You repelled the attack of 156 million motivated!

The massive and intensive battle is over, and all participants have received their well-deserved reward. Just look at what you were able to achieve together, commanders. Be proud of yourselves!

We were also impressed with your results. We left all the game mode related resources in the client, so mod authors can continue tinkering with the mode. While we keep an eye on what you create, we will continue to discuss ideas for the mode with you as they arise.

Leave yours ideas right in the comments!


I’m not proud of myself since I couldn’t get within top 10%.


Had fun thanks for cool game mode!


this was very well done. Amazing game mode.


While we keep an eye on what you create, we will continue to discuss ideas for the mode with you as they arise.

Leave yours ideas right in the comments!

Alright, you asked for it, here we go:

  • Add option to change the “perk” on the flasks, so it’s not hardcoded for stamina but could be modded to give players different perks. (Run speed, reload speed, etc)
I mean this
  stamina_regen__amount:r=10.0  //instead, ability to use perks used in custom profiles

  • a rendinst that can be removed for X amount of points.

  • Different wave timer for every wave, not just for the entire match

  • PvE support for sandbox portal and the game.

  • Invisible wall rendinst

  • Maybe tank navmesh generation


I got barely into the top 10%


You are a good player. Be proud of yourself!


I had made a separate post regarding my ideas for a similar game mode which I’ll post below:

I would love to see some PvE matches where we team up against waves of enemy infantry, tanks, and aircraft. There could be a period before the start and between waves where our engineers prepare defences etc. Imagine reliving iconic battle scenes we’ve seen many times in movies and television. For example, the T-34 attack in Stalingrad (1993), the Japanese night attack in HBO’s Pacific.


Why not change the zombie skins to Japanese soldiers and create a night attack CO-OP mode on Guadalcanal Island?


So… where is 2024 loadmap?


It was hard, motivates kill me several times

But i get the portrait

the mod it self was alot of fun, and that comes from someone who don’t like zombie gamemodes that much nor plays them in the first place.

but, i must admit. was alot of fun.

outside few nuissance such as some ammo being more expensive than the weapon it self, or some glitchy zombies as well as some pathfinding issue,

it was really fun and for the most part good.

i’m surprised by alot of people playing it too.

i hope that’s a beginning for some pve content ( ww2 related ) in the future given the success of this event.
but that’s more of the hopium speaking.

as my colleague said:

above all;

pve support for sandbox portal and the game,

to be more precise;

and, since it would aid zombies mods too :point_right: :point_left:


Yes sir im proud that i was one of those tiny one that got to 10% and die on wave 27 and i bring adam to 10% as well altho it sad that i couldnt help more (since i was at my grandpa house so i cant stay up late like usual)

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Thanks for making such a fun event for us! I really enjoyed all the references in there from CoD, to memes, to even Plants vs Zombies! Ya’ll done did good

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Don’t go so hard on yourself, it was a team effort and getting into the top 10% of teams wasn’t easy, you had to get really lucky to find a good team.
Honestly most of the 10% were clans and friend groups, its hard to compete against organised teams with random mates.


I got there with my buddy and some randoms. It’s hard to get far. I’ve no idea how those top dudes got to 60+ when we couldn’t even get to 25

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yea same altho i got to wave 27 with random by pure luck before i help adam get there


Can’t remember what my max was. Lol

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I think they are some sort of clan so they didnt have to suffer with randoms

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twice i died on wave 26 with random team… it is really hard to get good team and rng for good loot.

m&k gives you great advantage alongside great teammates. they had 4 high skilled players, good tactics, good rng and good communication.
btw think that both waves that i survived till wave 26 people used tactic where they moved to the back and just killed zombies when they formed bottleneck on the bridge.

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