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Enlisted begins the new year with many bug fixes and more. There are now 70 different missions available in Enlisted with today’s update! We’ve added a few more to the Invasion mode, and for a number of already existing ones, we’ve added some decent tweaks.

In addition, our game now has a much fairer way of scoring airplane kills. We corrected kills that didn’t count when the enemy shot down a plane, so you can keep the kill even if your enemy’s AI-soldiers hit the already destroyed plane.

More great news: your AI-soldiers will be less likely to lag behind in long marches. If a soldier is too far behind, they’ll have the stamina and speed to catch up with their unstoppable commander.

And, of course, we fixed a lot of annoying bugs - such as getting stuck in objects when leaving a machine gun. We also improved the ability to climb onto platforms on a moving train, we implemented the penetration of flammable mixtures through barriers and added several dozen useful fixes that you can read about in the full list of changes in the update.



  • You will now receive Silver Orders for any accumulated experience in battles.
    • For every 25 thousand experience — a silver order for a weapon.
    • For every 50 thousand experience — a silver order for a soldier.

Weaponry and equipment

  • Added a new mechanic for weapon upgrading. Weapons are now upgraded using Bronze Weapon Orders instead of spare parts, and instead of disassembling a weapon, it can be sold for Bronze Weapon Orders. Workshop upgrades, that previously gave more parts for disassembling weapons and has made cheaper the cost of weapon upgrades in parts, now affect the cost of weapon upgrades in Bronze Orders and allow you to get more Bronze Orders for selling weapons. Our players’ available parts have been exchanged for Bronze Weapon Orders at a rate of 1 order per 10 parts.
  • Now the stream of a flamethrower can penetrate into much narrower crevices, for example, between the bars and planks of some fences.
  • Removed increase in stationary machine gun sight.
  • Base ammunition size of PzB 39 has been reduced to a value typical to other anti-tank rifles and is 20 rounds instead of 50.
  • Corrected erroneous rate of fire of PTRS-41 from 240 to 75 rounds per minute.
  • Increased reload time of PPD, PPSh and PP Dolganov with massive drum magazines from 2.6 to 2.8 seconds to 3.8 to 4.0 seconds.
  • Decreased reload time of Beretta M38 from 2.6 to 2.4 seconds.
  • Panzerfaust 60 shell velocity increased from 25 to 45 m/s.
  • Panzerfaust 100 shell velocity increased from 40 to 62 m/s.
  • In case of calling artillery with smoke shells on the map it is no longer marked the zone which is typical for the landmine shells.
  • Added trench gear and flasks for British squads.
  • Soviet pilots in the Battle of Berlin campaign were given authentic uniforms.
  • Replaced the cape for the Soviet 54th Pionier Bataillon with an authentic 1943 model from the Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Added gloves for Italian pilots.
  • Added correct equipment for the Italian squad of the 10th added
  • Added leather jackets and ammo gloves for the Armoured Regiment in the Battle of Tunisia campaign.

Locations and Missions

  • Added new mission Werbig station (Invasion) on Seelow Heights location in Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Added new mission Al Har East (Invasion) to the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Added new mission The Maisky Forestry North (Invasion) to the Battle for Moscow campaign.
  • Added new mission Omer South (Invasion) to Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Added new environmental sounds and fine detail in the Seelow Heights location mission.
  • Added respawn zones for motorcycles in Seelow Heights location for the Armored Train Escort mission.
  • Added shelters near respawn points in the Gare de Saint-Lo (Invasion) mission in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Updated some models of strategic objects in Destruction mode missions in Battle of Tunisia and Battle of Berlin campaigns.
  • Improved respawn point locations in Lehrter Bahnhof (Destruction) mission in Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Improved respawn point locations and resized combat zones in Hermann Goering strasse (Invasion), Ministry Garden (Invasion), and Ministry Garden (Assault) missions of the Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Improved the location of vehicles respawn points in the mission Königsplatz West (Invasion) in the Battle of Berlin campaign.

Gameplay and progress

  • Now when leaving vehicles on the move soldiers will take damage, up to complete death on high speed.


  • The MiG-3 fighter is replaced by an improved version with two 20mm ShVAK autocannon.
  • Improved camera behavior when using free view in planes.

