Normandy landings Day

Early on the morning of 6th June in 1944, the largest seaborne invasion in world history began - about 156,000 British, American and Canadian troops landed on the coast of Normandy in northwestern France.

The start date of the landing became known as “D-Day”: it was the first phase of Operation Overlord, which opened a second front in Western Europe.

From 6th June (13:00 UTC) to 12th June (13:00 UTC):

  • 50% off premium squads for Gold in the Invasion of Normandy campaign for all platforms;
  • On the PC store, 50% off premium squads in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.

You can find all the discounted packs here.


Note that, these squads will leave the store with the next major update, in which the meta will be changed:

  • The 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment with the M50 Reising
  • The 28th Infantry Regiment with the UD M42
  • The No. 56 Squadron with the Tempest Mk V
  • The 9th Infantry Regiment with the Johnson M1941
  • The 115th Infantry Regiment with the M3 Field Modification
  • The II./JG3 with the Bf 109 G-6
  • The III./JG26 with the Bf 109 G-10
  • The 9th Panzer Regiment with a Pz.IV J with extra track armor
  • The 5th Pioneer Battalion with the Gewehr 41

If you planned to get yourself these squads — use the opportunity to get them at a great discount!


Sales are always welcome. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Guys i am thinking about getting the german paratrooper squad and the one with the assaulters with leaves on their helmets but i cannot remember the name…. are they worth it?

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TZ-45 squad, they’re quite good, nothing exceptional tho.
There are “two paratroopers”, the fake ones with kirally 43m and real one with FG.
I own all 3.


THESE OLD SQUADS NEED TO BE GIVEN AN ENGINEER. We bought them with real money and supported this game in the early days. ALL PREMIUM SQUADS without an engineer NEED AN ENGINEER. Just do it. They can go away forever or come back as new later. But don’t screw over the people who bought into this game from the very beginning. Come on @1942786 you know it’s the right thing to do and it won’t break the game.


Dont have enough slots, I already have 10 slots


Damn, amazing event after amazing event, darkflow never fails to impress.


Premium paratroopers discounted? So sad. This seems like a betrayal of pre-order players.


What squad would you recommend to buy?

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I like it alot. Both the sights and the way it behaves.

Much fun


Definitely new paratroopers.

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I guess i will get it then :slight_smile: what else would you recommend? I think since we get free paratroopers for normandy, is it worth getting the premium one?

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Good job

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Yes, it’s much worth, I had Alot of fun with the premium paratroopers.

Colt monitor on us side is also a nice premium
Kirally on German side is one of my favorite guns in-game. And one, of the best smgs overall


To be honest, i struggle with much recoil, so the kiraly and the fallschirmjäger gewehr are guns that i can barely shoot… So i dont know about high caliber guns…


Quick side note, that once fully upgraded, the kirally squad soldiers can get both recoil reduction perks (5 star soldiers have 30 handling perk points) and as a passive they get extra -15 vertical reduction.(every handling point it’s 0.5 % vertical recoil reduction)

This is as today, I dont know if will change or not, but in my humble opinion make the gun a practical Laser.

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Is the tempest any good / fun?

Why is this squad leaving the store? The TZ-45 isn’t. Is the UD M42 being added to regular progression?

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Hmm…tempest is my favourite brit plane in warthunder…hmmmmm

…but plane nerf on horizon…hmmm

Kiff! We have some musing to do…

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@Forlorn_Squad you have this plane right?

How does it perform?