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Yeah I thought it was quite empty here so might as well start a topic, anyway so what do you guys think the future of the faction will be? the reason I’m wondering this is because as time passes by the list of possible equipment is becoming smaller and smaller, vehicle wise there are a lot of options where to pick from but of course infantry is the main thing in this game so the options for guns is becoming scarce, game mechanics also have some options still but our main concern will be high tier equipment, so what do you guys think about the future of Japan will be on the game?



this can’t be good.

anyway, jokes aside.


there isn’t really much to say.

japan is in a delicate situation.

the only way ( that i see in my opinion ) is to keep giving them prototype weapons, or captured weapons ( mainly from the chinese ).

but, no matter what you give them, they will never be able to compete high tiers against the USA ( which has been confirmed already, japanese forces will never face m2 carbines as there were no counterparts or anything above the tier III / starter IV ).

and… now that i think about it, i wouldn’t say it’s totally unbalanced, but tier III allies will face full japan veterans with fully equipped weapons as they tech tree ends there while the allied still have to progress.

it will be interesting.

i think

p.s. type 2 a it’s actually one of the best weapon and most fun to use.

change my mind.


We’re indeed reaching a point in which Japanese weapon possibilities are smaller, specially if they need to compete with higher American tiers.

Only weapon I can think is a match for the M2C is the type Hei LMG, which is just an automatic hei, not really an lmg.

Even then, the biggest issue is AT weapons, which we’ve essentially gotten the best one, the type 5 and it’s penetration is rather bad at only 100mm.

I guess it’s up to darkflow to see how far we get

Japanese still have a lot of small arms prototype to field and can get some captured weapon if necessary normandy axis and stalingrad already showed that is not a problem for dev do it, for the ground veichle section instead there is still good equipment to field withaut add the heavy tank n.6

I don’t think dev ever confirm it (at least from the news)?

Japan did have counterpart(type Hei LMG). If dev wish they can simply simply spam prototype and buff to make high tier stuff. It is achievable.

I am not saying I agree with such practice, but I am saying there is such possibility.


you sure about that " buddy " ?

which… doesn’t take you too much to realize why japan does not have many tier IV - V weapons to begin with.

( even though, i suspect the tier IV / V for japan, would be a br of USA Tier III )

Lol, you literally said “never”. They said it is because japan currently don’t have stuff from late war.

yes, i said never,

because that’s precisely what’s gonna happen ( in theory ).

japan will NEVER face m2s.

how is that hard to understand?

Dev never confirm this?

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keo, and @Euthymia07 did.

the entire devlog does.

for more, i highly suggest you to check:

you even saw it and commented upon.

having memory issue?

so take the " L " and move on if you are not willing to admit you’re wrong.

I do hope, Japanese will get more structures for engineers. Mainly just gimmick traps only to troll people and so. Or just some better camouflaged fox holes.
I would love that.

The only thing you give me is a Helper saying “they won’t fight japan with it in the future.” But what future did she mean? The future she mean could be the time when the merge release.
You still can’t prove that Japan will never meet M2 carbine even if more late war stuff is added.


so… her telling that the m2s won’t ever see the pacific outside customs isn’t enough?

dunno what to tell you.

P.s. even the devblog.
written by keofox:

you do you.

so, to top it off, you’d need at least another m2 carbine for them to get something equal to oppose it.

which they don’t have.

not sure about the prototypes, but yeah.

they could hardly keep up with tanks, let alone weapons.

Lol, all the stuff you said only applies to the situation right after merge since Japan don’t have late war stuff.

This news literally said Japan will meet higher tier enemy when it get late war stuff.

Don’t worry. I’m sure there is some kind of obscure prototype that jamed, bearly hold together and existed in one piece.
A fine candidate for a mass issued OP rifle.

I already said above this is possible by spamming prototypes and buff.

eh… i suppose you guys could be right about that

god knows what has been invented

They can always get the tiger that was send to them but end up drowned mid sea iirc lmao.

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ah yes.

don’t use two quotes, or you won’t be able to read shit.

gg forum.

anyway, i suppose you two could be right about that.

i’m not sure it will be an enjoyable experience though.

… nor really that balanced