Hey guys guess why allies won this match

The devs doesn’t seem to think the same

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Hey guys, guess why Germans win almost every match.

Option A: they have the largest player pool.

Option B: they were tank cycling.

Option C: They were tank cycling.

Option D: You guessed it, tank cycling (as in multiple people are doing it)

Option E: all of the above.

Jokes aside, don’t pretend for a second like Axis doesn’t do the exact same thing, just with a different vehicle.

Like, what do you expect them to do? Just lay down their weapons and submit to the undeniable badassery of your hill camping Tiger II? (Sarcasm, in case is isn’t bleeding obvious)


I have noticed large amounts of panzer 4 j in low br

The Flackpanzer event squad from like 8 months ago has become a permanent fixture across all battle ratings for me.

It has no armor at all and the two tankers can be killed with even a pistol, but if you keep back near the ammo resupply, you can take out any airplane that any enemy throws at you, as well pick off some enemy bomber squads from the ground. A very easy way to reach your 10 vehicle kills for the event. Oh and it also has anti-personnel rounds so you can shoot targets on the ground or in windows.

Hopefully it comes back around as an event squad for people who missed it since the Americans (and Japan) have a tech tree AA vehicle from the Pacific, but Germany doesn’t have one on the tech tree.

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Now that I think about it, I cannot allow myself to use that one, the whole purpose of my vehicle squad is be able to destroy Jumbos, If I cannot do that, I lose the game for sure, I was using Engi with AA that match, still, no difference when the enemy is plane cycling

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i take option E) your team threw the game

also a cylcer is someone that constantly in and out of the same squad type most common of these are vehicle cyclers who take either 3 planes or 3 tanks for uniformity, now the closest to a cycler that match was born to loose who had a confirmed 3 vehicle slots that are as follows:
2 fighters
1 tank

though he only had used his tank 1 time so that would 15 between infantry squads and planes but he did not wait for a plane slot like you, infact none of them waited the 2 minutes for the planes to open up so each of those players, steven, cimmerians and born to loose, have at least 1 infantry squad. I didn’t see cimmerians run a fighter so he only has the jug which makes him not a cycler and steven had mustang and jug though he still used infantry and APCs to help the team push; was he good at it no but he did try. though a good question i thought of was “were the 3 plane users in a squad?” so i checked and the answer was no they were all solo queueing

so the conclusion i have is that the enemy team spammed planes but you didn’t have a plane cycler with your team deciding to practice the great teutonic horseshoe

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Tanks are much much better at infantry support than planes, planes can easily take out tanks - yet it is faster for a tank to respawn and get some infantry kills than for planes to only take out one tank each reload.

If you play as a tanker and a plane is constantly killing you, the best thing to do is keep on getting killed, because effectively that means there is one less enemy infantry squad on the battlefield that could play the objective.

Yes, totally true

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You know exactly, EXACTLY what I’m referring to. Don’t try to feign ignorance and take things out of context.

Allies spam P47 just as much as Axis spam Tiger IIs. Case closed.

Not sure what you’re implying, I have no clue who you are. Just saw another dumbass “but Allies spam planes, Germany suffers” post and had to call it like it see it.

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Have you tried getting an experienced pilot to the match or learning to fly? Both are the only counter measure to “plane cycling” or whatever that means.

I have been the pilot myself, nothing can stop a plane cycler from spawning a p 47, shooting 10 rockets, you might kill it, but he will just spawn another plane and do the same thing, spawn drop payload, die, spawn another plane, I have a post about it

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There isn’t until there is, you don’t have to comeback to get ammo if you are 50% loaded, you have the upper hand knowing that they are gonna plane cycling, getting behind them it’s easier. This just seems like you and your friends got owned

You should have pump those numbers up with the info of them being mindless lemmings.

I can also “cycle” tanks

The German army abused tanks as badly as the American army abused aircraft

To some extent I don’t think anyone has anything to complain about.

I support restricting vehicle abuse, but it’s not just about restricting aircraft but also restricting tanks. Unlimited P47s are just as annoying as unlimited King Tiger tanks.


totally fair, restrain vehicles in general, not only planes I agree 100%

I have posted a long comment but this is the synapse basically.

“I don’t think spamming vehicles is a sane or fair way to play, but also, people need to counter things more efficiently. I don’t think the game needs more nerfing on things that are powerful and buffing on things that are not.”

hey it good for me since yesterday i down 7 allie plane making it super easy for the 10 vehicle quest you can hate that all you want but that is practically free point

Just get a fighter and counter them…? The best allied veichles are planes, and allies win lots of matches since they have good pilots. Axis have good planes too, and if you don’t like planes you can use AA guns, and the enemy’s cycle is broken. You win matches if you know how to counter!

If you have the luxury to stare at a king tiger then get an AT mine and drop it at the side and shoot at it to detonate it