Final list of removed squads

Commanders! As you already know, with the big game update, a number of the squads that are sold for Gold and in premium store will no longer be available for purchase. For your convenience, we have collected all these squads below.

Please note

The list includes a few additional premium squads that were not previously planned to be removed from the sale. The reason for this change is that they are duplicates of the vehicles featured in the research trees.

Battle of Berlin

10th Panzer Regiment with Pz.IV J Armored
Kummersdorf Panzer Battalion with Panther A
101 Panzer Regiment with Panzer IV/70(V)

Battle of Moscow

III./ JG 27 with Bf 109 E-7/U2

Additionally, the price of the 2nd Armoured Brigade squad with the Matilda tank in the Battle of Tunisia campaign will be lower after the update: 3500 Gold instead of 5000.

Squads no longer available for purchase in the Premium Store:

Battle of Moscow

75th Marine Infantry Brigade with Lewis gun
343rd Infantry Regiment with MG 13 with drum magazine

Invasion of Normandy

112th Infantry Regiment with Colt Monitor
6th Parachute Regiment with Kiraly 43M
9th Panzer Regiment with Pz.IV J with extra track armor

Battle of Tunisia

2/24th Battalion with Owen Mk. 1
963rd Infantry Regiment with Erma EMP 36

Pacific War

2/4th Commando Squadron with Enfield P14 (T)
2nd Marine Raider Battalion with Thompson M1928 USMC
144th Infantry Regiment with Type 99 sniper rifle (long)

Squads no longer available for purchase for Gold:

Battle of Moscow

195th Infantry Regiment with Beretta M1918

III./ JG 51 with BF 109 F-2

206th Engineer Battalion with M/28 rifle
11th Panzer Regiment with Pz.IV E with HEAT shells
521st Fighter Aviation Regiment with LaGG-3-34
8th Tank Battalion with M-3 Medium
27th Fighter Aviation Regiment with I-16 Type 24
359th Infantry Regiment with AKT-40
696th Pioneer Regiment with Arisaka Type 38 Carbine
136th Tank Battalion with Valentine tank

Invasion of Normandy

502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment with M50 Reising
28th Infantry Regiment with UD M42
No. 56 Squadron with Tempest Mk V
9th Infantry Regiment with Johnson M1941
115th Infantry Regiment with M3 Field Modification
II./JG3 with Bf 109 G-6
III./JG26 with Bf 109 G-10
5th Pioneer Battalion with Gewehr 41

Battle of Berlin

95th Tank Brigade with M4A2 (76) W
106th Mixed Tank Regiment “Clausewitz” with MG-45
1st Volkssturm Company with Lebel 1886 M93

Battle of Tunisia

132nd Infantry Brigade with Flamethrower Portable No.2 Mk1
1st Group of Moroccan Auxiliaries with Berthier M16 Carbine
8th Bersaglieri Regiment with FNAB-43
35th Infantry Regiment “Pistoia” with Beretta M31
7th Panzer Regiment with Pz 3 N
1st Company Giaguru with Lanciaflamme Mod.35
XIV Tank Battalion “M” with M13/40 (III)
85th Fighter Squadron with P-40E-1
293rd Fighter Squadron with Re.2001 CN

Battle of Stalingrad

558th Night Light Bomber Aviation Regiment with U-2
371st Medical Battalion with Orita M1941

Pacific war

No.5 Squadron with Boomerang Mk II

Friendly reminder, discounts will end on November 16th (13:00 UTC). Don’t forget to buy some unique squads at a reduced price!


On the subject of purchasing squads with Enlisted gold, does gold purchased in the online store apply cross-platform?

Thanks. Was getting confusing as a collector wanting to go for the squads disappearing first :slight_smile:

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That’s really massive amount of squads going to remove.
Like nearly half of existing premium squads being removed?


Can you gimme word on the Tunis A-20 since it apparently isn’t on the test server research tree?
Should I suffer the grind for it now or can I grab it after the merge?



Any news about the test server with consoles?

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There’s no sharing of progress between platforms, so no.

It’s far from half. And the squads that will be hidden are mostly the copies/close equivalents of the stuff you can unlock in different campaigns.

Any word on when console players will be granted access to the sale on PSN or Xbox marketplace?


Removing them “because they are duplicates” is not a reason,

Removing them because you “don’t want to have duplicates in the game” is a reason.

Now my question, what’s the point?

I was specifically looking forward on playing 3 times Panther, 3 times Jagdpanzer IV, 3 times Panzer III etc.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I own most German premium and event vehicles so this is not gonna hinder me at still doing those things, but again, what is the problem with doing so?

I hope this is a sign that we´ll be getting Premiums that are actually worth their money and not either overpriced or a practical joke. I like the reduced price of the Matilda. I don´t have it but I feel like current buyers should should get the difference back in Gold. An unrealistic expectation I know.


Why are they removing the mg45 squad,the sov sherman or the field mod squad and the lewis gun?


Why remove these squads when you can make more money by keeping them? Good for people who want to unlock things early.
Also some of them are brand new like the Pacific Sniper squad.
But tbh I’ve never spend a dime on Premium squad so there you have it lol.


I also see no logic in their reasoning. I guess they don’t want undervalue thier new packs as seen as bad value compared to old ones. But it’s still pretty dumb excuse not many people gonna spend $30-60 on new packs and whales already bought those soon to be removed packs at full price. If they would sell them at $5-10 a piece then their profit could go sky high for a while. And i’m saying it as a person that have 19 premium squads (or 20 i lost count).


Thanks for the reply.

Is this a conscious choice to keep the platforms separate?

Is the reason something technical in nature that you would like to unify cross-platform but haven’t done it yet or is it some other consideration?

The only thing that is cross-play in Enlisted is matchmaking, so players from PC can get into the same battles with console users.
We don’t have plans for anything else currently.

Whats the definition for that?

“we are gonna remove squads from the store”
“we aren’t gonna put them on deal on console”
Seems like a bit of screw you moment on console players tbh


Well, like a gazillion Panzer IV variants spread across different campaigns now

As an owner of the matilda i agree especially since it seems its gonna be way less useful after merge.