Military Rank System

so, to my understanding, more trinkets for the profile :grey_question: .

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what is the award for marshal? A sliver card?

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That’s about it for a casual game.

I like that it promotes not deserting. But why ranking?


To make people fight for something when they get said ranks?

That’s nice, quitters never never see an epic ending

What about ranking for each faction? Then people won’t just play ‘easy to win’ factions. Some people will try hard to get ranks in ‘harder to win’ factions.


I wasn’t against competative events as they didn’t have any impact on the main game. But this update will turn the whole game into a competative event.
I’m not interested in facing a whole team of sweaty tryhards that use the most cheesy tactics.


Let’s be real… This won’t change nothing.

The games will stay as broken balance wise as they are right now.

The only change here, it’s there might be less players quiting said matches.

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Stat shaming and toxicity is not nothing.


I like this change, less quitters always good, there will be exceptions to this, but that will be at a cost, providing not quitting every match!

Probably for future rank base matchmaking?
Encouraging player not to mid quit is a good thing. But certainly not for me.
I play game for fun. Not for competitive.

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Fair point.

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Meh. Just another stat visualisation. Since only the highest rank receive an award. Most likely casual player dont really care. So probably wont reduce deserter that much.


Do you want to ensure that good players avoid one side of the campaign at all costs? I feel like this will ensure that people will only play allies in Berlin, or axis in Stalingrad, for fear of losing their precious, meaningless shoulder boards.

I can’t understand how you have a clear problem of people leaving battles early and some campaigns being seriously one-sided, and you implement a change that further punishes those on the losing side.


Don’t want more baggage, the friends are still staying up late playing the season ranking system, and the time period is different around the world. Enlistment doesn’t seem to me to have much of a competitive balance, everyone kills the enemy AI as best they can. There can be competition systems, but please do not have moral coercion.

promoting wins when you have bots in teams is counter productive.

also having this many players give such negative feedback for usually a good thing… maybe try fixing existing things before implementing new ones.

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This sounds scary.


Skill based Matchmaker I see.

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I like it allows you to know the level of players , my solders ? … But I notice that no one has answered the question of AI Bots replacing real players in match squads…
So will there be an AI Rank Bot?

I like ranks like that. Will be a great addition.