What’s new on YouTube? #8

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Have you used our replays feature? It can be used to analyze your recent matches to improve, study the strategies of an honorable enemy player, or to make impressive cinematics!

MajorMcDonalds used it to analyze the strategies used in Enlisted’s first clan war, so you can learn a lot from these competitive players to improve your own gameplay.


The new Enlisted Battle Pass, the First Season of 2024, was released recently, and we’ve been hard at work collecting feedback from players about it.

Are you unsure about getting the new Battle Pass equipment? To help you make that decision, RoMich released a fun short video using the mission editor to test out all of the new unique weapons, vehicles and even the exclusive portrait!


Are you one of those Allied players who are eagerly awaiting the American Pershing tank, which we revealed in one of our previous dev blogs, and which will appear in the game soon to help you deal with the legendary German King Tigers?

Never fear! Enlisted provides you with many different ways to handle armored vehicles. HeyQuadro recently released a great short on handling ALL high BR German tanks, including the Tiger II (P) and (H) variants, with rocket launchers!

Commanders, Enlisted’s next major update is fast approaching - how hyped are you? Let us know on our forum!


When mods digest? We got only 2 mods and 1 hangar in the last one. Would be cool to mention more mods in the next digest

I bet nobody outside of his discord noticed these “clan wars”.


If people want to compare skill, they need to use the same weapon and the same lone soldier without perks.

Using premium squads and max upgraded soldiers from any faction with planes and tanks sounds as far from competitive as it gets.

(Though maybe “clan wars” were not supposed to be competitive)


ugh…i really didn’t like that Clan vs clan war…being able to mix and match the best of whatever faction on one team was just lame.

really hope that’s not what enlisted turns into.


Aww. Don’t you love ppl who repeatedly say, with absolute humility:
“I… err… our team is the BEST in the WORLD!”

In a game with no ladder :smile:


When Pershings?


You kidding me? I literally made one of those forever ago, and I was much more comprehensive than just end game Kraut tanks


In my humble opinion, watching these ‘how to get gud’
videos are a waste of time. You may disagree, i don’t care, this is how i got every equipment i wanted from this game.

Enlisted’s mission design greatly favours rushing. If you can get to the capzone faster, you win.

Best example is stalingrad, where the capzones are so close to each other you can get to the next zone BEFORE the enemy team (when attacking, invasion mode). You could say that then matches become short, but thats not a problem; Enlisted doesn’t award you for participating in longer battles; Kill count is what matters.

Contrary, sitting at the back of the map will certainly not get to victory, and will slow down your progress.

Bots also don’t have advanced tactics or anything: they will always go to the next capzone(invasion) or an uncaptured/enemy capzone in conquest the shortest way possible, defined by the navmesh. AI also tend to camp at a capzone for a short period of time before moving onto the next one.

If you want to be good at enlisted/grind as fast as possible, and you want to always win and get that sweet 50% XP bonus all you have to do is:

  • Rush

  • Build rally point 50-60m away from the next capzone (not an inch closer because the enemy players rarely find rally points in greyzone areas)

  • And keep enemy tanks away/destroyed.

  • Play on the correct server for each faction to maximize bot count, and with it, XP gain.

  • All tanks weakspot are at their tracks. Most of the time.

Obviously, if you are a newbie or a slower-paced player, this will be harder.

Also having not braindead players is also a plus. Ammo racks are usually below, or at the back of the turret. This method also doesn’t care about statistics. If you are one of those “My K/D is 10/2” then so be it. But don’t complain about the long grind then.


I mean…why? You have this game with all those cool features and you want to turn it into some counterstrike nonsense? Selecting your gear and vehicles to be right for the job is really important in the game IMO, that’s why it can be so fun.
“Do I spawn a plane to destroy the tanks mulching us? Or do I try to kill them with handheld AT? Maybe we need a rally point? Do I just grab assaulters and try to brute force the cap? Do i have to play like a biatch and kill their rally points instead?”


err… i pretty much agree with the rest.

but you do earn extra if matches last longer.

and you get jackpot if you manage to have a booster of 50/100% on matches that actually last longer than 15/20 minutes. (… you also have to win them for the most xp out of it. )

which now days, that’s rare. and… maybe it’s just me, but matches should definitely last longer than short.


Many have noticed this… so some players intentionally prolong the game time (by pretending to be pushed back) while having an absolute advantage.
Especially in Confront mode.

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Skip too 16:40

And this will give you more information on how to kill a tank with a anti tank mine in case you don’t have an M9

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but you do earn extra if matches last longer.

Because you get more kills. But time spent in battle is NOT awarded afaik.

like, i feel like if you’d get rewards for staying too, not many people would desert and make the overhal matches less miserable and last a bit longer than … what happens on almost a daily.

→ first points get taken
( some fools instantly leaves )

→ other leaves because X or Y

etc etc.

as much i stand by punishments for deserters ( prolly the only one ) the overhal lenght is tied and should be tied to the lenght matches.

which right now, at least mine, don’t go past the 15 mins mark.

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In airfield battle. If my team defend, (well you guys know how I love Christmas), I play Santa Claus in the air and shoot OUR balloons, so the game lasts longer and our team shamelessly farm the enemy for longer…

Team is always quite happy and laughing.

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not entirely.

if you noticed, making 70kills over conquest is not the same by making 70 kills in invasion ( in term of xps ).

especially because of the time differences.

and, out of all gamemodes, if dragged, confrontation is the best gamemode to get experience weather you make tons of kills or not. mosty because it’s the " longest " gamemode when it comes to match lenght of time.

( too bad i’m not getting any confrontation. and when those happens, are either a steam roll for one team, or the other )

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I have some doubts because sometimes I have similar kill counts in difficult stalemate matches and simple advantage matches, but long-term matches often bring more profits.
However, this may also be related to the number of deaths. It is said that under the same killing situation, the more deaths there are, the higher the score.

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if you noticed, making 70kills over conquest is not the same by making 70 kills in invasion ( in term of xps ).

Running from one point to another takes time, while in invasion you attack the same position, and the enemies will be there always. (most of them). I think this is why conquest is hated in general; It has less action and more running around.

And in invasion the defender team can get cramped inside zones making farming even easier.

Kill matters. Time does not. Longer battle time allows you to get more kills. Thats my take on this.

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Could have been interesting. but they weren’t “really” playing enlisted.

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Some variables are misleading, after all, correlation does not equal causality.
The influence of many variables makes it complex to draw correct conclusions, perhaps we can ask DF for that.
(Perhaps they have already said the answer? If so, please tell me.)