Tier V western Allies is a complete shit fest of plane cycling

I have complained about this topic before, Im honestly tired to do a well explained post, If anyone wants to look into the issue, watch my actual last match on the replay forum, I wanted to add the file here but I can’t for some reason, I guess I can do this:


If you decide to look at the replay I want you to spectate at this player lcvc in particular, look at that shit and come and tell me that thats good for the game, thats good gameplay

Darkflow devs honestly you are so silly when you say that having more vehicle squads does not impact the game “because infantry is important” honestly you guys need to wake the fuck up and look into that, If having more vehicles does not impact the game then give the chance to everyone to have more vehicle squads, or do not allow anyone to have more than one


That Kaeryl dude (aka you OP hehe) had game of his life by destroying his planes 10x in a single match but still lost it because one bad player just keep spamming planes 24/7 that have no counter even if you keep shooting them off and every time he will come back with new one after 5secs, how balanced…
Those poor Allies they are so underpowered because that mythical KT is at every corner just waiting to shot and get 50 kills and guess what not a single Tiger was in their match, not even Tiger E and Americans won with no issue.

I bet he also plays Pacific that way but without P47D.


I honestly should never had the first place of the team playing the Bf 109 G 10, when that happends you know your team is complete garbage

Tiger E or Tiger II H, would not make a diference against those 500 lb bombs, honestly, I found funny that the P 51 D 5 is br III, I kinda never play the Bf 109 g 10, but the match before that one, the match got absolutely destroyed by allied CAS, so I was thinking, hey whats what the people on the forum always says? “germany has good fighters” ok so lets play the good fighters then, oh wait it literally doesnt change anything, I was not especting to win that match, I knew my team did not stood a chance from the begining, but still, I dont think that it is fair for anyone to spam planes like that, Im telling you, the output of the match would have been the same if my team had tigers or panters


Ah yes, US should be sanctioned for playing planes, but germans are allowed to spam tanks right ? Don’t get me wrong, no one should be able to just spam any kind of vehicle but only pointing out US players even though many other openly showed that they were spamming king tigers is kinda hypocritical.


I have watched the replay. Guy was using P-47D-28, P-47D-22 RE, Tempest Mk. V and P-51D-5 but overall - he did not get any special score - 65 kills + 5 destroyed vehicles / 9 squads lost.

Nothing special :yawning_face: :-1:


Wow, I had no idea that you could take THAT many vehicle in a single lineup… I mean, is this supposed to be an infantry focused game or just war thunder with a bunch of bots running around?


Max is 5 Vehicles plus Bike when you have 10 Slots.

But I find it funny that someone ist complaining about the one edge the Western Allies have. There Tanks are mediocore at best. I only lost one match against them since the merge and that was because of para stam but still a relativ close match.


yea i already know that was a thing i once saw a guy spamming kv1 and t34 in low br so yea

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man, I would rather fight pershings all day long than having to play against a P 47 for 5 minutes

the problem for me is not allies itself, it would be a problem from any nation if any other nation could spam bombs that powerfull on fighters and attacking planes alike, thats where I have a problem, they did nerf axis figthers to have weaker bombs, but not allied planes, it is only ok when allies have those absurd bombs available in so many planes, and my personal opinion on the P 47 is that 10 rockets is too much, they should nerf it to 6 rockets and the bomb at least, you wont ever see me complaining about the A 20 for a reason, it is a flying brick, it is fair if it has fat ass bombs and so on, but having all these figthers with those huge bombs its absurd to me, and if some one says, then the Ju 188 should be nerfed too, I agree, Im not against it, I have said it before, 4 bombs is good enough, 6 is overkill

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Look i do enjoy fliying planes but i have almost all my squads on infantry maxed out, i think the game is based on the fact that you can use 2 tanks and 2 planes at the same time while there’s infantry on your side doing what they are supposed to do, i have seen people doing literally nothing and dying 20 times without caping a single point demanding for the plane that has died 0 times killed 8 tanks/planes, to go down and “help”.

I don’t think spamming vehicles is a sane or fair way to play, but also, people need to counter things more efficiently. I don’t think the game needs more nerfing on things that are powerful and buffing on things that are not.

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Yes, they won’t complain about soviet V because they can already easily sweep out all soviet players since there is nothing to fight against Tiger(II) in soviet armory.


no there is, it’s panzerfaust, is-2s and aircraft while western allies only have aircraft


Soviets are fine, br wise, they have no flaw.

USA lacks good vehicles, and the ones they have, are overtiered, a lot.

Surprisingly, axis has overtiered things too, most of their smgs are too high br (mp40 3, but pps 2? Zk tier 4???)

Japan would be fine, if it had more stuff. Their br is fine, thought.

Honestly the only faction fine all around with arbitrary br, are Soviets :thinking:


Indeed, the US has much worse options for destroying enemy tanks.

The M9 bazooka only gets 102mm of penetration, barely enough to go through the side of a KT.

Meanwhile, the panzerfaust 100 gets 220, the panzershrek (but without the sick ass shield pls fix) gets 200, and even the panzerfaust 60 gets 180. The germans and russians have plenty of ways to get through tougher tanks.

Luckily, at least, all the nations get very good aircraft. I believe there is no deficiency in effectiveness in the airforces of each nation.

Something no one discusses about tanks in enlisted is the difference in ammo types. Look at War Thunder: Panzer tanks generally get their BEST shell stock, so they have no other ammo types to replace their good ammo with.

Shermans (with the 75) start with AP which has less penn and less post-pen damage than the APHE. Likewise, the firefly does not get it’s good AP ammunition. This is likely part of the superiority of german tanks at the moment.

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this is why i like br 2, every nation has their strengths and weakness such has soviets having good smg but eh inf AT and bad LMGs, while germans have alright inf AT, good tanks but not great SMGs, yanks are all arounders while japan has eh standard inf equipment and bad tanks but good smgs, good inf AT and LMG


I prefer those br too…

But I honestly hate “br”…

Because it’s not br. Br is supposed to be measured by the “power” of stuff. Devs clearly disregarded this by putin br all around depending on how they feel: no way the Hellcat should be tier 5 vs is2 or KT, no way.
No way mp38 &40 should be tier 3, but pps, a better or equivalent smg, be tier 2.

It’s all around the place. Devs try to use it at random for “balance”, just like for tickets.

That’s just not br at all.


Early PzSh didn’t have the shield, and this is from Tunisia IIRC, hence the facemask… shields were added 1944 onwards.



I don’t think it’s a good idea to immediately blame game balance for something you don’t like.

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I like Tier II allies constantly seeing Tier III german gear
But when we play Germans we have never once seen Tier III allied gear outside of once or twice
I wonder where all of Tier III allies are


All uptiered to the tier 5 games.