Why is the Stalingrad Hurricane slower than the Il-2 single seater?

engines are fine IMO, most people are just REALLY bad at retaining energy.
I seem to be able to hit reasonable, expected performance pretty reliably in most planes, be it climb or speed, or whatever else

Just tested the soviet hurricane again - quickly hit 388 IAS even with 500ft/min climb and full load of ammo/rockets and it was still slowly accelerating. Seemingly you have to have the nose of the plane suprisingly low for level flight in the Hurricane though. The uncontrolled pitch up only starts around 480 IAS and becomes total loss of pitch down control at like 500. Still managed to hit like 520 before it pulled me up

For most of dives just throttling down to 0 will let you retain control.

Funnily enough. i dont have a problem with that “feature” of the hurricane.

I tend to sit around 400-450, so dont get the pleasure of it fucking up my runs

But still…its oddly specific to have

IL-2 gets a fantasy flight model lmao
Its why it can outmaneuver many things it really really shouldn’t

Does it?

Seems to behave exactly as its supposed to. 109s are not turn fighters

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The IL-2 has huge wings, do not turn fight it, do vertical maneuvers against them as they lose energy very fast and fall like bricks while trying to go vertical.

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The title of that vid is a bit misleading…

Its more IL 2 vs slow transport planes/bombers

If you watch the video there are parts of the flight envelope where IL2 will outturn contemporary 109s - mainly because the 109s have dinky wings not meant for this kind of fighting

Basically do this:

The IL2 simply cannot follow you up if you manage your energy reasonably well…but it also has enough firepower that it will instantly shred you if you mess up

It’s just a big issue with how small air combat zone is and how low to the ground you usually fly in Enlisted - it makes turnfight monsters extremely annoying to deal with, even with planes that normally would leave them utterly outclassed. Why did biplanes go out of favour? In real world they die to high speed planes with less turning performance, because the faster plane can just basically engage them on their own terms over and over and over and all they can do is try to get the enemy to mess up and get too slow. In Enlisted you can basically do goofy things like have the Zero, with its horrendously slow speed, chase down one of the fastest planes out there - the P-38, simply because the P-38 will run out of map before it put enough of a distance to be safe.

I have no issue killing them
I’m the one using it when I do happen to play soviets lol

Oh i saw that bit, but the overall theme was it was only useful vs suitable vs slow planes. I was thinking it was implying it was a match going into it. Though Im not sure how 109 fits specifically into the discussion above.

Im sure it did get some 109s, but even the stuka shot down a few fighters. I dont know why you would want to try and flat turn fight in a 109 when you really dont have to…

In warthunder/enlisted If you maintain your energy well in the IL 2, nothing is scary unless you dont see it. It is super maneuverable even when fully armed, accelerates decently for its class, has amazing control authority. Add in the play area as you mentioned above, and its just a powerhouse.

Most other planes lose some form of control at different speed thresholds but this thing just responds and you sort of just glide on the spot. I have trouble believing this would be the case. Its like how the Pe-8 almost feels like a fighter when all its opposites are absolute slugs. it just seems off.

You have to be fairly negligent for it to be a brick (turning too much, not returning to decent altitude after sweep)

I have Been on an il 2 37 binge for a while now. All you need is IL 2s lol

Tbh i do use the 1man IL2 a LOT, specifically because of how fun it is to fly, no need to try to convince me :stuck_out_tongue:

In my experience, just as M13 drivers that can look up are far in between, pilots who fly up are also far in between, so I often temper my expectations lol. It’s almost always flat, horizontal turns, no matter whats the plane - biplane or Fw190 or Zero or P38

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did you fully upgrade the soviet hurricane?
edit: tested my stock hurri, got >400kph

Update on Hurri flight model - specifically checking het speed it starts to have uncommanded climbing - it is quite fast as was reported earlier - over 480kph, so that seems fair enough for fabric winged a/c.

However the Stalingrad Hurricane is a Mk IIB - which did not have fabric wings, and so it should not apply!

Fabric wings were fitted only to the first 500 production Hurricanes - all Mk 1’s. Production then changed to metal skinned wings. The fabric and metal wings were apparently interchangeable on Mk 1’s.

As per my previous link - Hawker Hurricane at dive | Key Aero
At least the referenced Finnish Mk 1 still had fabric wings in 1942 - and it seems likely the rest did too.

Good question - I don’t recall - will check in the game tonight

And I’ll check this too…

Note Hurricane Mk II Performance - a Mk IIA should be able to do 273mph at sea level = 439 kph.

Which is still faster than an Il-2 - the only performance chart I can find for an Il-2 is from the game of the same name so is game data, not “real life” - but it suggests that the maximum speed at sea level is 430kph - Aircraft Flight and Technical Specifications and Operational Details - Manuals, Tutorials, Guides and Tips - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum

make sure you never upgrade any plane in enlisted. the first upgrade destroys the air flow of the plane.
i’ve reported the bug but it wasn’t acknowledged Gaijin.net // Issues

i believe that the uncontrollable nose-up at a certain speed is a flight model issue that wasn’t intended, and should be reported as a simple bug.

I tested my british gold order Hurricane (= fully upgraded).
Indeed it reaches 400kph but it takes a very looooong time to reach it.
Longer than reaching the ammo point.
So I dont reach that speed in battle ever.

“Funny” how my planes get SLOWER after updating.
The idea of upgrading is to make them better, faster…
But I upgrade them all anyway, makes them handle better.

It has been already, and was answered to be no bug.

If you read the upgrade starts, they literally tell you some of them increase mass/some drag coefficients, in exchange for better structural strength and more lift. The last upgrade is the engine and it’s definitely worth it.
It’s only not worth to partially upgrade planes imo - i always go from minimum level to max in one go