[MOD] Shane26 - Realistic Weapon Sound Mod [UPDATE]

Continuing the discussion from Shane26 - Realistic Weapon Sound Mods v1.2 (Updated 1 May 2024):

From Now Im Going to Post an Update in this Topic Since The Last One is Outdated.

Warning : This Sound Mod Is Loud, I don’t take any responsible of hearing loss or damage after using this mod so you better adjust your Gunfire Volume First

All The Preview on My YouTube Playlist Here :


Thompson Preview :


v1.3 Changelog :

German Planes
1.Added New MG 131 Plane Mounted MG.
2.Added New 20mm MG FF/M Cannon Sound.
3.Added New 20mm MG 151 Cannon Sound.
4.Added New 7.92mm MG 17 Sound.

US Planes
1.Added New 12.7mm Browning MG Sound.
3.Added New 7.62mm & 7.7mm Browning / Vickers K MG Sound.
3.Added New 20mm AN/M2 Cannon Sound.

And other Optimization & Tweaks

Download Here : Enlisted SandBox

US 12.7mm M2 Browning MG & 20mm AN M2 Cannon :

US 7.7mm Browning Machinegun :

German 7.92mm MG 17 & 20mm MG 151 Cannon

German 20mm MG FF M Cannon :