Shane26 - Realistic Weapon Sound Mods v1.2 (Updated 1 May 2024)

Shane26 - Realistic Weapon Sound Mods

Warning! This Sound Mod Is Very Loud!, I don’t take any responsibility of hearing loss or damage after using this mod so you better Adjust Your Ingame Gunfire Volume First :wink:

Changelog v1.2 :
List Included Sniper Model / Other Variants Of the Gun.

1.Added New Kar98k Sound.
2.Added New Armaguerra Mod.39 Sound.
3.Added New Gewehr-41 & Gewehr-41 Sound.
4.Added New German ZH-29 Sound.
5.Added New VG 1-5 & VG 2 Sound.
6.Added New Gerat 03 Sound (Premium Squad)
7.Added New Mannlicher M1895 & M93 Sound

1.Added New M1903 Springfield Sound.
2.Added New Ross Mk.III Rifle Sound.

1.Added New Arisaka Type 38 Carbine & Rifle Sound.
2.Added New Type I , Type 99 Early & Late Model Sound.

1.Added New Mosin Sound.
2.Added New Winchester M1895 Sound.

Some Video Preview :



List of All Weapon Sound That Changed Including Different Weapon But With The Same Sound Files.

------ Russian ------

#Automatic/Semi-Auto Rifle
4.Fedorov Avtomat

#Light Machine Guns
1.DP-27, FM 24/29 Light Machine Gun
3.Madsen, Maxim Tokarev
5.Lewis Gun (Premium Squad)

#Submachine Gun
1.PPD 34-38
3.PPK-41 (Premium Squad), PPK-42 (Event Squad)
4.PPS-42 & LAD (Gold Order)

1.Mauser C96

------ US ------

#Automatic/Semi-Auto Rifle
1.M1 & M2 Carbine
2.M1/M1C Garand, T20E1 Rifle (Gold Order)
3.M1941 Johnson

#Light Machine Guns
1.M1918 BAR, FN-1930 (Gold Order), W.A.R (Gold Order), Colt Monitor (Premium Squad)
3.M1941 Johnson Machine Gun
4.Bren Light Machine Gun (All Models)

#Submachine Gun
1.M3 Submachine Gun, M3 Suppressed (Gold Order)
2.M50 Reising
3.Sten, Owen Machine Carbine, Sten Silenced (Event Squad)
4.Thompson Submachine Gun (All Models)
6.M2A1 Carbine (Gold Order)

1.Colt New Services
3.Browning Hi-Power

------ German ------

#Automatic/Semi-Auto Rifle
1.FG-42 & FG-42 II (Including Sniper Model)

#Light Machine Guns
1.Breda Mod .30, ZB-26
3.MG-34, MG-15

#Submachine Gun
1.Beretta-M38A, M38/42, M1
3.Danuvia 43M
7.MP-40, MP-40 Suppressed (Event Squad)
8.MP-18 & ZK-383
10.MKB-42(H), MP-43/1, STG-44 (Including Sniper Models)
11.OVP 1918

#Gold Order / Premium Squad
2.Vollmer VPF 1926
3.Wz.39 Mors
4.Schmeisser MK36.III
5.Erma EMP 44
7.PPSH-41 (Premium Squad)
8.Conders MG
9.Kiraly 39M (Premium Squad)
10.Lahti Saloranta M26
11.PG Carcano - CR

1.Beretta M1923 & M1934
2.Mauser C96
3.P08 - Luger
4.Walther P38
5.Walther PPK & Walther PP

------ Japan ------

#Automatic/Semi-Auto Rifle
1.Type Hei Rifle (All Models)
2.Type Otsu Rifle
3.Type 4 Rifle

#Light Machine Guns
1.Type 11 LMG
2.Type 97 LMG
3.Type 96 LMG
4.Type 99 LMG
5.Type 100 LMG

#Submachine Gun
2.Type 100 (Early & Late Models)
3.SIG 1920 & MP-28 (7.65mm)
4.Nambu Type 1 SMG (Premium Squad), Type 2 SMG, Type 2A SMG
5.Tokyo Arsenal

1.Type 94 Pistol
2.Type 1 Pistol
3.Type 2 Pistol
4.Type 14 Pistol

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Feel free to contact me for any bugs or error (i’ll take a look at the problem), also as you guys notice i don’t mod any of the bolt action because in my opinion the default sound its already pretty good.


