Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)

I have 300+more bolt kills than my smgs(both 5000~6000+) in my 12000kills,and I just reached moscow 20lv :clown_face:(not for insult)

I DONT HAVE IT (Doge :smiling_imp:)

Oh now i noticed it. Sorry for the disturbance

Wow, AVT now only at 15/15 ammo?
Why not just use the accurate 10/10 ammo for AVT and let players completely forget about Berlin Soviet?
Also still do NOTHING for based on EACH MATCH’s player count to balance. But just vaguely look at TOTAL win lose ratio and make the balance?
Is that Soviet’s side players’ fault to have to use WEAKer weapons, WEAKER vehicles, EXTREME long capture time just for the truth that German side playerbase has been split into 4 campaigns and most of the go to Normandy for easier match?
What if that match has lots of veteran in German side?
And still does NOTHING to do with the most OP FG42/FG42II?

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Wasnt Avt and svt always with 15/15 mag sizes?

Atleast from memory playing with them

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Was only the avs as 15/15!?

Thought was only the svt as 15/30. Humm

No, and that’s bad. We will ask the developers to add such progress.


M1 garand - 24+8=32
SVT - 10+20=30

Save ammo or win ammo pouches.

This is a balanced weapon with other semi-automatic rifles, and it seems very fair to me.



What about heavy weapons like mortars, Panzerfausts, flamethrowers etc.?

You can’t sell them for bronze, you can’t transfer them to other campaigns… What should we do with dozens of them recieved from random weapon orders? (I for example would like to see both of those options available - I don’t like the idea of paying silver orders for Panzerfaust in Normandy when I have a lots of them laying in Berlin)


Yes. This will appear in the future.



Without even looking at its COUNTER PART?
It’s matching FG42II!
Which is a laser gun. Almost none recoil or deviation.
And 20/20 extra mag.
And super fast firerate.

What’s these two matching? M1 Garand–G43?
Also SVT matching? G43?
How can G43 even CLOSE to FG42II?

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need sell Bayonet/Telescope /Grenade Launcher。。。 @Keofox

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  • Panzerfaust 60 shell velocity increased from 25 to 45 m/s.
  • Panzerfaust 100 shell velocity increased from 40 to 62 m/s.

Does the extra speed on the projectile make them more capable of penetrate armor / damage more or it’s just the projectile visual speed?

As for all the changes, nice, looks like a solid update. Keep them coming.

No. They have a cumulative charge and the hit speed is not very important to him. Another principle of damage.

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Indeed. Thank you.

Keep this types of updates coming.

Still no plan to add T-29 and Gloster Meteor? Amercia sufferingggggggggggggggggggggggg

@Keofox didn’t DEVs overlook some very important button here:

It is the same with all pistols and revolvers, no sell button available.


I have played several matches and gain 0 silver order.
Now I get one.