BR based on overall average raiting

This form of BR is different from War Thunder in that it does not set any fixed score cap and is more flexible. Instead of simply calculating the best weapon.

For example:

  • mosin 10 points;
  • ppsh with drum 50 points

If the player equips 1 ppsh and 8 mosins, the team will get a rating of 10*8+50=130

If there are three teams and their ratings are 130+230+500, then the total rating for MM should be (130+230+500)/3 = 286.6

For total rating, It should be based on the average rating of the squad, not the total rating.

This may be a more appropriate approach as a player may have multiple slots, for example a player with 10 more slots

vehicle squads can also perform similar ratings.

The final matching system uses the total score of all the players’ teams as the basis for matching, and matches players with similar scores together. for example +100/-100 etc.

This is a form of BR that I can accept and am more optimistic about.

This format allows free combination of all weapons.

At the same time, players who want to engage in historical battles can find their suitable position in the random matching game.

I think it would also make it easier and more detailed for developers to adjust and balance to change these numbers, which would be more simple and flexable.

It is important for players to be able to freely combine the weapons they have while engaging in relatively balanced combat

And such rating can be also become a configuration for custom games

Two conditions to shape the battles and allow players to relatively free to combine whatever they have.

  1. the player’s total ratings,
  2. the maximum rating of a single squad.

I shared this suggestion with other players in groups and they suggested that the average rating should be calculated based on the top 3 squads.

for example 10 slots

  • 500 (Participate in rating calculation)
  • 600 (Participate in rating calculation)
  • 360 (Participate in rating calculation)
  • 200
  • 200
  • 100
  • 100

(500+600+360)/3 = 486

I think it’s reasonable.

Technically how to set up the data based on the existing level BR.

I think this is very important for developers, so I added it here.

This does not require much work for Step 1 as initial step, Developers dont need to set every weapons one by one at first.

Step 1. First on the test server we already have the level to which each weapon belongs, such as I \ II \ III \ IV \ V

Set an initial score for all weapons in BR boxes according to their level, for example

BR1 → 10 Rating

BR2 → 20 Rating

BR3 → 30 Rating

BR4 → 50 Rating

BR5 → 100 Rating

Step 2. Then when balancing each weapon, fine-tune its value according to its combat capabilities. For example, for some super weapons in the later stages of the war, increase its points. Lower the scores of some weak weapons, etc.

STG 44 → 500 Rating

King Tiger → 1000 Rating

Step 2 is just an example, but this allows developers to flexibly fine-tune any value until a suitable Rating is achieved.


I hate this concept

you bring ONE weapon that you like with bigger battle rating and boom you’re playing now with much more geared up players, that’s nonsense.

I absolutely agree with you.


If it requires too much work then it’s a nope from the DF team.


It is obviously implementable, and the actual input to the MM function only requires one number for the final calculation.

The actual MM rating can be easily calculated from the player’s profile.

This is in my eye simpler than going through the player’s equipment and getting the best score.

Such calculating only needs to sum the score and does not even need a sort.


suppose I bring 1 sniper stg44 for each squad and bolty for the rest. I would probably go to a low br game.
And I am confident that with that 1 stg44 I can just massacre enemy who doesn’t do the same.
How to solve this?

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that’s not what the br intends to do.

like, you’re effectively going against the very premise of the br.

because this would open for stgs at mid levels instead of latter ones just because people with just few stgs will be matched up against players that are in the mid range with an equal number of valuation despite having couple of squads more to match similar numbers.

it would be more inconsistent, and inevitably shift up people that buy slots.

on the other hand, you would make premium users with a lot of slots end up in latter tiers with high tiered weapons play against bots, because almost no one can match equal terms.
or generally, put them against more advanced in term of equipment just because you have more squads with more weapons.

even though, occasionally having more squads only provides small advantages.
and i doubt devs will ever implement this idea because of it.

no one would buy slots if they will make you match against advanced users and somewhat make you shoot your self in the foot.


Since you only have 1 stg44 not 3 squads with 5 stg44 looping, maybe you can get some kills, but your opponent can handle that.

He was designed for this.

Of course, I think other frameworks can be added on this basis, such as arranging weapons by era or map.

Finally this is better than a new player who just got stg44 carrying 1 stg44 into the sweat lord room and being killed.

If they want to carry a lot of high-level weapons, then let them shoot them in high-level rooms, which is how the BR system works even without the mechanics described in the OP.

Unless you as an advanced player want to pinch those noobs who only have 1 stg44, this would go against the balance thing that quite a few players claim the BR system is intended to do


Bad idea.

3 squads with 4 assaulters with PPSh = 600 total points

3 squads with 6 Mosins = 180 total points

BR = 780 / 6 = 130 points in average… but in practice the player will only use the squads with PPSh.


Don’t forget about loop limits.

You can’t always use the same squad.If you don’t use suicide exploits.

In fact, suicide bugs are widespread in the game. They are not caused by the mechanism described by the OP. Even the vanilla War Thunder BR without spawn restriction has this problem, which may caused by you dont like to be restricted to deploy your sqauds.

The problem you describe is not logically related to the mechanism described by the OP.

oh oh i understand what you mean

I think it is more appropriate to calculate the top 3 teams

see the patch in the OP

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That’s just way overcomplicated, i don’t even bother reading this, how would most players react to some min-maxing points based system. Too confusing

And one good weapon is enaugh to dominate low BR, did You forget it can be picked up and there will be medics and ammo boxed build by bots everywhere


Yep, this system is super easy to abuse, bring 2 squads with only kar98ks then 1 engineer squad with 1/2 G43K’s with the rest being kars, easy infinite ammo burst rifle dominating T1 players


I like the general idea of having all weapons available in a match, but gated in a way you cant bring full stacks of them.

The only reason making BR necessary is the over abundace of poweful gear at any one time. No moderation. But i doubt the game will ever do that

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Will it be same as balance in a battle with teamates with only fg42-2 and 1 engineer squad with 1/2 G43K’s.

From another perspective, it solves the balance of the situation you described.


This system dont have sense…


You don’t need to reply to something that doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t make sense, and of course everyone likes different things.

Just like I don’t think this your reply makes sense here.

Of course it’s just beside the point. I think constructive discussion is important.


In my post a few days ago, I put forward a suggestion that is generally the same as yours.I also took historical correctness into account:

I’m glad to see someone with similar ideas to me. In fact, since Enlisted is a Squad-based game, it is quite reasonable to measure the combat capability of the squad based its total weapon BR, rather than basing on individual weapons.

More people should see this idea and make Darkflow consider about it. This system will be much more scientific than the BR system proposed by Darkflow now, and if the game is imbalanced, we can adjust the BR of the weapon to affect the player’s squad formation. Balancing the game under this system will be more feasible.


I dont, the other already did before me and i think write the same thing is useless so im limit myself to say, neither if the pig learn to flight something like this is adopted in enlisted is a 180° opposite to what the dev are doing now


I think such comments are inappropriate for an official.

This is entirely my independent suggestion and I’m glad other players have similar thoughts

Of course I want to end this off-topic argument. I will stop arguing about this direction here


Im still a player i can say if i like a suggestion or not


Not meaning to go off your topic, just another way of gating decks. Are you familiar with steel division 2s way of building a deck?

In just arranging your deck you have 50 points, more powerful stuff costs more, multiples of one class increases point cost etc etc.

I had wondered what that converted to enlisted would look like.

I get the idea of deck average, and i used to like it in warthunder…but they removed it because of what we did to it…doctoring the deck to downtier super powerful heavy tanks lolol