Holy mg, let me hear this in game and I’ll come back and tell you what I think

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For sure dude, tell me what u think

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You can upload files in Sandbox Portal.

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Thanks dude, Im still learning how to do that, this is my first thread, will move the files there once I found out how, thanks alot, u are really is a helper

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Thompson Sound Preview

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Can u tell me how to edit a topic?

Sorry for late answer.

You need to login. And after that click on ADD.
And you will see screen like it:
For create draft you need upload file and add text. For publish need also add image.

For edit post you can go to your profile and click on vertical three dots.
Or open your post and select More and Edit Post.

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U are awesome:)

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Well, I’m not a sound mod creator, but I’ll tell you what I found, positive and negative points, of course don’t take it as something bad, it’s just what I liked and didn’t like, let’s go

I’m not going to talk about all of them, but the ones I like to play : )

MG42: the sound of the first shot is different from the rest in long bursts, but after the first the sound becomes realistic, I liked that
MG34: For me the sound is not realistic, based on the files available on YouTube and other sites, I believe it can be improved
MP40: It’s a little different from the real sounds, but it’s pleasant

ALL PISTOLS They are great, the sound is very good, I liked it

tommy guns: sounds similar to the real ones, I liked it, it was great

Well, I believe you will improve the mod even better, you have potential as a creator, just keep going :slight_smile:
I have already recommended you to friends to test

Ahh, I forgot to mention, have you ever thought about basing your mod on real sounds captured on YouTube? Maybe it would be a good idea, it would be a lot of work, but I think it would work

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thanks for the feedback dude, well due to the games mechanics the MG42 is using 2 different sound files, the first couple of burst is using single shot sound, and then there’s looping sound afterward, but i’ll try my best to fix the issue in the next updates (thanks for the heads up :smiley: ), well as for the mg34 i’ll try to find or create a new sound for it (honestly i think it was bad too, it was muted and distorted), also i really like feedback from other people since i really need to hear from you guys to create better mod, thanks again

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Download Through Enlisted Sandbox

I appreciate your willingness to change, for more people like this

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Hey dude, i just found a solution for the MG-42 issue, here’s the video preview of what the next update will be, tell me what u think

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Also i made an update to the MP-40 Sounds so it’ll sound more realistic, here’s the comparison between the real and ingame sound

Ingame (Work in Progress)

Real Gun Sound

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Dude, have you ever thought about working for darkflow? , 1 guy can make a better sound than a team lol, this mod will be easily used by the entire community, I didn’t expect you to change the sound of the weapons I mentioned so quickly, but it’s even more pleasant to listen to, rest a little buddy, seriously


Do you think about adding sounds for tanks in the future? , I still wanted to hear the sound of the 88mm in this game , I’m usually the guy who will hit the Shermans at long range , lol I’m a big fan of the tigers and king tigers , the sound effect of the tiger in the movie Fury , would it be possible to see something similar in game ?

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I’m glad u like it, this kind of comments keeps me motivated to continue this mod for “us” players, I also really appreciate your feedback, and Im still working on the Mg-34, will post a preview videos soon, so stay tuned and thanks.

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I’ll be waiting for you comrade, I spread the word about your mod to my team `` KILLERS ´´ we will be here , It’s always good to collaborate with people who help the game and the community to always improve ; )

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Damn, that’s sounds really nice, i’ll see what I can do with the Tiger canon sounds, also maybe u want to take a look at Sir Bigote sound pack, he did a really great job on the vehicle & canon sounds

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