Making Enlisted a Better Place №46

Each issue of our weekly series focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic, in which we correct smaller, but noticeable bugs and add new interesting features.


You have already tried out the new repair mechanics of ground vehicles and left us a lot of ideas and comments about it. We have started improving this system and plan to allow repairing internal modules without leaving the vehicle in one of the upcoming updates, but for this update we have prepared a slightly smaller improvement.

During repair, we disabled the display of some modules, such as the radiator, fuel tanks and rollers, the damage to which does not affect the characteristics of the tank currently. Now it is easier and more convenient to aim at damaged modules.


The mobility of ground vehicles in Enlisted depends not only on the power of the engine, but also on the characteristics of the chassis and even the ground under the wheels. Well, or tracks.

We have improved the ground resistance coefficients. Now the behavior of both wheeled and tracked vehicles will differ more clearly, but remember: wheeled vehicles like solid surfaces such as roads, dry ground or pavements of cities a lot more, whereas it will be much more difficult for them to drive on a field full of craters from bombing.


We’re making Enlisted better for all players, and players with small and non-standard monitors are no exception. The font in many menus was too large for these players.

The problem is over! The font in the game menu will look better on all supported screen resolutions.


  • Fixed a bug causing the AI soldiers to sometimes not share ammo or heal a downed player.
  • Fixed the effect of exploding fuel tanks - now soldiers in the affected area are set on fire instantly. Soldiers stepping into the fire after the explosion will catch fire with a delay.
  • Fixed the missing reload sounds for multiple weapons: Type 97 anti-tank rifle in the Pacific War campaign, Mosin 1938 carbine and Mosin M91/30 rifle (infantry and sniper) in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.
  • Now when you click the “Go to equipment” button, the “Equipment Delivery” shop page opens instead of the “Special Offers”.
  • Fixed a bug that caused AI soldiers to get stuck inside the Destruction mode’s objective of the Al Jabal Farm mission in the Battle of Tunisia campaign.


Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved thanks to your ideas. We are watching our communities, other Enlisted sites and regularly check the forum for your feedback and reports.

So share, suggest, and report!


DAK tropical uniform in Tunisia customization when?


Also depends on whatever stats you gave them

Appreciate the improvements. There seems to be a lot of clipping with the clothing items, especially the updated smock added for the axis. You can see pants through the coats and tunics, headgear and scarves clip through some heads, webbing clips through torsos, etc. Hoping some QOL could sort these out, thanks


How long do we have to put up with a broken AA guns the overwhelming air supremacy is getting annoying unless you have an ace pilot on your side.


Quit that already, yesterday I spent whole matches abusing the heck out of US CAS spam in Normandy, and never but ONCE did a German player even bother TRY shooting me down with AAA.
(Fun fact: the guy who bothered, actually shot me down.)

Maybe if someone took the effort to actually build and shoot the damn AA guns, they’d do their job. Or are y’all expecting to win the lottery without buying a ticket?


Sometimes I would like to build AA or take a fighter and kill those pesky bombers.

But then reality of being f2p pleb hits. I’m not sacryficing one of 2 squads I have for fun to change it for another squad game esencially forces me to take to be competetive.


I honestly love the AA, works fine with pacific axis. I even run 2 engineer squads just to make sure I can make the emplacements. Maybe it’s just easier with the faster rate of fire with the Japanese gun?

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Get those Stalingrad engineer squads then. After the merge, they’ll become assault engineers with SMGs/ARs AND build stuff.

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No, fuck universal soldiers.
I’m not taking what is basically an ubermeta squad.

Solution to lack of choise and pressure of meta is not an even stronger meta.


Just face it at the rate the game is going it’s meta all the way in fast-paced gaming until we die.

Just wondering when the acknowledged Beaufighter bug and the console related engineer rearm bugs will be fixed, but internal repairs sounds interesting if not everything, now people have to play tactically.

Oh I will test out new tank traction, maybe my Churchill will go up Van Sur Mer second point now.

Keep these updates and fixes coming, don’t forget above. Oh and no more identical event / premiums please! :+1:

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what’s wrong with the AA?

The last week I’ve tried all factions AA, and everyone works wonderfully.


AA / AT works fine, but on console we are unable to re-arm, so have to deconstruct and redeploy it… it is confirmed bug and hopefully the devs are looking at it soon.


Before AA guns used to be direct damage but then they changed it so it has the damage spread out instead of direct damage.

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you’re saying that you now struggling?

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I’ve always been struggling I’ve asked them to revert it back since the day they’ve done it but yet they don’t listen I understand if it was for the quad barrel but the single barrel is unreasonable.

Who needs AA inpacific ?! The ally gamers playing 27 times m2 Carabine ez win + Flamethrower.
Plains in pacific and AA :stuck_out_tongue: you are a real comedian :smiley:

I personally really like the change. My only suggestion/ complaint is that it is much more effective if there are allies with repair kits as well, but only tank repairs exist for the toolkits to be used, leading very few people to actually carry them.
Perhaps add more reasons for the toolkits to be carried, especially by normal troops, and they will double as the repair kits to help out tanks.

While I agree with disabling the rollers and the radiator, the fuel tanks need to be repairable don’t they? Otherwise, damaged fuel tanks lead to easy fires. CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG, but that has always been my experience.

There were specialized tanks that laid giant mats from rollers as makeshift roads for this specific purpose! I’d really like to see them added, or at the very least a change to the SHOVEL that allows you to dig tanks out, or even create “road” terrain that is then easier to traverse.

Otherwise, good updates, keep up the good work!


To note:
It appears some updates were done to AA, and it seems to be working a bit better. Still not quite as good as it should be, but progress has been made. Though I don’t understand why they haven’t said something about it.