Major happening: colt walker confirmed

There are two types:

  • Douglas MacArthur

  • George Patton

Don’t be MacArthur

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mfw the most/quickest gains were made by the Third Army

mfw the only thing stopping Patton from reaching Berlin is Eisenhower

mfw Americans could’ve had direct access to Berlin post-war

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After Japan lost the war, Japanese society recognized MacArthur as the new emperor.
Before 1945, the Japanese media portrayed MacArthur as a loathsome enemy and proudly wrote that he had been driven out of the Philippines by the Japanese military. But after 1945, they began to portray them as heroes who had freed Japan from the hardships of war.
The MENKO CARD, a toy for children, features MacArthur and Stalin. The transformation of society in a country that lost the war is tremendous.


Its called propaganda and it works.

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Maybe you encounter the elusive KV8

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Well, that’s part of it, but MacArthur was seriously revered in Japan.
Also, a punk rock band called Stalin was very popular in the 80s.
Japanese people like GAIJIN :slightly_smiling_face:


Which he was. During the interwar period, he ordered tanks to tread on his own fellow soldiers in Washington, DC, who were protesting for their pensions. He was also responsible for leaving the 4th Marine Division and the Filipino soldiers to die when Dugout Dug fled the Philippines. No other commander holds the title of letting a Marine Division be annihilated except for Dugout Doug. In a way, he directly caused the Bataan Death March.

However, his foolishness did not end in WW2, as he is responsible for every single Marine loss at the battle of Chosin Reservoir. Why would you ask? He had reports directly telling him that a Chinese force of 400,000 had crossed the border into Korea. But in his pride, he didn’t believe the reports because China would never attack America.

He didn’t even warn any of the units to at least be aware of a possible attack, so the American units were taken entirely by surprise.

Thanks for the long story. I did not know about it.

Well, maybe no one in Japan is that deeply interested in MacArthur, I am only aware of him as a man who was in the most important position in Japan in the 50’s.
I am curious what Americans think of him.

Btw, Curtis LeMay is more hated in Japan.
Curtis_LeMay_(USAF) (1)

Normies will love him, knowers will hate him. His career was made by propaganda.

As he should be. Absolutely ruthless fellow.


Thanks. But I am not in a position to evaluate him.
He is a scoundrel by all accounts for ordering the bombing of civilians, but come to think of it, we Japanese did the same thing in China. :neutral_face:


While that is true, there is still no excuse for bombing civilian targets unless the enemy is putting military targets near them. There are cases of the Allies dropping mass leaflets warning civilian populations of bombing raids in the war, though, so that is something.

that was a kv 8.

which kv 8 it’s essentially a kv 1 with flame coax*


but tommy did recently added and fixed the kv2 in his mod too :slight_smile:


How does one acquire the KV-8 in his mod?

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i think it’s from the gold order kv1 if not mistaken.

he modified the base code of it, so you just have to spawn that one. and by default, you have the flame thrower

edit, yep:


How can you get kv 2 in big action?

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dunno about that.

better ask the man him self ( @tommyZZM )

could be placed somewhere, but again, dunno.

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Here is a screenshot for September 22, 2022, to confirm the words of others that he has already been.

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kv2 is added in latest version. deploy by t-28 in builded rally with filled star(not empty star)

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so tommy just made a working KV2 before the dev? dam i gotta check it out later

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ah not me.

It is finally DFs work. As I known they have made kv2 in very early version even in CRSED.

Since they had added the entity features for multiplayer games. Some of community players have made kv2 in many gamemodes.

eg [Mission] KV-2 vs Sturmpanzer

I borrowed or enabled them and tweaked a few improvements