Big Action Note#1: How the capzone of the game mode of the BigAction gamemode is designed

This article will introduce this point separately and share with you how the game rules of the BigAction game mode are formed.

Basic game rules

The combat area mainly consists of capzone and bombsite

Some combat areas have multiple capzones, and these capzones will be opened in order. Points D and P are the capzones that will advance to the next area.

The advancement rules of the combat area are closer to the confrontation mode in the default mode.

Dozens of unique combat zones cover the entire map. Each combat area has as much space as possible to move around, but the gray area that protects the player’s default spawn point still exists.

As long as you learn to use your Engineer to build vehicles and rally points, you can reach the hot spots of combat very quickly.

The game has 4 initial starting sectors, which are randomly used as the starting point for a certain game in a certain proportion.

When point D or point P is occupied by either team, the combat area will push to the next area.

But in BigAction mode, the advancing area has branches. When the key capzone is occupied by different teams, the map will be advanced to the next different area.

At the same time, the opponent team will deduct a certain amount of points. When the enemy’s remaining points become 0, your team will win the game.

For the defenders, they can also affect the changes in the combat area by blowing up key facilities (Bombsite as Q point in the combat area).

Destroying a bridge or blowing up a railroad not only deducts points from the axis attackers, but also pushes the combat area into the next more favorable direction for the defense.

The maximum length of the game is about 2 hours, and considering the long wait for other players to discover the room and enter, usually intense battles will last around 1 and a half hours.

If the attacking team cannot capture enough areas within the allotted time, the defending team will be victorious.

Although the attacker has many more public spawn scores than the defender, if the defender persists in defending, they still have a chance to win.

This is a flowchart describing the game’s Warzone activation rules. I hope this is clear enough.

Why is it designed this way?

I’m trying to cover here why the BigAction game mode is designed the way it is.

These designs are all designed to solve specific problem scenarios, and such game rules are not some personal whim.

Each change in these game rules comes from the problems encountered and suggestions given by many players during the testing of this game mode.

In its earliest version of the game mode, the Big Action game mode was like a giant hybrid of Invasion and Conquest.

During the early testing process, we encountered many problems that made the game may unplayable.

Then I gradually solved these problems and updated the game mode. Now it’s more like a variation of confrontation mode. And can more effectively guide players to engage in fierce battles

It has been updated many times, and if you haven’t played this game mode for a long time, you will see a lot of differences and good changes here.

limited destinations for players

But if things are like Conquest mode with too many capzones, it often leads to players not knowing which point is the most important.

When the number of capzones exceeds 3, it is difficult for many players to understand the rules of the game and how to win. Even if we have 25 players, it is difficult for them to reach a consensus.

So I gradually reduced the number of capzones activated simultaneously in later iterations.

In the current game mode, usually only one available capzone is activated, while the other capzones are occupied or locked.

I think this effectively reduces players’ thinking costs, and they only need to focus on the most important combat hot spots.

The opening sequence of capzone will serve as a tour guide to guide players to gradually explore the map.

Avoid deadlock in combat

In very early tests, BigAction was often plagued by deadlocks caused by a single capzone in the default invasion mode.

When the defenders are too strong, the invaders will be unable to advance to the next area, and the battle will gradually become stagnant in one area.

I know that most players on both sides will be tired of fighting without variety.

I’ve been trying to make the battlefield unstable to increase the freshness of the battle.

I currently solve this problem in two ways

bombsite as side-missions

I gave the bombsite the function of an advancement area. All bombsites serve as sub-task targets for both the offensive and defensive sides. It is the main task for the defensive side to counterattack, and it is also a key facility that the offensive side needs to protect while attacking.

In the current version of BigAction, the defender can significantly reduce the attacker’s score by blowing up the facility where the bombsite is located, which gives the defender a chance to take the initiative to win.

Completing the bombsite mission has a huge impact on the battle. If 3 to 4 bombsites are blown up in a row, the battle can even end within dozens of minutes.

Bombsites also produce real changes to the atmosphere and scenery of the map.


Such facilities, on some specific occasions, can also help shape some situational game narratives, for example, the defender must hold on to point A until the bridge at point Q is blown up.

In the combat area in this screenshot, for the attacker, he must unlock D by capturing A, and at the same time must protect the bridge at point Q.

The detonation time of each bomb is set to approximately 690 seconds, it is a short period of time. When attackers must try to break through the defenses and protect the bomb.

captureable D point for both team

But the defender must complete the task on the premise of defending point D

But bombsite alone may still cause a stalemate. When the defender holds point D and the attacker holds the bombsite at point Q, the two sides will be in a stalemate.

I have to avoid such deadlock cases.

Therefore, I absorbed the form of confrontation mode in the arcade mode in later updates. The defender can also capture point D at a very slow speed.

The defender’s gradual occupation of point D will serve as a soft countdown for the attacker. The attacker must attempt to attack or they will soon face failure.


