New currency

Greetings, commanders. In this blog we have prepared for you some details on the conversion of bronze and silver orders into the new currency — silver.

The blog is dedicated to the upcoming open test of the updated Enlisted with the reworked progression, campaign merge and other improvements. Please note that the numbers presented in this blog are not final and are subject to change based on your feedback!


More straightforward. You’ll still gain experience in battles, which you’ll use to research new weapons, squads and vehicles for an entire country. But instead of four different orders for soldiers and weapons (silver and bronze) there will be silver coins. The amount of which will also depend on the experience earned in battle.

For silver, like for the orders now, you will be able to purchase weapons, equipment, vehicles and to upgrade them. We have prepared a preliminary plan for you to convert your orders to the new currency.


Straight to the point. You currently have orders on your account. With the release of the update, we will convert them to silver coins. Here’s the conversion rate:

  • 1 bronze weapon order = 200 coins
  • 1 bronze soldier order = 100 coins
  • 1 silver weapon order = 500 coins
  • 1 silver soldier order = 1,000 coins

The reward for the battle will not change in any way, it will still depend on the amount of experience earned, but the orders will simply be converted into silver coins at the specified rate.

Before you familiarize yourself with the examples, remember that with the merging of campaigns into countries, in the new Enlisted you will need far fewer soldiers, weapons and vehicles! For example, the USA (Allies) will be represented as a single country, rather than three independent armies in the Pacific, Normandy and Tunisia. This way, a full army for a single country will require less equipment.

Now to the specifics.

  • before — the estimated price if you convert your current orders to silver coins.
  • after — the price in silver coins in the new economy.

Purchasing a soldier

Based on class (before/after):

  • I = 1 000 / 3 000
  • II = 1 000 / 7 500
  • III = 1 000 / 9 000
  • IV = 1 000 / 11 500

In the new economy we have also removed the lootbox mechanic from the store. No more randomization — now when buying weapons and soldiers you will always get them with the same rank.

Upgrading a soldier (before/after):

  • I = 3 600 / 0
  • II = 9 000 / 0
  • III = 11 400 / 0
  • IV = 11 400 / 0

Purchasing a weapon (before/after):

  • I = 500 / 1 000
  • II = 1 000 / 3 000
  • III = 1 500 / 5 000

Fully upgrading a weapon without the discount from squad upgrades (before/after):

  • I = 5 600 / 2 550
  • II = 11 200 / 8 300
  • III = 22 600 / 16 650

Fully upgrading a weapon with the 40% discount from squad upgrades (before/after):

  • I = 3 600 / 1 530
  • II = 7 000 / 4 980
  • III = 13 800 / 9 990

The same applies to weapons. Instead of warehouses full of unused weapons, you will have fewer and better weapons. The upgrade price will be lower.

Purchasing a vehicle (before/after):

  • I = 0 / 5 000
  • II = 0 / 15 000
  • III = 0 / 25 000

Fully upgrading a vehicle without the discount from squad upgrades (before/after):

  • I = 16 800 / 12 750
  • II = 33 600 / 41 500
  • III = 67 200 / 83 250

Fully upgrading a vehicle with the 40% discount from squad upgrades (before/after):

  • I = 10 400 / 7 650
  • II = 20 400 / 24 900
  • III = 40 600 / 49 950

Vehicles, on average, will become more expensive. In the old economy, armored squad commanders got their formidable war machines for free - simply while progressing. Whereas infantry commanders had to arm their squads and supply them with the necessary equipment. We have brought the cost of armored vehicles roughly in line with that of infantry squads. In preparation for the research tree, where weapons, soldiers and vehicles will have their own price, as well as the option that you can choose not to unlock or buy some of them.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic. And let us remind you that all the squads and weapons you already have will also remain in your warehouses - you can even sell the unnecessary ones and get more silver.

See you on the test server. It’s coming soon.


May God have mercy with us.


Finaly ! a news usefull about the new progression !


The economy, silver coins… not again…



Comrades, if you have any suggestion or other good feedback about this announcement, feel free to write it here, we will surely check them


Community: “enlisted has nothing to do with war thunder save for some asset imports”

Me using the term “war thunder conversion” instead of just “merge” since the beginning:

giphy (4)

Anyway, we will see I suppose. You can be sure I’ll spend my entire stock of cards on soldiers and equipment before the conversion, thought.

:musical_note:Que sera, sera…:notes:


Dont do it. I dont see reason to make an entire new currency system if at the end if you wanna make the game “cheaper”.
Just mkae the game cheaper.


On a positive note:

It’s a really good thing this system is tested on the soon to be test server. If feedback is taken into account, it will ensure better fairness.


It’s already more fair in some ways, imo


Hi you can tell us when is this “upcoming open test of the updated Enlisted with the reworked progression” ?

When it’s ready, devs still testing some mechanics

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We will see.

The community hasn’t tested it yet, so I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

It might be a fantastic change. But it might also be like war thunder, that has a very, veeeery bad economy system.

I’ll test, and give my opinion then. (Always keeping newcomers in thoughts).


Ok thank you i hope before the end of the month because the change seem really good :slight_smile:

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So what about gold orders. I like to keep a small stockpile of everything, incase I want to impulse buy.


Well, in some ways it’s nice change, why?
Because instead of buy something by 2-6 times, in this change you will need it only once (if you ofc grinding only 1 nation)


They stay


So to get this right, under the new system I would have to pay the equivalent of 10 silver weapon orders for a Type 14 pistol because its a 3 star gun?

Sure the increase in price might be less of a problem for a country with multiple fronts but what about Japan?


Sorry for my other feedback here, will the issue of excessive muzzle smoke be fixed soon?

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Well. You dont need a new currency for that for sure.

Well, I’m not sure yet. Again I cannot say if it’s good or bad, until I’ve tested for myself, it would be talking through my (top) hat.

As for the need to buy multiple things, it depends on how the preset works, honestly… what if we want to play in multiple BR brackets?

So, I’m not jumping to conclusions and saying “hooray!” Yet, until I’ve seen all the mechanics for myself. It’s very reminiscent of war thunder’s economy, and war thunder’s one is so horrible it’s what made me quit it…

I’m just cautious.