Larger battle optimal player counts Summary

Alright after some testing here are my results:

  • For Squad battles with AI enabled, battle size of 30-40 squads per team should not be exceeded.

  • For Lone Fighters with AI enabled, battle size of 100vs100 should not be exceeded. A smaller 75vs75 or even 50vs50 is even more recommended.

Going above these numbers resulted in micro-stutters, connection interruptions, desync issues.

The same applies to battles without AI, as desync will be a problem just like in battles with bots


How to raise the limit to 200 players?


100 player session ! How is this possible ?!?! - #44 by 98547181 you should read through this


personally, i just want to thank you for your guides, tips, and maps and research that you are making through out the time.

hell, you’re doing a better job than guides sometimes.

just want to tell ya, huge thanks :blue_heart:

you’re doing the mod community a huge help.


have you tested hardware performance? how much does fps drop with scaling?