Reinforcements received: Assault engineers

In the “Reinforcements received” events, you’ll upgrade your army with unique and well-armed squads, rare weapons, vehicles and always-useful items. Main rewards will help you unlock content that normally takes more time to reach in a regular lineup.

An event dedicated to engineers in March is becoming a good tradition in Enlisted. This time we have prepared a month-long event for the best builders, filled with valuable unique prizes! It’s also the perfect occasion to fulfill our promise to the owners of the “Battle of Stalingrad: Full Access” pack!

From March 14th (13:00 UTC) to April 11th (13:00 UTC), get battle score in battles and move up the rewards ladder! You have two days to complete each task! Don’t forget to collect your rewards!

Note: Players who previously bought the “Battle of Stalingrad: Full Access” pack will receive these squads within a week after the end of the event without the need to complete the tasks. If you unlock the squads during the event, you will not receive another copy of them after the event.


You’ll get rewards during the whole event, and the further you progress through it, the more valuable they’ll become. You can easily skip a few tasks and still get the main rewards!


Assault engineers are an excellent choice in any situation: they can build rally points, machine gun nests, and keep the enemy at bay! The main difference between them and ordinary engineers is that all members of the squad can use weapons classified as assault rifles.


A squad of assault engineers wearing body armor. They do offer some protection against shrapnel and bullets, but direct hits from rifles are still deadly.

A squad of 6 engineers with access to the full range of engineering structures.


Check out the helmets of these soldiers - they are equipped with special headgear, which halves the damage from headshots.You don’t need to worry about breaking your neck.

A squad of 6 engineers with access to the full range of engineering structures.


  • Squads are issued to specific countries in this event.
  • Tasks are updated every two days at 13:00 UTC, and the scoring starts again. Be sure to collect your reward before then, if you have managed to accumulate the required number of battle points, otherwise the task will not count.
  • The task can be completed in the Squads mode.
  • From April 11th (13:00 UTC) to April 13th (13:00 UTC), after the end of the event, you will have the opportunity to purchase any missing rewards for Gold.

Awesome :heart_eyes:

Will Japan and USA also receive combat engineers in future ?


Big disappointment, I thought we would be able to get them right after the event started.


I don’t really look forward to more auto fire spam ingame, but ok I guess, more STG squads cycling.

Tbh would much rather receive T-34 STZ Artem skin for free as compensation for my lost Stalingrad DLC.

You can replace it with StG. So I don’t really care. That Mkb most likely won’t be upgraded anyway.

Great event squads! But @_Movmav, @James_Grove where are the squads which were promised for the Japanese and the Americans? Are they coming later?


Not sure about that, for the soviet paratroopers we received fully upgraded Fedorov with them.

Also, aren’t we supposed to get assault engineer for all faction ?


hope they don’t forget about USA and Jap even though none of them have assault rifle as of now…

Anyway I can’t wait to use a full event line up at BR V for germany and soviets


Yeah, but since then all APC squads came with not upgraded weapons.

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Yes, it’s planned to make similar event with them too.


You are right !

I would say this was because the APC squads had multiple different squad and hopefully we will get fully upgraded weapons for them but that’s probably too optimistic of me…


Well it was subject to change, as written on the post that announced them

  • Just like last time, please note that all of the changes above are not final.

I am just disappointed for obvious reasons. I believe you can understand that.


Also, If I understand correcly, do we get gold orders when unlocking the squads as well ?

And finally what is the “engineer hammer” for ? We already get hammer with engineers when buying them.

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Our duel in the jungles of the Pacific will be one to behold…


Just different skin from past events, nothing new.

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With how much grinding we do for these events the least they could do is upgrade some of the weapons because in this broken economy It would be nice if we didn’t have to upgrade these weapons and a new players would appreciate it.


Love the gold weapon, soldier and vehicle orders which are coming with each of these squads. Great way to keep people interested in the event as well as the game.


Unfortunately, even though I have purchased Full access pack, I still have to complete this activity for those golden orders,.
The access pack has not actually brought me any benefits.


That’s very good point.

Will there be sales around community manager?

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