Big enlisted stat analysis

i have collected data from 245k battles through period of ~8 days (24. may 18:20- 01.june 21:45 ). there are 2 gaps of around 1 hour in data on 25th and 26th (thursday and friday), so any analysis containing date may need to have increase of some 5% in values on that days.

first i will do playerbase analyis.
unique players
by platform
playerbase analysis by crossplay off/on and number for both
further analysis by campaign/mode for both crossplay on and off

and separate analysis for crossplay on (didnt do crossplay off)

sorted list of most deserted modes crossplay on+off
sorted list of most deserted modes crossplay on
quick table of average match number by top populations in last 8 days
number of players who played average x battle in last 8 days
number of battles per weekday. you may increase matches for about 5-10% on thursday and friday for more accurate info (missing 1 hour from both days).

here are some of my observations:
most balanced matches are non invasion ones. they have least amount of bots.
you may have spotted negative value for bots on normandy, but that is cause lots of players quit and are replaced with new ones.
crossplay off is full of bots

there is already peak hour breakdown in other topic so you may refer to it if you want it. if anyone has any info that they want, ask and i will check if i can get it.


further campaign/map/mode stats

total crossplay on+off. number in first table is number of battles.
crossplay off
crossplay on
average battle time per campaign
average battle time per mode
further campaign/mode
further by map/mode

list of longest matches with map/mode/time

list of shorthest matches with map/mode/time


Good work

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btw for all the trashing train escort receives, it is one of the least deserted modes


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I’m really curious to know if anyone can actually go 103 minutes in 1 game now? After all, the maximum for a game is probably only 125 minutes (5 points * 25 minutes).

you forgot about confrontations…

my bad,sorry,But still curious about the 103 minute battle

i have seen screenshots of longer games. think that someone has some almost 4 or 6 hour screenshot somewhere. i dont remember anymore
but here is one

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how do you turn off cross play?

have console and you have that option.

why doesn’t pc have that option?

cause they are human bot alternative for pc players. it was asked multiple times to implement crossplay off for pc players, but answer was more or less not enough players.


Because Darkflow likes console players more, they removed PC bundles from our store while PS5 and Xbox still have them (psn even have sale atm on those bundles)

And I also believe thats the main reason why the game visuals are constantly downgrading and less gory for the plder consoles.

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Thanks for the data! I find it very interesting.

I heard (but hae not tested) that if you desert before the match starts you do not get penalized. If that’s true, is it possible why this data seems completely contrary to my observations having worked through the grind of both Allies and Axis in Berlin in the past few months?

In my experience, 5-8 players will be deserted (on either side) upon the match starting. Typically those to stay know what their in for and play it out as much as any map.

think that you get penalized, just that you must wait for match to end before point deduction comes.

mass quitting on train still happens, just that on average people arent quitting that much. i guess veterans quit it more often, while newbies/casuals find it interesting? also from that i see that those are on average low population matches. so you may have polluters that with 2-3 players play match full of bots that is equalized by lots of people quitting in some other match full of humans.
btw record holder for one team quitting is 20 players, while overall in that battle 25 players quit. also it was on train escort mission.

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i just noticed a mistake that i made with regarding desertion… i put players deserted column, instead of players deserted % so it gave polluted results cause of different bot presence.
popularity should be based on these tables:
total deserter % per campaign/mode
crossplay on deserter % per campaign/mode

number of players who played average x battle in last 8 days
This data may have some problems. This set of data may be too high compared to the 245-day total?

Assault and confrontation has most deserters.
Chad conquest and train mod on the other hand stand still like a boss.
Biggest middle finger to haters in forum

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unless DF faked users, data is correct. 303761 unique players, 76590 players that played only 1 match in last 8 days, 86129 players that played between 2 and 4 matches in last 8 days, 45363 players that played between 4-8 matches. two third of players played below 1 match daily. just remember that this data is from 6 servers (3 servers for crossplay on and 3 servers for crossplay off).