News related to what squads are being removed as of now:

Outdated, see: Final list of removed squads


Squads being axed if you want to ctrl+f:

  • (Moscow, Allies) 696th Pioneer Regiment with Arisaka Type 38 Carbine
  • (Moscow, Allies) 136th Tank Battalion with Valentine tank
  • (Stalingrad, Axis) 371st Medical Battalion with Orita M1941
  • (Moscow, Allies) 75th Marine Infantry Brigade with Lewis gun
  • (Pacific, Allies) 2/4th Commando Squadron with Enfield P14 (T)
  • (Pacific, Allies) 2nd Marine Raider Battalion with Thompson M1928 USMC
  • (Normandy, Allies) 112th Infantry Regiment with Colt Monitor
  • (Normandy, Axis) 6th Parachute Regiment with Kiraly 43M
  • (Moscow, Axis) 343rd Infantry Regiment with MG 13 with drum magazine
  • (Pacific, Axis) 144th Infantry Regiment with Type 99 sniper rifle (long)

Battle of Tunisia campaign


Battle of Tunisia campaign

  • The 132nd Infantry Brigade with the Flamethrower Portable No.2 Mk1
  • The 1st Group of Moroccan Auxiliaries with the Berthier M16 Carbine
  • The 8th Bersaglieri Regiment with the FNAB-43
  • The 35th Infantry Regiment “Pistoia” with the Beretta M31
  • The 7th Panzer Regiment with the Pz 3 N
  • The 1st Company Giaguru with the Lanciaflamme Mod.35
  • The XIV Tank Battalion “M” with the M13/40 (III)
  • 85th Fighter Squadron with P-40E-1
  • 293rd Fighter Squadron with Re.2001 CN

Battle of Moscow campaign

  • The 195th Infantry Regiment with the Beretta M1918
  • III./ JG 51 with the BF 109 F-2
  • The 206th Engineer Battalion with the M/28 rifle
  • The 11th Panzer Regiment with a Pz.IV E with HEAT shells
  • The 521st Fighter Aviation Regiment with the LaGG-3-34
  • The 8th Tank Battalion with the M-3 Medium
  • The 27th Fighter Aviation Regiment with the I-16 Type 24
  • The 359th Infantry Regiment with the AKT-40

Battle of Berlin campaign

  • The 95th Tank Brigade with the M4A2 (76) W
  • The 106th Mixed Tank Regiment “Clausewitz” with the MG-45
  • The 1st Volkssturm Company with the Lebel 1886 M93

Battle of Stalingrad campaign

  • The 558th Night Light Bomber Aviation Regiment with the U-2

Pacific war campaign

  • No.5 Squadron with Boomerang Mk II

Note that, these squads will leave the store with the next major update, in which the meta will be changed:

  • The 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment with the M50 Reising
  • The 28th Infantry Regiment with the UD M42
  • The No. 56 Squadron with the Tempest Mk V
  • The 9th Infantry Regiment with the Johnson M1941
  • The 115th Infantry Regiment with the M3 Field Modification
  • The II./JG3 with the Bf 109 G-6
  • The III./JG26 with the Bf 109 G-10
  • The 9th Panzer Regiment with a Pz.IV J with extra track armor
  • The 5th Pioneer Battalion with the Gewehr 41

If you planned to get yourself these squads — use the opportunity to get them at a great discount!

and yes, the bf109 g10 is FUN, although I wish I could put the 30 mm in the nose rather than the 20mm and use 4x50kg bombs…


9th Infantry Regiment is still in the game I cannot find them in the store though I already bought them?

thanks for putting that together in one spot!


Anytime, some lad in game suggested I do so.

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Why are they removing some but not others like the FNAB 43 being removed but not the Sten mark 3 or the UD M42 but not the TZ-45


Yeah, this one si pretty bizzare. No clue why they’re removing it.
Maybe it would collide with different assaulter squad on same BR. Idk.

They are even removing the newest premium snipers, so many odd decisions imo.


didnt even know the UD was being remove i mean shouldnt they mention it in yesterday sale?

anyway i bought the panzerwerfer for some reason i couldnt resist it


It’s kinda meh tbh

It’s great on some maps like that Normandy hangar and one with a barn you can rack 20+ kills with a single rocket. But other than that it’s pay 2 lose premium especially in city maps maybe on Moscow maps it’s going to be more viable. Explosions are still bugged and won’t trigger any dmg to enemies if you hit the wall and sometimes the ground.

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yea it pretty weird but i have it now so i might used it for “fun” sometime

Good on BA mod, indirect arty / rocket fire

yea about that can calliope do the same? just want to know so i dont have to drive on to the point

Yes, Calliope and Moscow rocket tank too

ok good to know

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Just saying, it is good, just have to be a bit more patient with it. Playing it normally will be like a killstreak you only get to use for a few moments before you get annihilated. If you really want to get the most out of it, you have to drive backwards so you can better aim your rockets. Which also means finding a good stop to turn around, and also helps to know where enemy armor is…

yea this and calliope are more strategic than most tank and i usually try to find “sneaky” spot to kill infantry

doesnt stop them from hunting me down tho

Man, it kills me not knowing what BR things will be. The Pz. IV J is obviously useless where it is, but would it be a tier below early Panthers? I hate guessing at what will be useful later.


We the community shall beat them into submission for the balance. :wink:
I made a great suggestion somewhere for a 5 tier system +1 or -1 which fits all of the vehicles into respective capability brackets.