[MOD] BFV+BF1 Russian, American and German voiceover


Checked, edited and replaced 920 files from BF1, i.e. all Russian voiceover in Enlisted.


Instead of jolly theatrical and over the top “begone to hell” and “slaughtered like a pig” lines, soldiers will ask for a doctor, fight fiercely and call for mom.

Copy the contents to your Enlisted root folder, overwrite if prompted.
I suggest making a backup copy of your enlisted.config.blk just in case.

OriginallyI planned to make the same mods for German, American, Japanese and possibly Italian and British voiceovers, but the helpers/developers have stated the position that Stalingrad with Panthers on high BR is ok and they have no plans to change the situation.
I lost the motivation to continue modding for this game, so now those are unlikely.
But the Russian voiceover is ready so I am sharing it.



for this much? :skull:

wait to find out if you are actually planning to use the editor and start modding to see what happens to mods that aren’t just a conquest or gun games / modern. you’ll see why there isn’t more stuff outside of those same two / three mods type.

( no pop shots at people who makes those. after all, i do understand the struggles and the insane limitations both by the engine, and the editor it self )

but, anyway, great job. nevertheless :slight_smile: .

at first glace, sounds really great.

gonna play it extensively and report if something is off /loud / quiet etc. :+1:


okey, made around 15 matches and i must say, a solid 9/10.

if anyone is looking for different soviet voice lines, these are definitely a must have.

only nitpicks and small suggestions of mine;

  1. would be great to add a radio filter on the lines for other players in the radial ( quick chat )
    ( as… it feels somewhat weird hearing voices behind with no one actually behind you )

  2. would be great if you could do the female soviet voice lines too. ( i honestly cannot stand default ones )
    but that’s probably too much of it’s own.

aside from my own nitpicks, a really great mod :+1:

( is it my impression, or 2nd in command is the same guy from the 4th soldier? dunno could be me )

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Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Not sure if it can be noticed by non-native speakers, but I changed all of the “ha-ha” and “yoohoo” kind of voicelines to “mama mama help me” and “they shot the boy, he’s bleeding” kind of lines.
Hopefully at least the atmosphere can be conveyed if not the meaning of the lines. (can’t wait to do that for German and American too)

Yes I thought about potentially leaving the radio ones default?
Or adding the radio filter but then I’d need to know some software that can add a filter to 180 files at once.

Yes I considered that but it’s about 1200 more sound files to check and rename just for 1 medic squad so far… and I only have the one female voice from BFV where the files also can only be exported one by one… so for now I decided that’s a bridge too far.

What do you mean?
There are 4 voicepacks: player and 3 NPCs, the 3 NPCs I mixed and matched to get more voices, but the player voice is designed to be consistently the same.

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yeah, was a nice touch :slight_smile:

default ones kinda suck…

but as it goes for the radio filter… i have no idea…

i know of audacity, which it’s free, and my personal editor uses.

quite known too in the industry and it seems there are many tutorials.

so… i guess try to put all the lines there, make the effect, and then cut them ?



that’s understandable.

no i know that.

but for example, i hear double voice lines of the same when pressing the war cry.

either i’m too close to other soldiers, and it plays, or there are doubles.

but it’s like, really minor so… no need to make fuzz about it.

ah, planning on making all of them from bf1?

Ok I know what you mean, it’s possible that some doubles creeped into war cries, I’ll check.

The plan was BF1+BFV for GER, USA, JP, UK, IT but as I said idk devs ruin my beloved Stalingrad

So I’ll have to see which direction the game goes and whether it’s worth all of that effort from me.


sounds like a plan.

i’m aftaid that :sailboat: sailed along time ago.

i mean, it will eventually get downtiered when there will be enough maps for the ussr. manchuria could help with that. ( even… though it’s a 1945 map )

Yeah can’t wait to see IS-2 and AS-44 vs Hori and Tokyo SMG in iconic Manchuria :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ok better not go further there, guess I can’t have nice things these days (normal WW2 game)


did you change the bayonet charging yells? because italian soldiers use the same bayonet yells as russians do, last soviet voice mod I tried made italian soldiers suddenly speak russian

(the actual yelling “yaarggh” not the “die” voicelines)

Yes and I made sure to keep them just yaaargh, without any Russian language

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great to hear, I am excited to try the mod out

I hope you will consider doing a mod for german and italian voices in the future, so far, nobody has made a mod for them

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You can also create sounds for German soldiers from Battlefield 1

That was originally the plan. Now I’m not sure.

The voices of the Russian soldiers sound amazingly good congratulations

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A couple of experiments to replace the “voice from the sky” narrator who speaks intimately into your ear

“Come on, guys, only one point left!” – instead of god voice, you are being informed by comrades:

“The enemy has captured all the points! We lost the battle!” – instead of god voice, it is reported by your comrades in the battle (thinking about replacing the music of loss outro music):

Also a couple demonstrations of how the new voiceover works with a large number of bots:

The main purpose of the new voiceover is to remove all the ‘funny’ “ha-ha”, “yoo-hoo-hoo-hoo”, “slaughtered like a pig” and “this is awesome”.


I played around with the voice-lines and I love it man, good job!


Today while playing US vs Germany I noticed some soldiers shouting a couple of these Russian voicelines.

It is possible that the game shares some “yaaargh” or “hooraah” audios between factions, but so far I can’t locate them.

If you notice this too, please let me know.

i think i remember hearing an italian suddenly speak in russian

It might be that all of the bayonet charge voices are shared between italians and russians

Are you sure it was my mod?

I am aware of shared bayonet charge lines and I made them intentionally just “yaaargh” for Russians.

In the meantime, work is in progress on merging the voiceovers from BFV and BF1 (where missing) for Enlisted.
The main goal is still the same – to replace all the cheerful and funny “ha-haa”, “ja-ja-ja-ja”, “das ist tol!” (German for “this is fun”) with shouts for help and cries of despair: