New Battle Pass: First Season of 2024

They are not good or unique, but copy paste with different description, that’s lazy

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One question, WHY remove things from store, the more stuff we have to buy and choose from the merrier


When will Italy be split form germany and UK from USA? It must happen

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The stormtrooper blaster!


.45 Owen is different to me.

Bound to be br 2 or even br 1.

Me, too

I thought it was PPV but I guess PPBV is OK too

This one, too I did suggest Glad to see 2 of my suggestions in-game even though it might be coincidence


You do you, Owen is great in other game but Enlisted

KP31 made in heaven

Darkflow, I hope you understand why I am disappointed in the BP weapons.


No bayonet? Sad
I’ll keep the old one ty


Giving a weapon to an event squad does not degrade the weapon. Event and premium squads allow you to have up to five SMGs, which is more than is allowed on normal squads. If you are referring to degrading the weapon by associating it with a specific squad then I would also disagree. Having a Polish squad would be welcomed as they are currently unrepresented in the game, and they have fought with good intent.


Originally named the “Patchett Machine Carbine” after the designer until the L2A2 variant when it was renamed to the “Sterling” after the manufacturer.


They do degrade them
For example recent event squads do have extremely shtty perk point. You can take neither sprint speed nor vitality perk because of 15/15/28 which is just terrible.
And since you can’t unequip them, they’re degrading theirs performance.

This is lie.
Medics can use up to 5 smgs, and so can some assaulters squad which possess option to pick medic instead of one engineer.

But it’s true, that nearly all GO weapons are limited to only 4.
I still think that weapons that are locked behind event/premium squads are pretty sad. You can’t jusr experiment them. And if you want to use this weapon, you are always one squad slot minus. Meanwhile you can use several different weapons in non event squads.

There are more negatives about event squads than positives.


I like the polish smg.


Japan should get its Tier 5 “when” DF adds the 1945 Soviet liberation of Manchuria.

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IIRC that is typically the case for paratrooper squads in an attempt to balance them. Which is an approach I disagree with. So, fair point.

Medics have their own downsides, such as that they cannot carry ammo pouches. And I’d take an engineer over a medic any day.

I don’t think it would be fun to get everything for free; the game has to be monetized and there has to be an incentive to play. There are already loads of weapons available in the TT that you can play around with. Event squads are destined to be recycled if not transferrable in a future market system. Also, event squads are more accessible than filling a squad with gold order weapons for F2P players.

I don’t see this to be an issue. I happen to like weapon homogeneity in my squads.

To be precise, I would like for premium and event squads to be formatted like the “Silent Hunter” reward squads. Where you can equip the AT gunner with an AT weapon of choice.

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brings one question though.

in what… way is a " themed " bp of relevance.

not trying to be mean but…

what is the theme of this season?

according to:

the… soviet smg?

the japanese smg?

what? which?

because i don’t know how those correlate with the other rewards. such as… the plane. or the gold order tanks of other factions.

and… what should a " theme " imply anyway?

i’m… confused.


My tankers don’t care - there are no real world ergonomic considerations in this game.

But I care - I can give my tankers any SMG - so will this be better than the existing options?

No, a better solution is that tier 5 USSR would be unable to play against Japan, the same way tier 5 USA can’t do it now (and nobody is complaining about it).
And a proper solution is implementing a “matchmaking” from the 1st dev server alongside the current one so that we don’t have anachronistic weapons in battles (Volkssturm weapons in Stalingrad and so on). I made a suggestion on how it should look like.

Honestly very few people really care too much about the cosmetics.
Meanwhile most players still need copious amounts of silver to keep progressing.

How about just changing the cosmetics over to silver and just increasing silver gain from the BP instead?


Meh content, not gonna make me get into play a match, but i can keep on going with the login streak, and that’s it.