REMOVE ANTI PERSONEL MINES or atleast heavily nerf them

the only problem with that is not all players are seating at the game, 9 times out of 10 you will be the only one carrying the team, the br 3 players will get skull fucked by them and the enemies and all you will ever do is die to the mine or get picked one of the 5 players on the point

my problem with ap mines is that they encourage you to spam them and leave the point

the only way you could have mines be ballanced is by having them be placed by engineer squads and only one per player as the hmgs and the at gun

Slow the game down change the mechanics of how everything is done then I could probably agree with you but we both know that’s not gonna happen and when it comes to this community they only choose the worst options because I don’t know if you’ve heard about it yet but the Americans have done some really messed up things since the merge plain cycling nasty stuff

what have the americans done to you?

a good step is equalizing all the mines
currently german mines embed themselves in the ground (any surface, really)
while other nations sit on top

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They destroyed me on Xbox with calliope spam and rocket bombardments and artillery and now I come to PC having to make a new account quite some time ago and now the merge happened and now some players on the American side who have played multiple campaigns Have a few planes with HVAR and M8 rockets and they can just keep spamming that

Tier V western Allies is a complete shit fest of plane cycling - Game discussion / USA and Great Britain - Enlisted

I do run Engineer so I can delete both tank and planes from far

Yea, a limit to 1 active per squad would be fine or something. it’s reasonable to place one to cover the flank as a sniper, but its just BS to place then on capture points. Its just not possible for the attacker to check every corner while entering the room while constantly scanning his feet in the poor lighting in this game for some bastard that spammed 20 of these things in a room.

Alternatively, allow allies to trip them without killing them, then it would force people to place it on flanks and not just randomly inside a staircase or on capture point.

I have them and use them constantly as of now because they are extremely meta but they are not healthy for the game.

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That is literally the job of a mine.

I disagree in general overall, I think mines are fine.

I think they should make it so only Engineers are able to disarm them

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Absolutely NOT. No removal, no nerf !

AP mines are Enlisted’s antidote to the run and gun chaos !

There is nothing more satisfying watching some non historical soyboi with 10 weapons and an autoaimbot bunny hopping his way through the map laying waste to all about him, bunny hop his way onto an AP mine - no hacks for detecting those yet mate !

So no, for all the normal players with historically accurate load outs and trying to play the game immersively, its the pan ultimate way to slow down the “L337” pretenders who just min max without any contextual regard for the historical scenario the game is trying to portray.

I load up my squads with as many AP/AT mines as I can (every Assault and AT get an AT mine, and all others get AP mines) and sow the flanks liberally ! Every time I see a team mate engineer erecting wire or tank traps I sow mines to support the defence.


Mines make the game BETTER for players. The mines do not care what rank or experience you have. If you play with ignorance or incompetence, the mine will equalize the equation of the battle.

AP mines are fine and are already low explosive. Anti-Tank mines are very weak for what they are already as it is.

I wish we had larger mines and the ability to make minefields, it would create a VERY intense game that would make the players FOCUS on teamwork to disable and destroy the minefield to be able to flank and assault a position.


100% !

There are a couple of other threads in the forums about giving Engineers an ability to expend mines in a “area deployment” pattern so that you could cover ground more efficiently given the pace of the current game.

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That alone will bring down the usage of AP mines to 0.

Imo AP mines is a mechanism that narrows the gap between different players due to game skills and weapon.

AP mines kills all players who step on it equally. It can protect players who lack game consciousness from being attacked from the side or back, and can also be used to reinforce a stronghold so that players with better equipment or game skill cannot easily break through it.

Although landmines deteriorates the gaming experience for all players, it is indeed a mechanism that makes the game more “fair”. It weakens players with stronger equipment and game skill, preventing them from completely dominating a game, giving weaker players more room to play and allowing them to enjoy the game.

However, I do not really like rally mines, even though I am a beneficiary of it, often score a butch of kills from rally mines, and have hardly been killed by them. After all, planting landmines on rally has a bit of a “exploit game rule loophole” flavor.

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I don’t know whether I agree with your view of classifying mines as something that overcomes skill. In fact I’m not a fan of a large number of these “skill based” debates, but I don’t want to digress.
I think both AP and AT mines serve a purpose in slowing the game down, all be it many players still haven’t fathomed this out.

If more ppl did use mines to reinforce objectives and reduce maneouvre on the most obvious avenues of approach the game would be much more interesting and immersive.

The benefit of slowing the game down is that it does give you more time to think about tactics, and actually utilise a greater portion of the various squads/squad abilities in clever ways.

They are also a significant contributor towards improving the chances of some tactical successes using bolt action or even semi auto rifles vs SMGs and ARs. The limited Stalingrad campaign was a good example of that, at least initially before ppl maxed it out and the SMGs/ARs eventually appeared there as well in overwhelming numbers. Nevertheless, more minefields means that you need to apply more thought in how you maneouvre and be prepared to re-organise your squad and its order of march given that the first soldier blowing up will be your early warning that you’re facing mines.


if the game was ever to slow down it would have to be solved with major changes to the backbone of the game’s design, which I have already lost faith in. More AP mines would only make people start complaining about them on the forum.


That’s almost what I mean. Landmines do slow down the pace of the game. Enlisted is a game based on infantry, and theoretically, there’s nothing more efficient than rushing into control points and using automatic weapons to sweep all enemies.

It is precisely because it is too efficient that it needs to be weakened, as this game has a wide range of players with other gameplay. They may be driving aircrafts, tanks, building AA positions and machine gun nests, or even playing sniper rifles. DF wants players with different gameplay styles to find joy in this game more equally, not just those who charge into control points with automatic weapons. These players will inevitably lead the game into fast-paced gunfights, which to some extent masks the diversity and fun of enlisted.

As for me, I never slow down my attack speed due to possible of minefields. I do pay attention to avoid stepping on landmines and use explosives to clear potential dangerous areas, but some positions are so crucial that they must be seized at any cost, rather than thinking of any other way.


this is literally a description of what is the worst thing about enlisted.

i hate it with all my heart, i’d love to be able play more slowly and have equal chances to contribute to the win.

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I guess it comes down to your experiences in the game, and folks these days always find something to complain about - myself included ;).

I don’t think mines are as widely used as ppl make them out to be.

I don’t play for K/D or try to finish the game as fast as possible. So I often take my time to check things out help build defences etc… I see from my own experience how much effect a well developed minefield can have a significant effect, all be it on a specific area of the battlespace where I’ve prepared the surprise.

I play the larger squads in game and I try to seed minefields in depth esp in areas that won’t get “cleansed by artillery” - buildings are good for this, as are trench lines which ppl like to use to flank positions.

Many players on these forums have played quite a lot on the various maps of their favourite campaigns and so like myself will have a good sense of the more obvious avenues of approach.

So rather than rushing forward you can take your time in pepping an area with mixed mines and in my experience the results can be very satisfying, particularly when you cycle through several squads to build up the density of your minefield.

I don’t deny that this approach will definitely give you a decent score, but I am willing to assume that I would do much better compared to this, not because I’m any great, but because of how effective this type of playing is. I really wish it were different.

the game must either slow down or the effectiveness of running with automatic weapons needs to become less effective.

I play to win, that’s what this game is about, so the meta should make a little more room for everyone.