Interface and Graphics

  • Added ability to sort room list by creator, mode and number of players in session.
  • Added new icons for Gerät 03, PPD 1929, VMP 1926 magazines.
  • Added hint about impossibility to train a soldier due to lack of appropriate squad for a player.
  • Added wound effects and blood splashes when shooting at the bodies of fallen allies.
  • Changed the size of the block with descriptions of the falling out trophies types to increase the space for the list of items.
  • Now in the battle on the planes the total amount of ammo is displayed for all the same guns.
  • Added a tooltip indicating that all places in vehicles are occupied.
  • Added animation of unempty magazine reloading for VMP 1926 without cocking the bolt.
  • Fixed Global Illumination bugs.


  • AI-soldiers are now less likely to be behind the commander on long marches.

Other changes

  • On the gamepad you can now toggle the rifle grenade launcher with the fire mode button.


  • Fixed bug with desynchronization of turret rotation direction for different players.
  • Fixed the ability to build a machine gun point very close to the walls, which led to soldiers getting stuck in bags and in the walls.
  • Fixed incorrect display of smoke visible through previews of engineers’ constructions.
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of collision crossing when an engineer builds.
  • Fixed a bug with invisible weapons in soldiers’ hands.
  • Hands of paratroopers no longer go through straps.
  • Fixed a bug in the description of Grb-39 upgrades, replacing the barrel does not affect the damage of the cumulative grenade.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a severely wounded player to be able to heal underwater.
  • Fixed a bug with unbreakable wooden carts.
  • Improved climbing on open platforms of armored train in the Seelow Heights (Armored Train Escort) mission.
  • Fixed bug with vehicles appearing inside other objects in Birch Grove (Invasion) mission in the Battle for Moscow campaign.
  • Fixed the bug of occasionally not displaying mine markers.
  • Fixed the image errors through the sight when DLSS is active.
  • Fixed a bug that caused holes to be displayed in the landscape when viewing through the tank sight.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the ammo refill icon for planes to flicker.
  • Fixed a bug that would make it possible to land in a broken plane.
  • Fixed incorrect display of tree tops while flying a plane.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of the pilot’s position after his death.
  • Fixed the bug with awarding points for the damage of friendly vehicles for example with airbombs or missiles.
  • PzB 39 model now displays with two ammo boxes not only in the menu but in battle as well.
  • Fixed incorrect helmet color for germany 754th grenadier regiment.
  • Fixed bug with soviet tank helmet model, which was seen when interacting with equipment.
  • Fixed flickering shadows in aircraft cockpits with the shadow quality set to “Minimum”.
  • Improved display of shadows at the selected camera angle setting of 50°.
  • Fixed bug with levitating objects after demolition of surroundings by an air bomb.

Tutorial mode

  • The marker on the resupply crate will no longer disappear after you take grenades from it.
  • Fixed a bug causing AI-soldiers to keep moving after switching the soldier under control.
  • Fixed a bug causing some AI-soldiers to have no weapons readied and levitating a grenade in front of them instead.

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No silver orders for XP? This has to be a joke………

We have added silver orders for XP. Every 25 and 50 thousand experience. Did you not receive them? Can you give a screenshot?

If suddenly the system is broken, we will fix it and compensate you for the silver.

Since we have two topics considered as main somehow, I will just copy paste the link to the original here, just to be sure.


Can’t we jest sell as many guns as we want? It took me 2-3 sec to sell every single one of them, and I have thousands.

I usually make 10k exp on a no-booster invasion 80-kills match.
That’s 5 games for a silver soldler.

Do we see the progress for a silver order the same way as bronze ones after the battle?

If so I got no such information after the one battel on airfield i played before the server down.

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5 good games. I don´t think we will have new players racking up to 80+ kills every game.

Otherwise I wouldn´t really be concerned.

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yup. I should take that into account.

excellent update for old players! veterans can easily upgrade some max lvl machine guns & auto rifles to crash new players who only have bolts to fight. and new boys can’t fast equip grenade bags anymore, which means you have to fight auto rifle & top tier tanks with your poor little bolt rifle.


start a new account, let’s see how many kills you can make with bolt only squad.

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Worse than that, they may have those bolts, but no manpower that can actually use them :clown_face:

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To be fair, veteran player can do somewhat well even with action bolts, so result would be closer to 10k. Player that is really new is going to have a problems.

From 1 to 2 games for me.

it can be worse, when you see a veteran carrying a maximum level fg42II, you will be crashed completely no matter how many men are in your cannon fodder squad. :frowning:

It is indeed a good update for old players or guys that already have everything and or do well in-game.

Let’s see how it goes for newcomers.

Assuming that every player is like that and uses premium as bonus, sure.
But, naturally, such assumption cannot be applied to newbies.

For sure.