[Preliminary] Guide on how to upload and use Custom Textures inside your mod

i’ll start this thread by thanking @Devenddar for confirming and explaining better my suspicions.


Tired of not being able to change textures or colors like you want?

Say no more.

because we have found a working ( ish ) way to upload custom textures ( … at home!).

as an example, i’m gonna guide you through step by step on what you need to do.

:warning: Disclaimers :warning:

responsabilities and base decency

it goes without saying, do not use it irresponsibly to then force devs to take away this feature.

as such, certain things would be best to keep them on your harddrive rather than in a game.
and no funny windmils either.

i would like to remind you:

2.9. Attributes and symbols. It is strictly forbidden to publish any texts, documents, images, recordings, videos, files, and other content which are in any way associated with the following:

  • organizations that violate or have violated international law (for example, the use of symbols, abbreviations and designations, acronyms, names, and surnames of Nazi leaders), including drawings and cartoons;

  • images and names of famous state, civilian and military leaders of the countries of the fascist / Nazi bloc;

  • images of awards of the countries of the fascist / Nazi bloc, part of which is the swastika and other signs prohibited by the applicable law;

  • the uniform of the armies of the Fascist / Nazi bloc, Nazi volumes of greetings, and portraits of criminals convicted and not rehabilitated, including drawings and cartoons;

  • any other attributes/symbols of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy and other extremist or terrorist organizations;

  • banners, flags, badges, armbands, uniform attributes, greetings, passwords, musical works, household items, and other objects and objects representing themselves in any form of symbolism used by the National Socialist Labor Party of Germany and the Fascist Party of Italy, and any other extremist and nationalist organizations.

and that goes for NSFW stuff too.

Technitalities // Issues

i can’t get into technicalities, because i my self are not expert about textures and what not.

can’t help about issues with textures and what not either.
still experimenting

  • this system only works on clothing and tanks. but it can be used for custom markers and capzones

Step by step

  1. get an image that you want ( i’ll use this camo as an example ):

  1. drag it inside your mod folder of where you want to use the texture
    ( P.s. yes, you will have to duplicate it for all mods that you intend to use this texture on )

can look like:

:warning: Just make sure to leave no Spaces between words etc

  1. open the editor, open your mission, and place a capzone_box and type the following:
    ( inside capzone__icon ) " %ugm/ " ( without the " " )

  1. insert the name plus type of extension file of the name after the ugm/ ( no spaces )
    in my case, will be: " %ugm/011.svg.png "

  2. save and restart the editor ( not necessary. but reccomended. just to be sure. worthed to note that some heavier textures do not work unless the editor has been fully restarted. or at least, happpened to me )

  3. select the object you want to give a new texture, and search for the the Animchar__objTexReplace insert the basic camouflage / texture of the clothing, and then paste your code inside it.


and there you go.

now, you might argue that, there is a clear and distinct difference:

from the texture to that.

but, that’s why i said preliminary.
as there is one issue.

The Issue

it’s… not technically an issue, but keep in mind that you will need to darken your texture by a whole lot because once applied in the editor, those will be appear to be much lighter than anticipated.

another example that i can show is:

so, as you can see, you will need to darken the image a lot more.

i tried with dds ( which usually are the textures used for games as far as i’m aware ) but the result is still the same.

we could ask @Enginya if she knows something more or can aid to fix this issue, but i have the impression this is as far as we are gonna get.

but, it’s still great as you can make colors that we didn’t have before.

such as a perfect light blue:

( this is the texture i specifically darkened )

to create and use: ( for a police mod. but that’s irrelevant. just to show you can do alot )

you just… gotta put more effort to get the color you want.


hope it can help.

untill we will get proper tools.
yeah. we have this.


forgot to mention, the issue also affects clothings unfortunately…


but… you can do something with it. i guess…


Amazing… i’ve desperately been trying to learn about enlisted modding to try to at least change the colors of some uniforms or get helmet decals like the gorgeous ones on the proposals you made to Gaigin:

My real question is… if done succesfully, would it be possible to use (only on my pc’s side for example), to play online games?. Gods i wish the devs would make this a thing.

Very interesting, thats for sure, has a lot of potential. :smiley:

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unfortunately mods only work on missions created by users.

for that, i think we’ll have to use the replace texture method.

which works similar to the audio modding, but for textures.

and… as i said, unfortunately i do not know much about textures.

all i used to do, was to change other type of textures by using photoshop and packing them into ddss.

but dunno if enlisted is similar.

glad to be of use yet again :saluting_face:

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small… inconvinience.

if you deactivate the cap and put it on always invisible, you’re gonna have issues.

the texture will not appear.

so you need to leave them as they come.

problem is, you will have an unused capzone with the texture on screen.

hence, you will need to be active and present on the HUD, because if you dont, for some reason, the texture will not appear.

if i find a better solution, i’ll let you guys know.

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How you make this texture?

i unpacked it using wt tools, and then used photoshop

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I tried, but it didn’t work out. Can you describe your work in Photoshop?

because you have to convert the dds files into a tga file

personally, i use gimp to convert dds files into tgas

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as of today,
i regret informing that with the new patch, this method is no longer working.


apparently, the name of the file MUST NOT have capitals letters.

Still works?

Try to move tanks code after capture points code.

You can try to hide capture points in another point.

But yeah. Probably you will unable to hide this one point.


it doesn’t work once you upload your own mission through the portal.

remember the battle of foy that i sent you?

both the capture point, skins of tanks, and other textures will not load online.

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Try to use only lowercase text (yeah… Idk why uppercase don’t work properly in multiplayer). Also try to put capture point code after battle areas (almost in start).

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why haven’t i thought about that

but, it did worked. :+1:

what do you mean by this

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I’ll sent scene.blk example in private messages.

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