Hurricane Mk IIB Stalingrad problem

I’ve noticed it’s impossible to dive the point using this plane, the nose simply pulls up, firing the rockets from further away doesn’t work, they don’t land. I don’t know why this is happening, possibly its a feature, to stop people ground strafing, however it’s very frustrating. I’d appreciate a plane that handles properly, if the rockets are a problem, take them away and give us full plane control please.


It’s known: // Issues

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Try slowing down. The plane has a lot of lift and reducing throttle can help counterbalance it until they update the flight model. Keep it under 400 in a dive and you should avoid the problem


I think it’s supposed to be a safety feature of the plane, stay under ~400 TAS in a dive and it shouldn’t activate.

That and that plane has sooo little ammo, kicks butt in a dogfight though.

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This is the best advice, I did as you suggested, throttled right back and I was able to dive sucessfully, thank you fella. That is so interesting about the lift generation in the flight model.


The (premium) hurricane in Tunisia suffers from the exact same issue :thinking: