New Class: Mechanised Mobile Infantry (Suggestion)

at least 12/13 slots are needed to put everything into battle after the merger too many teams will be out there is a need for more slots (for those who want to pay obviously) I currently have 10 slots per campaign and some teams I am forced to keep out (doctors/mortars /snipers) it’s a shame I pay and I want to use everything in battle

Id save kettengrad as a vehicle addition to the motorbike squad

I don’t think its a bad thing that you cant have everything all the time every time.

makes for varied decks. but thats just me

10 gives you a very versatile selection.

they are not enough, I have to combine vehicles and teams, they are no longer a campaign, but 5 campaigns (Germany) 10 are no longer enough, do I leave them there to gather dust after the effort I have put in? in my opinion they should grant it to anyone who is interested, it’s not mandatory for everyone, just give anyone who is interested the opportunity to expand

We need extra two players per team but can servers handle it ?




easily. Tommyz mod is very busy

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exactly, this is also good, I don’t understand why all these limitations, premium new teams then you only have to choose 4 or 10. you need space, the war is won with different methods. another thing I’ve never understood is why I can’t invite a friend and play against him but you can only team up and play together I want to play team mode but against the friend not together in short there are a few things that in my opinion should be left to expand and managed as desired block removals

thats good idea

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I don’t think this would be any more powerful than the regular radios - vehicle radios actually would have the disadvantage of being easier to spot.

Mechanised Infantry is a no brainer in my book.

Would love to see Panzergrenadiers.

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deploy as a light vehicle then you can get a supply truck.

it is 25vs25 sqauds gamemode with 5~9 tanks and 4~5 planes in each team.

Players have already fought more than thousand of large-scale 25vs25 battles like this. Unfortunately, 99% of players have not played this mode.~

I think a lot of the suggestions that players have made have been implemented in this mod.

Yes, And I have a lot of console buddies who also enjoy playing this mode, and they even use old machines from a few years ago.~

That mobile rally points have a longer cooldown in bigAction gamemode as balance, and any of your teammates can deploy squads directly even in the capzone

It basically doesn’t require any additional code, note that we already have a mobile spawn point in Lone fighter mode as your teammates are spawn point, then we can just to copy its functionality to the vehicle.

But for best results it still requires a small amount of fine-tuning of the code, but definitely only the slightest change.

But that has a lot of performance requirements.

The most important thing is that the wreckage of the vehicle must be destroyed regularly. The shorter the destruction time, the more stable the performance will be.

Any soldier corpses and fallen guns must also be destroyed faster, they are not needed for smooth combat.

Also, don’t put a lot of preset vehicles on the map! It is best not to place any preset vehicles

It is important to observe and test server load parameters without reducing frame rate.

Finally this is due to the efforts of the developers.

In the game engines of CRSED and Enlisted, they can indeed support very large maps and a large number of entities in the maps. In this point of view Enlisted is designed for large battles long ago.


Regarding mechanized vehicles I would like to add that we should allow these vehicles to tow anti-tank guns or anti-aircraft guns.

The towing feature is also very important!




This have a lot of potential :+1:


I would love to play the big action mod but the only thing stopping me is getting XP or doing event stuff in it so I’m gonna be sitting in Moscow drinking bleach is a solo player.


I support the addition of support vehicles but I don’t think they need accompanying infantry, obviously not counting the crew

If halftracks acted as mobile rally points then you wouldn’t need AI soldiers, because the teammate spawning would basically simulate that

We don’t need more niche classes.

Just transform the rider class.

These squads are also highly dependent on the map not being littered with random shit that would cause a traffic jam.

I’d rather that existing squads have the ability to spawn in a vehicle with a checkbox on spawn, in exchange for 1-2 squad members.

Thats why if you choose the rally point vehicle, you only get 3 crew.

This is meant to be a versatile mobile infantry/support squad. It can be a rally, it can be a panzergrenadier unit, it can be a heavily armed recon /support vehicle

Its role and number of crew is defined by the vehicle you give them

Everytime you see it on the battlefield it could be a very different configuration, depending on the player.

I guess i dont see it as niche, more of a very powerful and highly adaptable squad.

Having its own vehicle spawn (not part of the two tanks spawn) and the wide array of vehicle types including SPAA makes it a highly customisable and versatile squad.

Part of the reason i didnt suggest it for motorbike squad is

  • motorbike squad would have to be completely changed
  • no engineer is required as balance
  • i have other ideas for mb squad

The bike squad can be slotted with engineers. But the riders themselves have zero use apart from being weird assaulters.

Riders exist only to be replaced by other classes.

The class exists.

Bike squads only have engineers because they can be upgraded with the engi slot. The riders themselves do not confer anything to the value of a bike squad, by itself. Just the ability to slot in engineers.

I am also against the idea of a large squad of soldiers spawning in a bulletproof vehicle doing drivebys. Nor am I in favor of the introduction of new squads and classes that conflict with what already exists.

Not to mention, the whole concept of tying SPAAs to this squad feels forced. If a team wants to use an armored transport, they have to compete with whoever is occupying the SPAA slot, and vice-versa.

It will also result in more oppressive vehicle presence wherein an SPAA can supplement 2 heavier tanks in the AP/AA role.

Would only be bullet proof while they werent firing. The animation would be the same as driving any truck or bus in game now. They pop out. Easy too shoot

This is very different than riders IMO. Riders only have 2-3 crew at all times, and no real protection. Mainly used to setup a quick flanking rally point and thats it