Why does the bren carrier comes with US infantry?

as much i’m… “happy” that the soldiers comes with british uniforms, why in the hell half of them ( at least, in my case, both the medic and machinegunner ) speaks american?

like how hard was it compile a frikkin .json with the correct british ids ?

even a modder such as my self in my own basement can do better than that.

it’s not even funny at this point.

especially considering several helpers, alpha tests members and even communtiy managers specifically said that they were british soldiers.

i just wasted 20ks too trying to get a machinegunner and medic of british nationality.

but i’m starting to believe british medics don’t even exists.
has anyone even ever got one since the merge?


A missed opportunity.

Many have been asking the possibility to choose our soldiers nationality when purchasing, for that reason… It’s not like they didn’t know…

I still have SOME Brit soldiers left, but I’m out of perfect stats ones… :pensive:


well, good luck with the APC driver.

because he is different from the other premiums so…

all the others

like… 22 of vitaly.

tf am i supposed to do with it.

can’t even swap it because he is locked in place. unlike the other soldiers, you cannot switch him.
( at least he is brit though )

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Just swap them for British guys, no big drama.

get me a fucking british medic and i’ll do just that.

spoiler allert, you can’t.

so as much you don’t care, there are some out there that do.
and actually show that even helpers or alpha test tester aren’t that accurate on their words either.

i’d rather if they told me that they didn’t know rather than lie to to more than 100+ members.


Why? You can. Just buy british medic. Or just dont put medic onto it, since you can put 2 MGs guys there instead :man_shrugging:

Out of all the issues right now. I mean… Come on.


They are British. They have British helmets and faces from Tunisia.

i just bought 10 medics.

not a single one is british.

they simply don’t exist.

so, no. you can’t.

nor i don’t see why i should have to waste all of my silvers for devs inconsistency, the same one you always complain about. now is somehow different because it doesn’t affect you? yeah, thanks a bunch chief. effe your double standards.

you hypocrite.

issue of unreliable people that gives out " news " to simple questions. and speaks out from their own ass when i’d be better off wondering than getting false informations from people that should know better, and even have " titles " next to their names.

THAT, is the problem.

( also, how lazy they are to even deliver simple things like nationality of a soldier. something that modders can do too. more in line of their tracks of inconsistencies. )

my brother in chirst, learn how to read.


Sorry, I thought you can.

So just don’t use medic and put 2 MG guys there.

Okie? I mean, you got that “german” nickname to you. So, why am I even trying to reason? I only do this because, like I said sometime ago, developers take cretins seriously. I mean, there are bigger issues than them sounding american…

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tf are you even on about

EDIT. ah i see.

judging a book by it’s cover.

not gonna even dignify that with a response.

completely off them mark again.


if you like getting shits, you do you.

i at least try to keep some fucking consistency and uphold to get the bare minimum required.

i suppose that’s too much for you to comprehend.

but on one thing you are right, we both don’t know what you’re doing here.


Well from what your reports are showing it would be horrifying if they made an event for the azul division and we get them and we find out that they’re actually just Germans and not any Spanish soldiers

Like bipods still not being fixed after like 2-3 years now.
Meanwhile they added the ability to sell squads for the same price as a Tier 3-4 soldier ir added fuel bombs for sale.
So yeah, we shouldnt make them confuse priorities. So they can maybe fix bipods before 2050.


well… that sort of happens already with australian units.

but it’s like if the SAS squad or any british squads from past events would start speaking american.
that’s simply weird, and out of place.
not to mention, this sort of shenanigans didn’t happened before.
at least, there was some consistency.

with this new squad howver, the soldiers that comes ( and were actually coded and developed by someone ) are not even cohesive.

it’s like if in the stummel we get an italian soldier. (… in that case, we can change them. but )
i get that it’s not the end of the world.

but i take the piss out of it considering that some fool said that they were all british soldiers.

when in reality yet they aren’t.

they didn’t even made them right.
even minor things gets somehow messed up.


like if adding some correct fucking soldier to a squad like they did in the past is somehow difficult and gonna take away the much needed resourches or time for major things.

… when all they had to do, was to make it right the first time.

lmao some people these days…


yes but if we get the blue division or the blue legion in the future we might not actually get any Spanish soldiers and they’ll all be just Germans

@ErikaKalkbrenner I apologize for answering they were UK soldiers based on clothes without hearing voicelines.

i have forwarded a suggestion to make medics and machinegunner UK voiceline on that squad

Lets see if its possible to do and what devs consider. (this is not a promisse, just, a note that it was forwarded for devs consideration)

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not to be a jerk about it,

but it’s kinda late isn’t it.

i’m more worried about what you guys in the alpha test even do.

or… what devs do.

because not only the squads are of different nationality ( which… that should have been relatively easy. )

and i’m not trying to be condescending about it like i know better than anyone.

but through out years many examples were proven.

yet for some reason, during the concept… the idea… nothing or no one even noticed ?
that would explain why the picture was taken with american soldiers in the first place ( but that’s my… assumption ).

and worse… the bren carrier it self for some reason is all muffed or makes your hearing muffed, the AT rifle somehow struggles to pen pumas… and the hitboxes… oh boy… as well as the off sight of the gunner on the bren.

i’m just… speechless.
or rather, confused.

but thanks either way


its never too late.