I’ll have to settle for private. I’ll probably need to desert a lot of matches thought :thinking:

(Please add the conscript rank)


Nice try but no.


Eh why not. I give it a shot!

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4-stacks entered the chat…

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I don’t think I can get a great rank, I could play a complete game of bots or rookies, it will be almost impossible for me to win and if I managed to get the highest rank I can imagine the post-traumatic effect it would have

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Interesting feature
Still won’t stop me from deserting from getting trash maps like train or one sided stomps


Damn. People really like leaving matches it seems


if this is the result, yes.


Could make the game more Toxic. Could make people actually stay and fight. As long as personal awards are the most valuable (i.e. Best Assaulter, First on Team, etc.) this could be a good thing.


Another way to punish quitters - instant like.


Would be interesting to see in the scoreboard after each match which player had which rank and who teamed up as a squad.


This system is not fair, since many factions like Berlin Soviet, Moscow Soviet have much more chance of winning compared with all others through farming bots. It would only encourage to play in these factions and creat more bot matches.

For example, you win a match in Normandy allies by fighting against 3 enemies with FG42 and tiger, how could it mean the same thing as you farm bots in Berlin?

So my suggestion: matches don’t count when your enemy team have 6 or more bots.


“Heroes of Battle” awards must be much more valuable towards higher rank than winning itself, what about totally bad matchmaking with enemy team full of players vs your team half AI or new players that doesn’t know how to push the objective, it’s a guaranteed defeat for your team.

If performing very good with a potentially multiple battle hero awards in an already lost battle I’m going to lose my rank anyway then what’s the point in staying untill very end of this kind of battle, I can desert and the outcome would be the same. That is why “Hero of Battle” awards must have much more value than winning so if I lost battle, but earned few hero awards I’m still able to raise my rank.


What a nice way to make people stay in matches more.

Now, a proper matchmaker so level 1 players don’t fight against level 30 ones


They should firstly make sure that there is no bot match like this. After that we can discuss lv1 vs lv30. The fact is that 90% matches in Berlin EEU&EU, 60% matches in Moscow EEU&EU don’t even have enough players for Axis, let alone level based match making.


Great job nonless

But yeah, I play to have fun, no time to waste with battles lost in advance or maps that I find uninteresting…


Despite some of the negative responses, I think this is very cool and a good way to reward players like my friends and I who never ever desert matches and love playing every map. Can’t wait to race each other to the top.