[Map] Nuketown Zombies

Survive as long as you can in Nuketown against the undead horde! Upgrade or replace your arsenal by the several wall buys scattered around the map. You are not expected to survive. At least not for very long…

Watch your back!

There is no safe position, the enemy can appear from any direction. Uncareful players will be quickly sent back into the hangar!

New weapons for sale!

Several wall buys are available around the map. Some of them even come with Speed Cola or a Pack-a Punch perk! (currently perk sodas cannot be implemented into the game)

A new king!

The Ubermauser is pretty strong but has limited area damage. The new rarest weapon of the mystery box solves this problem by offering considerable damage in a large radius!

Sound mod for round change: ww2_enlist_ambient_music.assets.bank ~ pixeldrain

I have done everything to prevent players from reaching places they shouldn’t, climbing obstacles, barrels, boxes can break the zombie AI and they stop moving. I can’t do nothing to fix that atm.


Did you remove the roof where you could camp safely from the zombies?

Yes. No safe zone for anyone. I mean whats the point then?


Really good! I will have much fun with this map

Great work
I hope DF beefs up their zombies because these guys can’t climb
Just apply the climbing movements of ordinary soldiers, I think it won’t be a difficult task (probably)

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I get this message everytime i try to launch it in local

Ever since that announcement I knew someone was gonna make a mod like this

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Not exactly sure why but I just like breaking things and finding exploits


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dude is posting to forums WHILE playing absolutely amazing


You need to set up player limit or people can body block to break the game

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It’s fun to break certain things

There is a 4 player limit. And there is no option to disable joining after match start.

Customs need to be made compatible with PvE.


That’s just another problem DF has to fix if you want these games to work properly.

Zombie magic got me up there


I’m king of the world


Jumping from the window

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I saw you do that. How?

Great camp spots

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Got lucky and you just have to watch recording for it

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i already fixed that.

@iso_seppo123 and those too.

At this rate we will be playing on a flat map i swear. Seriously though, thank you for the reports :slight_smile:


No one ever said map making was easy especially If it comes to balancing.

But overall nice job on the map and good job with the fog it covers up a lot of the ugliness of the map and lets you save on resources without letting people see too much unless they look too closely.

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