Hurricane control issues in Stalingrad?

Anyone else get this - diving in for a rocket attack - not going super fast - 320kph + or -… then the a/c pulls up with no control input, and won’t respond to any input to keep diving.

Generally only happens once, then all subsequent flight is normal.

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sorry had not noticed. Only remember taking out the Hurricane (Stalingrad) out a few times. Will have to have another look.

Yes the same with the Hurricane in Tunisia (gold order one).
After spawn, fly down towards objective or enemy plane, it always loses control.
I think the speed is too high.

I’ve noticed that.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or an actual feature of the FM.

The Hurricane has got a thick, high lift - high drag wing, therefore it could be plausible that exceeding a certain speed may cause a pitch-up momentum that elevators can’t compensate anymore.

It only happens at speeds approaching 400 km/h or higher, therefore you only see it happening once because with the Hurri you only reach such speeds with the first dive after spawning.


This or similar issue is being looked by alpha team.


I did consider that too. It’s around 500.

We have forwarded it to the developers for their consideration,

Even tho the cbr is for Stalingrad hurricane, all versions are reported.

Let’s wait for their decision. I m not entirely sure if it’s a bug or not so we must wait.

It’s because the hurricane had so much lift, you see the same issue with biplanes

Thanks all - for me it is only a once-once-in-a-flight incident and it is only in teh FIRST time I try diving - after that I have no problems.

Looks forward to perhaps hte dev’s fixing int.

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When you spawn in the hurricane you already have a lot of altitude and speed, so your first dive is likely to result in a speed fast enough to cause the lift issues. Try reducing your throttle and watching your speed on the first dive and see if it makes a difference

I get the same thing diving in FW190’s, the FM seems a lot different than WT its almost like you have realistic controls but sim FM and the instructor is fucking up and letting you do maneuvers that will put your plane into shit, I’m not sure how to explain it. I’ve also been dogfighting people in high G turns and the FW190 will just shit the bed lose altitude and crash for whatever reason.


I’ve already mentioned that speed is not the issue.