Thanks to some fools that I noticed while reading a Suggestions just now It gave me an idea and we can choose to keep this in the Mess Room or Suggestions

Criticism of explosives/TNT - Suggestions - Enlisted

Should tanks who have lost some of their crewmates in combat get them back if they go back to resupply.

and anyone’s free to expand or improve this idea

So you can have unlimited crew?!

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Technically yes but why does it matter when they’re never gonna leave the Gray zone

I understand what are you saying but it will give you unlimited man power, repairs and ammo… i dont like that. The man power would give you unlimited gunners so its not like they are not doing anything…. I believe ammo and repairs is fine. Unlimited crew no cause its “free” silver. Not by earning it of course but technically you have an unlimited crew and its an unethical advantage


another pearl-pearls-png-icon-web-icons-png-21 ( pearl ) of “wisdom” from the :parrot:
planning on making a collection of the most controversial topics recently, aren’t ya?

i have no idea in what planet you think this, is even a good idea.

ESPECIALLY since you’re just incentivizing gray camping with it.
because most of the time said supply points are exactly in their gray zone.

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Just remember as well you will always have men with a wrench to fix the tank.

if you believe that then please tell the fools in the link from this post why explosive packs should not be so common or probably nerfed and then tanks will have a reason to leave the Gray zone

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Well especially this mechanic would give even more reason to stay in the greyzone, losing some crew? Just stay back and resupply I guess…

This is especially a weird suggestion in my view, since not even medics can revive, or no resupply mechanic in general for infantry - why should Tanks get such mechanic? Because of warthunder? Or how did you come up with this…

It’s meant to challenge the idiocy of the explosive pack that can one shot tanks or how common they are

How far can you toss TNT? And how far can you shoot tanks with panzerfaust?

You aren’t considering all aspects of the game.

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Suicidal paratroopers and I haven’t measured the distance with the perk or suicide planes

Also, TNT isn’t even close to being as deadly as it used to be, back in beta it was basically always a guaranteed one hit kill - nowadays it is very unreliable.

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Well thats a paratrooper issue - not a explosive pack issue.

tnt being common isn’t really the issue.

because even if you would remove them completely, gray area camping won’t go anywhere anyway.

and considering how easy it is to destroy pretty much anyone and anything ( even with just a machinegun frontally an at gun crew )

personally. i could be considered part of the problem since i do have most tnts.

but that’s… probably better because having to relay on teammates is a dead sentence.

i swear, even in soviet br 5 you have no idea the ammount of apes or people with bt 7s trying to take out panthers with it.

not to mention, it seems i’m the only one using panzerfausts 60s.

but, gray camping can be an issue to a certain extent, that can only be dealt with panzerfausts, other tanks, or bombs.

if devs didn’t adressed them before, i highly doubt they will adress them now.

which as much people have their own opinion and what not, i somewhat struggle how you came to such conclusion given that specific thread.

like, you would just be aiding the " problem ". and making it easier in what he already does.

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The problem is with explosive packs and it makes AT weapons not as valuable as an explosive pack

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because explosives are way faster than having to use an AT gun. ( or portable AT for that matter )

and given the spam_luncheon_meat_regular_12oz of tanks, you will run out of soldiers with ATs before they will run out of tanks. not to mention, AT troopers are kinda rare. aren’t widely available in the specialization squad’s choises

the max you can have, is the base AT squad up to 3, others, only 1 max 2.

it’s… after all, a fast paced game.
people would complain of being too slow and " hard ".

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I got the inspiration from

VoyoMayPLEnlisted Tester


Did anybody said it’s a priority?

So why not add a soldier that is a woman with a prostetic arm with a warpaint on face? It won’t affect the gameplay so why not?



If you don’t understand the difference between the two, there’s no point in discussing it with you.
This argument with its completely overblown extreme is so cheap.

I played a game where the opponent spammed 14 tanks in 8 min…. Is that an unreasonable number?

They go hand in hand at high BR
as some have tried to explain, Det packs/x packs, don’t one shot kill at high tier,
they track it , then allows one to move to side , with a AT launcher
They both useful

If you’ve even read half of guardian Reaper stuff I mostly agree with all of it and I hate the fast-paced lunacy which this game has turned into