New Battle Pass: First Season of 2024

Commanders! Enlisted’s Battle Pass hasn’t changed much over the seasons, but with the major update to our game, it’s time for it to change too!

Each season of Battle Pass will now have a theme, from customization items to weapons and soldiers. We’ll also put even more focus on the items you need most in the rewards, like Appearance change orders.

On January 31st, the new Battle Pass season will begin and here are the rewards you can expect!


This season, we will impress you with submachine guns from different countries and with thematic customization items.

Owen .45 ACP (USA)

Owen .45 ACP (USA)

This is an experimental version of the Australian Owen submachine gun with .45 caliber rounds. Only 15 powerful bullets are available in the magazine, but each hit with them hurts! Nevertheless, all the advantages of the Australian submachine gun are retained - high rate of fire and low recoil.

Bezruchko-Vysotsky SMG (USSR)

Bezruchko-Vysotsky SMG (USSR)

Experimental submachine gun, direct competitor to the PPS in the 1942 trials. Compared with Sudayev’s design, the PPBV was distinguished by its higher rate of fire, more comfortable sights and, frankly speaking, its much more unusual appearance.

SIG 1930 (Japan)

SIG 1930 (Japan)

An improved version of the well-known Swiss SIG 1920 submachine gun. Without losing its obvious advantages, such as low recoil and comfortable sights, it received one non-obvious one: the magazine is now located on the right side of the gun, and the large 50-round magazine does not interfere with the aiming.

Wz.39 Mors (Germany)

Wz.39 Mors (Germany)

An original Polish submachine gun, of which only a small number were produced, designed to be the perfect solution for arming tank crews. It has good sights, good rate of fire and reloads quickly. Your tankers will certainly be happy with the upgrade!

For armored and aircraft fans, we have four vehicles in cool camouflages!

M4A3E2 Jumbo and Chi-Nu

M4A3E2 Jumbo and Chi-Nu

LA-5FN and Bf 110 F-2

LA-5FN and Bf 110 F-2


With the new Battle Pass, we’re changing our approach to items like posters. They will now follow the theme of the season’s weapons and will be stylized to look like real propaganda posters.

And the unique “Japanese assaulter” portrait will remind you of the new Battle Pass season!

Japanese Assaulter


With the start of the new season, some rewards from previous seasons will have a timer, after which they will no longer be available for purchase.

These will soon leave the store:

  • Unique soldiers of USSR, USA and Germany: Sergey Zimin (MG Gunner II), Mikhail Diasamidze (Radioman I), Darrell Lindsey (Attacker Pilot II), Audie Murphy (Assaulter III), Eric Anderson (Engineer II), Philip Gardner (Tanker II), Gerhard Peter (Tanker II), Karl Arndt (Engineer II), Georg Pothig (Attacker Pilot II), Wolf Andreae (MG Gunner II), Theodor Beckmann (Fighter Pilot II), Karl Torley (Radioman I).
  • Unique weapons: KB-P-135 (USSR), De Lisle Commando carbine & Welrod mk.2 set (USA), ERMA EMP with suppressor & ČZ vz. 27 set (Germany), Pavesi M42 (Germany), VMP 1926 (Germany).
  • Unique vehicles of USSR, USA and Germany: Yak-1 (The camouflage is based on the painting scheme of Mikhail Baranov’s fighter), La-5FN White 07, BT-7 №13, SU-85M “20 years of Soviet Uzbekistan”, FP-3 VF-41, M13 MGMC 4th Armored Division, M10 GMC “EPERVIER”, Pz.III J “122”, HS-123A-1 Black 52, C. 202EC “Black cat”, Panther A “R05”.

If you’re considering getting one of the rewards that are leaving the store, be sure to make your decision before February 13th.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Finally, some good posters

Are there any changes to the amount of silver in the battlepass though?
Like it should give more silver, but not be majority of the rewards from it


Please return Mkb 35/III


So, no Pershing or (insert big damn japanese paper TD here), probably for another 90 days?

Or are we past needing to do major updates concurrent with battle pass season changes?


“Good rate of fire”? 400-450 rpm is a good rate of fire, or did you alter the fire rate in some way?
I hope the reload will be lightning quick though, as it was irl.


Great, what about bugs, no mention of bugs, will CBR get updated as it seems compared to last year, no comment on 90% of my bugs raised?

Pershing not ready I take it?

Keep up the good work, glad we are getting more appearance orders. Like the new guns too.


No tier 5 Japan at all I hope, maybe Darkflow came to their senses and gave up on this stupid idea.


I mean, it’s controllable. Good enough for base MP40s and such.

You should stop hoping. They’ll get a bunch of stuff, captured stuff and paper tanks, etc.

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more than 10 days after the teaser, we get no real information on the BP changes.
New Battle Pass session only adds the bare minimum, 4 not unique SMGs and 4 vehicle skins.

Might as well spend my saved up gold orders quickly before the interesting stuff is removed.


How are you CBT? You know updates come in middle of BP; so ~45 days actually from Pershing.

Jebus what faux outrage Divas… :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Because I played in closed alpha?

FR though, major updates usually hit halfway through BP seasons? Really? Cuz I remember an awful lot of BP season delays right before major updates.


Next major update.

And I am assuming next major update will drop with release of game on steam. Meaning, they don’t have 90 days if they want to release steam during first quarter of this year (which ends on 31th march).

But that’s just my assumption.

Btw. i guess British/german APC are for an event and Japanese one is premium (since it shares classes on promo art with other premium APCs.)
But I could be wrong and only Japanese will be for an event.
But Japanese one definitely isn’t tech tree.

Because I have no clue why would they randomly put 2 tech tree APCs with no other tech tree items on BP update that’s not Major one. Maybe we’ll finally get customization options for them.


Good. But what are these thematic customization rewards? And what about the Pershing and the Ho Ri? Are we getting any news on that front?

I have never EVER seen anyone use posters in a battle in my 3 years of Enlisted career.


such as the BAYONET


More news today? Devblog this week perhaps?


Please tell us more about the customization theme. What does it mean?


Since amnesia is prevalent:

Last BP Oct 19th

Update Dec 4th

2nd Update Dec18th

Previous BP July 24

Update Aug 30th


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I was expecting to hear about free or BP soldier and vehicle decals and customization options. I guess we will have to wait.

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