Oh yes, we have enough players for all campaigns

@1942786 @88761617 When do you plan to introduce an minimal matchmaking system so that ppl wouldn’t have to play games like this?



Did you forgot that the win a Berlin match is also still active which is leading to this player imbalance? :thinking:


SO, you want a simple matchmaking system where they at least put the same number of player in each side? That’s brutal expectation.


Does it have to with matches? I have been playing Berlin since it was in CBT and it’s happening everyday. I have tons of bot matches that I have screenshoted, too many to post all of them here. The winrate difference speaks for themsevles. Btw, the second pic is Moscow, not Berlin.


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i tried to play axis berlin but its just impossible rn, the average time allies conquest points its like 45 seconds.

this is literally a steamrolling, not like 50% w/r like 10% w/r or even less.


You are stupid, you cant see all enemy/friendly player before the match start because scorebord update herself after the match start
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Yet if you hop in Stalingrad you get both sides almost full of player, and since over half the screenshots are likely during the event then it can be same to assume it’s people choosing the easiest side to win with which leads to an Imbalanced of players you see in those screenshots. There is also the very real possibility that those “bots” you have been seeing every day are just shitty players

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I have been playing this game since CBT for nearly 3000 matches, I know how to distinguish bots and bad players. Bots would not drive tanks, just like bad players would not play for Objective 7x24.

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/\Took this screenshot as soon as I loaded in the match.

/\Took this screen the moment I spawned ingame.

Totally unexpected results for that game!
Axis team was so brave and determined, gonna add them all to my friendlist!


but you actually can see all human player in the score before the match start. Sometimes, some people do join the match late but usually not that many.

yes, they update themselves and get filled up, with bots tho

cmiiw, it’s just by my experience

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What a based and chad like player o7

Lol human, you mean bot wo next are replaced by human most of the time because 4 or 5 human quit in every match

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dead game

Darkflow: “sorry we too busy with explosive spam and excessive fog/haze/bloom effects noone asked for”

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If they cant get enough people in a match WITHOUT matchmaking then what is gonna happen when there is

10 minute queue times

10 minutes seems a bit low

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fair point

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There is no problem with MM. Simply, there is no axis player to put into battle. That is a fact. I doubt the developers wouldn’t see this if we, the players, keep sensing it. Rather, we should think about why the berlin axis is so extinct and how this can be solved.

Well this is what happens when you give 20 mag beretta vs PPSH
and t28e vs pz i believe.
I don’t play Berlin but from my opinion Moscow campaign is almost bot farming at this point.