When the player advances into the combat area, because the map is so huge, units such as paratroopers will quickly assemble into the next combat hotspot in order to avoid such a too reckless advancement.

I avoid this problem by adding a certain locking time to each newly opened capzone.

More than 5 minutes here is enough time for the defenders to reorganize their defense line.

Even if they are walking instead of driving vehicles, they have enough time to retreat to the new defense line.

The approach in confrontation mode is also used here.

I think the versus mode in the default mode is a pretty good skeleton of many base game mode.

The locking of new capzone will give both sides enough buffer time to start a new battle. Avoid turning into a reckless blitz by the offense.

Attack the D point or Defend the D point


When the key capzone is occupied by different teams, the map will be advanced to the next different area. This allows players to explore different areas of the map from this game mode each time they play or multiple plays.

And as the details of each battle are different, the attack route of each game will also be different.

This is different from any default game mode, where there will be more variations and possibilities in the areas and routes where each battle takes place.

I believe this will help keep things fresh for players.

The game engine can support dozens or more branching areas well.


I hope these words will help every player understand this game mode better or find something to own from it.

Any player is welcome to ask any questions about the game mode or make your valuable suggestions.


it’s a shame the game can’t recognize when an objective is not being used and still clutters the top ui with more capzones that players don’t really need to see otherwise becomes overwhelming and leads to confusions… ( especially when using more than provability of activating group of objectives A over B in one sector )

one of the biggest issue that i had with my mods too :neutral_face:

perhaps we should ask to fix that.

as for the mod it self, quite extensive :+1:


In the bigAction mod, after currently using a shorter combat tempo, there won’t actually be much capzone on display at the moment. The game will end around not more than 10 capzones.

(screenshot from our clan)

The capzone in the screenshot only shows all feasible areas.

You can hide capzones that are not initially activated by setting capzone__alwaysShow:b=no

But note that this attribute does not work with capzone__activateChoice:object.

capzone__activateChoice:object will cause all initial areas to be displayed (a preset path is initialized from the start of the game).

But the next area in the BigAction module is undefined and depends on the player’s combat situation, so I don’t need to set capzone__activateChoice:object.

Then I can make capzone__alwaysShow:b=no work and they hide most of the unnecessary capzones during game initialization.



cheers for the advice :slight_smile:

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interesting now i can understand how capturing work in big action tbh i thought it would be like in normal match



  • make stamina unlimited or drain slower, I think it’s perfectly reasonable.

  • make weapon handling slower too, I think we don’t need 2sec reloading anymore since the battle is more stretched out.

  • I really like the amount of buildabless but I feel it’s getting out of hand, there’s so much on the screen rn, maybe think of moving buildabless through specific classes?

  • I’ve seen people respawning on the truck inside cap zone, ain’t sure if it’s fixed yet but yeah

  • I think that it’s too many tanks to play simultaneously it’s just my opinion though.

  • also the bomb timer on destruction is painfully slow imo

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there a reason tommy put car into engineer buildable


i know, my suggestion still stands

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yes its a feautre~

and mobile spawn cooldown more slowly for balance


stamina change from 45 to 90 in next version~

yes. its a long time for defend team feeling. But it is a short time for attack team. defend each bombsite for 10 mins!

Light tanks 9->8; Vehicles 6->5;

Such changes is also due to performance considerations.

I noticed that in slightly more intense battles, possibly due to more vehicles, the server load would become higher


Could you make the trucks destroyable by planes/explosives? I remember shooting 6 rockets into one breaking the car but they kept respawning. Also sometimes i have seen people come out of the car with spawnshield

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also i seem to have found ai with car? unless i was seeing a player he was not on the lobby name when i quit so i think i might have found a ghost player

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It maybe a some kind of issue by damage model, i m not yet found the key position.

Before any changes try shooting his engine position make it fire, it will explode in 30 seconds

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oh and btw the german are really op for some reason i was on allie and i got 500+ kill just by defending D point alone for over 30 min idk why the allie bot didnt help tbh but it was really fun altho i have basically use all turret ammo so an increase shouldn’t hurt? (the bunker turret)

oh uh how do you reload the rocket again i cant seem to find that post so now im really confuse

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The Engineer’s Hammer can be picked up when you first deploy

You can also use repair wrench to replenish rockets by spending Engineer Material Points. The default shortcut key should be T

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ah ok i must have forgotten to pick it up when i spawn i was excited so i forgot

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If you forget to pick up the hammer, you can also use the wrench to replenish it, but you need to use your teammates’ supply cart to replenish the materials.

Yes, the attacking team’s AI is crazy, and the German AI has more machine gun weapons.

But if the Allies can cooperate well and build rally points, they can easily stop the germans step

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yea kinda wish i did the german but it was quite fun mowing down 300+ german bot in that turret bunker thing used up all my anti infantry and shrapnel round tho

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