Why is the Stalingrad Hurricane slower than the Il-2 single seater?

I get that the Hurri wasn’t the fastest fighter, but it still had a nominal top speed a lot higher then the Il-2.

In the game the Hurricane struggles to get to 330 kph in level flight, the Il-2 gets to 350 without much bother - both with their external loads of rockets.

IL 2 has the benefit of its warthunder “favourable flight model”.

Its a bit silly

How it escaped the flight model hammer that hit the stuka a few years ago i dont know… *cough


In addition to being slower it has a FM bug where it won’t dive on a target first time you point it at hte ground - I reported that when Stalingrad came out but still hasn’t’ been fixed


I can recommend the British gold order hurricane, it has it all!
Slow, gets out of control after first spawn AND stops firing because ‘‘out of ammo’’ with 700 rounds left :pleading_face:

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Is that the one from Tunisia?? I’m pretty sure that one is also worthless…



(but it became a little bit more interesting since it recently was given 2x 250lb bombs)

I like the 40mm hurricane.


Oh - well yes that would give it some value …

Given the Enlisted game mechanisms it seems pretty bad - hitting things with relatively slow firing cannon seems much less effective in ground attack than rockets and bombs.

I guess it might work as a bomber interceptor?

But that isn’t the point of my OP! :slight_smile:

it’s not a bug
it’s supposed to happen


How is not that a bug? The plane is literally unplayable because of it.



As mentioned, the plane is rather slow.
After first spawn, the speed is too high, the plane cant handle it.

Confirmed here as not a bug: Gaijin.net // Issues

Some interesting earlier duscussions about this symptom:

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Might want to invest in a time machine, go to interwar period and demand Hawker fix their shit plane. It’s literally it’s characteristic. It’s wings are made out of sticks and potato sacks, when you overspeed it, the canvas bulges out at the top of the wing and increases lift, overpowering the elevator.

It only really starts happening well past 400, so all you need to do is throttle down to idle and maybe burn some speed by turning and rolling a bit. And not diving too steep

And that’s why it happens only once usually, you start high and fast and just overspeed, then never recover back to same energy state. If you take time to climb back to same altitude and speed and dive again it will happen again

It’s like saying the Boston ripping after you go close to 600 and try to pull 10G is a bug


It does it a long way short of 400 kph in the game. (translated from original Finnish, which is available at the link)

And in real life it was observed at 530kph - Hawker Hurricane at dive | Key Aero

Also Hurricanes made after about 1939 had metal covered wings - only the first 500 had them

oddly specific flaws like that for one plane

Suprised the engine doest get damaged in the yak 9T for example…


Further on the Hurricane having diving problems - this forum notes that the problems occur over 500kph even with fabric covered wings

Thank you for these - this “feature” is clearly wrong, and needs to be looked at again - I’ll raise another bug report giving the references we have found.


It means nothing since speeds/engine powers are artificially lowered. Meaning, this “feature” is happening on adequately lower speed as well.

I still think this plane is basically unusable because of it. And I don’t know a single reason why this “hyper realistic feature” exist at all. It does just cripple the already pretty mediocre plane, lol.


for the love of god, boost the engine power too please haha (across the board)

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That is clearly not true - many planes get perfectly reasonable speeds - just not hte Hurricane