The population problem as I have told you before

I discontinued the “problem with BR” post because it was raising quite a debate whilst I wasn’t really participating. let’s recap the urgent problem of Enlisted now as I predicted before. The BR on its own sounds like a good idea, only if it really really makes the game fair; The thing is that the current matching system is broken and left so many loopholes that people try to abuse. You can’t mend them. Give it up. The solution lies in another direction.

Be reminded that low tier BRs are mixed with higher ones, and you can’t really find peace using ur beloved bolt action rifles of BR1, because most players are within 2-4 range of BRs, and that leads to dominating amound of mixed rooms that frequently conscripts low tier equipped players as cannon fodders. I have personally tried BR5 Germany and BR1USSR, in either case there’s no such thing as “balance”

USSR BR1: I have a queue of BR1 squads, and I’m pretty sure I should be facing low tier players. But I often encounter Panzers with 75mm Guns with superior protection, How does that sound balanced?

Germany BR5: I drive TigerII H and I have been “invincible” for a shameful long time. I rarely meet top ussr tanks like IS2, most of the time just d35-85dt and even t34-76 or kv1.

It’s not just about equipment. This is a population problem I have told you before, that the matching mechanism cannot find equivalent players due to existing population issue (in a viscous circle) while the system tries to fill rooms with real players even though they are from lower tiers. You either suffer by using low BR queues, or make people suffer by using high BR queues. Neither of these two options make the game sustainable. I have told you before that this would happen. You wouldn’t listen… Here’s another prediction: Many people are uninstalling the game, expect a HUGE decline in active player number when the paratrooper even ends. I personally know quite a few of them who complaint that the game is too intense and did so, as they are thrashed by elite players spamming flamethrowers, kamikaze, grenades, you name it. Ordinary players suffer.

The only solution is to make sure that
1: people are only against ±1 BR opponents (to say thr least. it’s not my favourite solution but it’ll do)
2: Balance real player amount with bots (btw the benefit is that noobs can have some fun with them.)
3: Stop matching individual players with teamed up players. It is horrible.
4: Make the game less intense or PVP oriented. Better K/D for everyone=More Enjoyable for everyone=More bots should get killed instead of real players.

Understand that the urgent problem isn’t with equipments or BR itself. It’s about population and how players try their best to gain advantages if you stress them with intense fights…They in turn stress others. too much grinding drives players away.

P.S. Don’t call me a bot farmer with despise. I can farm real players but that’s exactly the problem. People are GETTING farmed, is that fun?


BR is good idea. just they totally botched the implementation and majority of people warned DF in test server feedback.

whole community told this would happen. there are ~20 BR topics in last month. there are ~2k posts in last 3 test server where they introduced that MM and majority of players that posted there said that 2 queue MM is shit.

refer to this topic

this is kinda no win situation for devs. they can either give them separate queue that would be basically be botfarm which players would abuse for easy xp, or they could forbid teaming up where people would just leave cause they cant play with friends, or they could leave them in normal queue cause they dont occur that often.

you have people working on PvE mods, so you can try customs.

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I don’t play customs because they are unofficial, which means way less income, exp, and event score.


Agree, with that exception br 1-2 should be “locked” no going against br3.

Well its gay, but not exactly reason to throw teamed people just against bots.

Pretty sure this is exactly what people was asking, better populated games.
I agree the current situation of +/- 2 is too much.
But the previous berlin games as axis against nothing but bots was quite horrible.
The botslaying surely wont get any more players to this.

By the seperation I meant that teamed up plays should match with other teamed up players. If they like pvp, it’s win win.

there is not enough players. teamed up players are maybe 5% of the whole population, so there would be either half hour waiting time for match to be full PVP, or they would play against bots.

So we should continue letting them bringing mayhem to the rest 95%. That’d be great

like i said this is no win situation for devs. i havent seen anyone proposing good solution on how to manage stacks.

OK this is is actually a minor issue so I’d just withdraw on this one.

If you don’t want to be stressed don’t play. Enlisted is a game that was supposed to be PVP from the start. Bots have been a necessity, but in theory any human playing the game must be better than a bot. If it’s not, then maybe it’s best that him don’t play, or and above all find companions to play with.

OK if you said so, I’ll just continue playing top german and stressing others. real fun. Just tried to keep the game alive by not saying “Don’t play it”. You have been very constructive.

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And what you are saying is like what the game currently looks like: “Don’t play it.” Do you really think devs want the community to shrink? That is preposterous. The game is losing players and you clap for it. Not a commercially wise attitude.


LOL the reason for this update was to combat a spread out player count who were lacking on some campaigns for a certain side.


To be fair here, you could just as well end up against KT2 in previous version.
Atleast this matchmake attempts to find people of same BR.

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…Again, it conscripts cannon fodders of relatively lower BRs. This is especially so for new players when they dont have a complete queue of same BR. Once they obtain a better equipment they either play with one piece of it and get thrahed by higher BR players in thr same mixed room, or just leave that alone and stay in the current br which still makes thrm cannon fodder. Don’t justify a new blunder by comparing with the past blunders…

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Quite sure I made it clear that br 1-2 shouldnt fight anyone else not even br3.
But to claim uneven games is due to new BR is fairly wrong, as it definitely wasnt any better in previous system.

Have you been reading seriously… I said it’s not a problem with br itself. It’s about population as the title said. Forget about BR.

Sry must have missread something since you clearly did not mention BR.

best shit i have seen in a long time

or they could let us know what area has more players and offer more XP for playin in