Please let new rank system's insignia represent Each nation's real rank insignia!

Even though I may not care about the my ranks when this released… But as far as I know, Game’s rank insignia will be everywhere in your sight.
It will be shown on the scoreboard, on the hit message. And of course in your profile. I just can’t stand with these strange (or too fictional) rank insignia…

The more I look at these insignia, the more weird I feels…
Especially those late stage’s ranks… What the hell these are… It looks too strange from any real life’s one.
Also, if players already knows rank insignia system, then they have to re-learn the game’s weird insignia system to identify player’s ranks.

If you put rank insignia here, then why not use US army’s real rank insignia?

Also, for player profile page. You already letting us to choose different nation’s portraits. Then why not give us options to select to use which nation’s rank insignia system?

For rank insignia info, see:


how do you intend to replace the ones that does not have an equivalent?

Every army should have the same ranks or something equivalent.

Because the total rank order isnt change. Then, for different nations, use their real rank system and sort it from Private(most army has this) top at some rank of general.
You dont have to match exactly for the game’s name. Also game’s text should dynamically change to match the rank.

For example,
RKKA only has 6 ranks below officers, then
12 ranks for officers.

But we still have cadet ranks!
3 rank of cadet.
So we should have enough real ranks for the game.

Still, Dev decide to use FULL 20 rank (like NATO). This is so extreme, very hard to match game’s all 20 ranks into WW2 nation’s ranks.

except, russian ranks are slighlty different from american ones?

same for the italians, and german ones.

( take as example the enlisted ones and NCOs.
some have one or two additional ranks, others have one or two LESS rank )

I can speak for the German army only. Some ranks can be skipped they are not necessary for the game.

Just mismatch officers and NCO’s ranks. Players wont care if the game’s text described the correct ranks.
(Also lots of players have no idea about ranks that their countries dont have, like what is Master Sergeant in China)

i guess…

then… sure, why not.

not that i really care about ranks but…

I dont care game’s ranks either.
But when they are literally going to be all the time on the game’s top right corner.
I just can’t stand those fictional silly insignias.

wait, seriously?

everytime someone kills or get killed, the rank shows up?

that’s lame…

That’s why I can’t stand it anymore…
It looks so strange…

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I think main Issue is that most ranks exist as Paygrade.

In heroes and generals, they somehow made the same number of ranks.

What is that supposed to mean?
Every country could be represented with its own insignias as shown in the initial suggestion by Keofox.